February 25th, 2009


Obstinately cheerful

I woke up this morning feeling very ... obstinately cheerful, I guess you'd say. It's my inner contrarian, I guess -- I'm tired of being miserable in fandom. It's not making me happy, and I realized in one of the other threads I was involved in yesterday that your fandom experience really is one that you make yourself, which has always kinda been my motto anyway. I've been perfectly happy in fandoms in which I was the only gen writer and the entire rest of the fandom seemed to be watching a different show than me, and I've been perfectly happy in fandoms in which the entire canon sucked in ways that SGA can only aspire to (I wrote over 200,000 words of Dragonball Z fanfic, for crying out loud!), so given that there is still a fully functional fandom and plenty of people interested in keeping it that way, I'm tired of sitting around whingeing about it.

A poll: for current and former SGA fanfic readers/writers:

This poll is closed.

Fanfic writers: how do you currently feel about SGA fic?

I am both reading and writing.
I still read it, but I've stopped writing; I might start again if I get inspired, though.
I still read it, but I think I'm done writing it for good.
I still write it, but I'm not currently interested in reading it.
I've stopped reading and writing, but I think I'll come back if I don't get into another fandom.
I'm no longer reading and writing, and probably/definitely won't come back.
My answer is too complex to be contained in a radio button.

For those of you who don't write fanfic (at least not in SGA) ...

I'm still reading fic.
I'm not currently reading fic, but I think it's temporary and I'll come back eventually.
I'm not currently reading fic and probably won't again.
Your binary poll does not define me!

Would you read and/or write more if more people were writing and discussing the kind of fic you like?

It's likely.
No/probably not.
I don't know.
Winter Sunlight

Prompt me!

I would like to test my newfound resolve by writing something, and the poll is looking cheerfully hopeful-making, so ...

Comment with an SGA character or characters or group, and a prompt (or, if you like, a story scenario ... but these will probably be quite short). You can ask for any pairing, if you want one; if no pairing is specified, I'll assume it to be gen.

I don't promise to write all of these. I don't even promise to write most or any of these. But I'm not getting anywhere with the original fiction, and I'd like to do something today other that watch Golden Girls while a baby climbs on me. (It's my babysitting day.)

Edit: Okay, I think I have enough to last me awhile. XD Thanks, guys!