March 17th, 2008

Roy Mustang

Meme: And more questions!

flingsglass asked:

What do you know about Aussie Rules and can I convert you :D (Collingwood of course!)

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you're talking about, which obviously means I need to be educated. (From the thread elsewhere, I'm guessing it's a sporting reference of some kind? :D )

kristen999 asked:

Do you enjoy what you do for a living? If you had a dream job what would it be?

I do actually enjoy my job; I'm in charge of a seven-person team that does advertising design and page layout for a 20,000 circulation daily newspaper. (Recently I've gone down to part-time, which is creating ... interesting issues and undercurrents at work, but I'm amazed and impressed that they've been willing to work with me on accommodating my personal life to that extent.) It's a nice company to work for, and I work with a great group of people and like the work that I do, which includes making advertisements, typesetting/editing/proofing copy, and coordinating the people who lay out the actual newspaper itself.

My dream job is basically doing original creative work (writing or art) and getting paid for it. I'm making small amounts of money right now, doing freelance art and such, but my ideal would be to sit around at home all day, writing novels and drawing graphic novels, and raking in the royalty checks. *g* Uh, so far I'm managing the sitting at home, but not so much the raking in of the cash...