March 15th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

Meme answers: Music

naye asked:

Music! Don't know much about what kind of music you like and such, and I'm particularly curious about what music you listen to when you write - if you listen to anything at all.

Oh yes! I love having music playing in the background for pretty much everything I do. I'd generally call my musical tastes fairly mainstream -- pop/rock, 80s hits, folk music from different countries, classic rock, that kind of thing. I'm willing to try anything (and, in fact, I find most of my new music via songvids/AMVs, fanmixes and random surfing on Youtube) but the songs I listen to over and over are generally happy-making songs that I can halfway tune out in the background while I write or draw or do housework. Hmm ... *sorts iTunes library* looks like my current top 40 most-played songs are: (from most to least played)

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