January 13th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Haiti relief links

I guess that if you've read the news today, you've heard about Haiti's devastating earthquake.

I'll keep the editorializing to a minimum, but I did want to link to a moving post by abyssinia4077 in which she talks about receiving help from Haitian volunteers after Hurricane Katrina; you can read it here.

My usual go-to charities in situations like this are Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross (both of which I donated to this morning). There is also a list of relief organizations at CNN, a slightly different list at NPR, and a list of on-the-ground charities at skywardprodigal's LJ.

A fannish relief effort is being organized at help_haiti. I'll probably be offering some fic over there, but I don't have a link yet. ETA: You can bid on a custom-written fanfic (I'm offering minimum 1000 words, but knowing me, it's likely to be much longer) by posting a comment with your bid - i.e. pledge to donate - at this thread! (Min. $30 USD) If you can't afford to donate right now, you can offer your own services - anything from fic to cookies to custom-made crafts - at the help_haiti comm.