March 18th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

BigBang progress

I ... kinda feel guilty about posting this, but ...

Current progress on sgabigbang fic:

It is probably worth noting that naye is in Sweden while I'm in Alaska, two time zones which are just about 180 degrees reversed, so we can, theoretically, write 24 hours a day.

In theory.

I'm sure this is going to slow down massively in the next few weeks, because I have freelance work that's due, and then sga_genficathon starts on March 31st (that is, that's the date when I start posting fics that have been submitted to me).

By the way, for anyone who's reading this who is writing for genficathon, if you can actually include your LJ/html coding in your final document (italics, etc), it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. If you don't know how to do it, no big deal, I can code it myself (and on most of them, I have been). But if you do know how, and have the time to do it, please do! All I'll have to do is an easy copy and paste in that case, as opposed to an HTML export from my word processor and then a bunch of find-and-replace on weird characters in the file.
Winter Sunlight


The books I've been reading lately have been kind of mixed -- some I've liked, some I haven't. I figured I'd do little write-ups on them anyway. Good to know what to avoid, eh? As usual, brief little summaries of what I liked and didn't like about the books, with basic "what it's about" info but no major spoilers.

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