March 2nd, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Fanfic: NCIS fic for Purimgifts

The purimgifts reveals are up! :) I wrote NCIS fic for the first time - "Three Snow Days": 2006, 2008, and 2010. They can be read as complete stand-alones, but they also can be read as a series of snapshots following Ziva's integration into the team from Abby's point of view, and, as the name implies, each is about a snowstorm. (I got my assignment around the time that the big blizzard hit DC in early February, and I found myself wondering how the NCIS team was dealing with it. Yes, fandom has probably warped my brain, but I got 2400 wds of fic out of it. *g* So if you ever wanted to see the NCIS team building snowmen or getting involved in a snowball fight, go and read and enjoy!)

The full list of purimgifts fics are available on AO3: by fandom here, or here is the complete list. I got a really cracky and fun Leverage/Dresden Files crossover: The T-Rex Job, by bessemerprocess. And roga did a wonderful job of running the fest. :) A+++, would join again! *g* (And next year I have some ideas for making better images -- I really had NO idea what to do for images, but now that I've seen more of how other people handle it, I think I'm better armed going into next year.)