February 12th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Two unrelated things

sticksandsnark, the Rodney/Teyla fic/vid/art exchange, is taking signups 'til Feb. 14. This year they're open to gen as well. (Still dithering. I guess I'd better get my dither on and make a decision, shouldn't I?)

On a more serious note (picked up from rydra_wong), a heads-up - apparently there are serious privacy concerns with Google Buzz. I'm not on Google Buzz or Gmail, so I have no firsthand experience with this, but I wanted to pass it on to those of you who are. Here's a Cnet article on the issue, and another that explains how the flaw is built into Google Buzz's setup process, as well as instructions on disabling it (should you want to).
Art-curly white tree

A fic preview in vid form!

The help_haiti fics are supposed to be done by Feb. 14 ... *coughcough* notgonnahappen. Since my fic is currently floundering in the throes of massive POV and plot woes, I decided to give astridv a vid preview of it instead! I hope this will tide you over 'til I get the actual fic done.

The story behind the vid is that the fic I'm writing is an AU, and I realized as I worked on it that I imagined it as a sort of '80s TV show, with lots of explosions and car chases and such. And an '80s TV show needs ... cheesy '80s credits! (Yes, this is why I was asking for clips of Sam in civvies. :D)

I guess the best way to describe this thing is "Birds of Prey meets the A-Team". :D The music is the theme song for Airwolf (anyone remember that show?). So, astridv, if your fic (tentatively titled "Finders") was a TV show, these would be its credits.

MP4 format (29 Mb), zipped. Clips from SGA and SG1.

[Right-click and download.]

(After the previous conversation about vidding, I know that some people prefer streaming vids, so I intend to start offering streaming versions of mine when I can -- but there's a learning curve, so it's still download-only for now. However, if MP4 doesn't work for anyone, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!)