March 14th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

Meme answers: Politics

So, remember how naye and I shouldn't be allowed to write anything together, ever? Exhibit A.


dovil asks:

What are your political views? Is it something that you're passionate about or something that isn't particularly of interest?

Hmmm. As far as where I generally stand on issues, I'm kind of on the liberal-libertarian divide -- pretty much a social libertarian (minimal government interference in people's personal lives = good thing as far as I'm concerned) but kinda leaning in the liberal direction on economic issues. I don't belong to a political party (I'm registered "unaffiliated") and I'd like to think I'd vote for any candidate who I feel would do well in office, but in practice I seem to go for Democrats most of the time. There are aspects of the party platform that I don't agree with, but on the issues that I feel most strongly about, the Democrats are ... well, not perfect by any means, but they're a helluva lot better than the other guys (gay marriage, civil rights, abortion, etc).

I'm not an activist or a revolutionary by nature. Opinionated, sure, but as far as actually jumping into the fray, it's hard for me. I'm just fairly mellow in general -- I waffle between liking that aspect of myself, and wanting to try a little harder because I feel that it's cowardly to sit back and let other people do the hard work. Actually, the area where you'll find my political beliefs coming out most strongly is in my fiction -- in my original fiction mostly, but sometimes in fanfic, too.
Winter Sunlight

Meme: More questions

anniehow asked:

Have you seen the Simpson's movie? Since you're from Alaska, I was wondering what was your take on that section...

ahahahaha. I loved it. Laughed my ass off.

leesa_perrie asked:

Where have you been on vacation that you would recommend (or not) and where would you love to go if money, travel etc wasn't a factor?

Where I've been: Wales and Switzerland are the places I've traveled to that I've loved the most. And Alaska is pretty high on my list of awesome places to go, even though I live here! Especially Denali Park in the fall.

Where I want to go: Australia is currently at the top of my list of places I would love to go, time and money notwithstanding.