April 21st, 2008

Winter Sunlight

Story reveals at sga-genficathon

The master list of stories and authors is up! (And thank you to naye for the help with editing the posts, and to everyone else for support and hand-holding and offers of help. If I do this again next year, I have a much more realistic idea of my own capabilities, that's for sure!)

I wrote four stories for the ficathon, my original story plus three pinch hits. (Which means I have oodles of feedback, which I'll be responding to over the next few days! Please don't feel neglected if it takes me awhile to get to you!)

The Pegasus Galaxy Darwin Awards - another picture-fic, a retrospective of canon and non-canon near-death experiences.

The Great Pegasus Train Robbery - I saw the Illegal/AU prompt combination and I had to do a "team SGA as outlaws" AU. It was marvelous fun.

Even Bonnie and Clyde Had Off Days - because it's about dang time that Teyla and Ronon had their own Sheppard-and-McKay-esque comedy of errors road trip. Also written because I thought (inaccurately, as it turned out) that the Friendship category would be dominated by Sheppard-McKay stories and I thought it would be nice if there was something else for variety.

Luck of the Draw - a very last-minute pinch hit that puts the team plus Ford in a college AU setting. Hey, everybody's got to write one at some point in their fanfic career. *g*

Edit: And I forgot to mention that the sga_genficathon is now open for all to post stories for this year's genres and prompts, until the end of April.
Winter Sunlight

Fic: "Knights Errant" (cracktastic Knight Rider/SGA AU)

This is probably a terrible time to post yet more fic considering that there's a metric buttload of new fic over at sga_genficathon, but, well, this was inspired by this comment on one of the stories over there, and my brain took the concept and wouldn't let go until it made TOTAL CRACK out of it.

Title: Knights Errant
Rating: Is "cracktastic" a rating? Oh, all right. PG.
Word Count: 5300
Summary: "Technically, the project is code-named the Weir Industries 2000, but unfortunately it shortens to WITT and that just sounds silly."
Notes: Knight Rider fusion. I AM SO SORRY.

Just in case you have better things to do with your brain than remember plot details from 80s TV shows (though I imagine pretty much everyone remembers the car) -- Michael Knight, a.k.a. Michael Long, was shot in the face and presumed dead, but in reality was given plastic surgery, a new identity, and a high-tech experimental car with an AI in it, the Knight Industries 2000 or KITT. Which makes no sense, but, hey! Talking car.

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