February 10th, 2010

Roy Mustang

*flappy hands*

... so apparently I stopped reading the FMA manga right before things got good, eh?

I just mainlined vols. 6-10 tonight (up to the latest one the library had in stock), and

Collapse )

I shall be off to get subsequent volumes as soon as I can! Please, please do not spoil me beyond vol. 10, which I think is about ep. 20 of Brotherhood (not that I've been looking up episode guides or anything XD ... though with one eye squeezed shut to avoid spoilers). FMA is a series that I really, really want to read unspoiled, because I love those "OMFGWTFBBQ" moments that Arakawa does so well.

Edit: Also, does anyone know of any good Riza gen or Riza/Roy (actually, Riza/anyone, come to think of it) that's not spoilery for post-vol. 10(ish) of the manga? Anything from the original animeverse (i.e. not Brotherhood) is also fine; I've seen all of that. I'm afraid to look up fic or vids for fear of spoilers, but I want more Riza like burning! (So to speak...)