December 24th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

How to fix a broken fangirl

Step one: Hang out with other fen! I had lunch yesterday with livrelibre and thingswithwings, who are very nice and very fun to hang out with; we had a good time and then livrelibre took me to the campus art museum to see a talk on Japanese surimono prints, after which we hung out at the museum for a while looking at the Asian art wing. Among other things, we talked about SGA and fic and things of that nature, and it really helped a lot to remind me what I loved about the fandom and the show in the first place. (Which reminds me that I haven't posted *anything* about the completely awesome and happymaking NYC excursion with derry667 and tipper_green earlier this month! Derry has pictures up at her journal. Fangirl tours FTW!)

Step two: Squee!

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Winter Sunlight

Secret Santa fic for sheppard-hc: "Coming Down"

Title: Coming Down
Author: sholio
Word Count: 8200
Rating: PG-13
Summary: John's been through an ordeal, but getting rescued is just the beginning.
Notes: For radioshack84 in the sheppard_hc Secret Santa gift fic exchange, who wanted John hunted and terrified and having nightmares, with lots of comfort. Elizabeth and Carson were specifically mentioned in the request, so I presume season three or earlier is wanted. Hopefully this fits!

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