February 19th, 2010



2010 Genficathon signups are here!

Signups will close on Friday, Feb. 26 (a week from today) at midnight AK time. Stories are due Saturday, May 22, and will begin posting anonymously on Monday, May 24.

There are a few rule changes for this year, including the ability to pick your own prompt or have one assigned; a lower minimum word count (1000 wds rather than 2000 wds); and accepting multiple stories for the same prompt. There will be no pinch hits this year; I'm trying to make the ficathon lower-pressure (for me, and the writers *g*). There aren't any penalties if you have to drop out.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or over there (comments are screened at the sign-up post) or PM me.

Genficathon yay! *\o/*