March 16th, 2010

Atlantis city

Grr. Aargh.

I swear, this trip is making me never want to fly anywhere ever again. On the trip out, we got massive turbulence and weather-related delays, leading to an unexpected night in Chicago; this time around, we got mechanical problems leading to massive delays leading to no seats until Wednesday on any of our connecting flights. So we spent the night in Dallas (on the airline's dime; they're definitely being very conciliatory) and today they're getting us as far as Seattle, where I will hopefully be able to meet xparrot (after only, what, 8 years of chatting online? *g*), and then on Wednesday night they can manage to get us all the way to Fairbanks ... getting in at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning.

So I'm missing a couple days of classes, and hubby is missing a few days of work -- sigh. At least our petsitter was able to spend some extra days watching the place. *clings to petsitter*
Winter Sunlight


Ha, they have wireless access on my flight to Seattle! Which naturally I had to buy, because I'm such a giant nerd that sometimes I even worry myself, and I haven't been on a flight with wireless before (at least not with my laptop in hand).

Nerd mode: enabled! I can surf LJ and send emails at 30,000 feet!
Winter Sunlight

This is what happens when she doesn't have Internet...

... she writes long posts, and posts them later. *g* (I wrote this in the airport, waiting for our flight.)

I've finished up three WIPs on this trip (still have to edit and post the second two), and then my sticksandsnark story remains to be posted in early April. And I have a sga_genficathon story to finish, as well as astridv's "Finders" AU (which I absolutely love in concept, but cannot put together into a coherent shape, so it may take awhile). Beyond that, though ...

I like the idea of trying to hit a cumulative total of a million words of SGA fic this year. My count so far for the year is about 30K, so in order to reach the goal, I have, what, 90K to go ...? i.e. one long story, or a handful of short-to-midlength stories.

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I noticed on my vacation that writing smaller stories (like the "Defiant One" tag I posted) is a nice way to unwind, or to kick-start my creativity for working on bigger projects, if I let it be -- that is, let go of the need to make my writing count by finishing up long-abandoned WIPs, or by using the opportunity to "improve" my writing in some way (not that stretching myself is bad, just that trying to make every new story an experiment seems to be a creativity-killer). I'm not sure whether to set writing goals, or just kind of let my creativity go and see what I can accomplish if I let myself play a little bit more.