February 5th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Quick story rec

As I've mentioned occasionally, I really love stories about messy, complicated, unhappy relationships -- I don't think I'd want a steady diet of them, but it's rare in fandom to get stories in fandom that treat romance as the kind of messy, easily breakable thing that it is in real life, and I'm always delighted to stumble across them.

So I wanted to rec this story: And So the End by bluflamingo. It's post-season-five Keller/McKay (with blink-and-you-miss-it background John/Cam), and I went into the story very nervous, because it's rare to find a Keller/McKay breakup fic that I feel is fair to both the characters. But I really loved it -- the emotions ring true, and the sense of an existing world around the protagonists, with other characters' lives woven in and out of Rodney and Jennifer's unraveling relationship, is very well done. I recommend this one particularly to Keller fans; it's an excellent Jennifer POV and really rang true for her. :)

(Side note: I know I have a lot of fellow Rodney fen on my f'list so I feel that I should warn that this story throws a fairly unflattering light on Rodney's dubious relationship skills; personally, I think it's consistent with how he's shown in canon (not bashing, in other words) and I can see him behaving as he does in this story, but you may disagree, so I didn't want to send you in there unwarned! This is not a happy story, and it's not a story that's going to leave you warm and fuzzy about the pairing.)

ETA: Comments to this entry contain story spoilers!
Winter Sunlight

Incredibly nosy TMI poll

So ... I made a comment elsewhere that got me thinking about sex in fanfic, and then I started having one of those "... am I the only one?" sort of ponderings, and so I made an extremely nosy TMI poll about it. If you don't read explicit fanfic, this will probably not be at all interesting to you.

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