February 27th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

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Signups at sga_genficathon have been closed! I will be sending out assignments this weekend.

And purimgifts is live! Here are links to fic, fic, fic! There will be new rounds of fic reveals for the next two days as well. See if you can guess which ones I wrote. :) My first (of three) gift fics is the first part of a Leverage/Dresden Files crossover (yes, really!) that promises to be a lot of fun. I've only had a chance to read a few of them so far, but I've really enjoyed all the ones I've tried, especially this one: California Girls - Star Trek: AOS; Uhura & Gaila; really fantastic Uhura POV.

Also, I'm pretty sure that most people in the McKay/Sheppard end of fandom already know about chkc's adorable chibis, but for everyone else, I came across this little cartoon Rodney, which is ... well, I really don't have words for how adorable this is: Rodney as a hermit crab.
Winter Sunlight


I went ahead and put up a notice for my Gold creation con ticket on sga_noticeboard. I do regret terribly that I'm backing out, but the more I've thought about it, the more I think this is the right decision for me (especially since it's starting to look like a big freelance project is in the process of falling through, so my budget is even tighter than previously expected...).

If any of you guys are interested in buying it from me, please drop me a comment or a PM, or email me at layla at ravenschildren dot com.

If I don't get any nibbles this way, I'll go ahead and put it up on ebay.