March 8th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

Casting spoilers of DOOOOOOOOM! (or not. Ha.)

First off, before I get going, naye has a lovely review/picspam of the SGA finale located here! Go and squee and enjoy!

Okay. I made a deal with myself that I would avoid all newsblogs and unvetted episode reaction posts until the end of the season, in the hopes of remaining unspoilered. Shockingly, I actually did it -- would have done better except for someone posting one of the very spoilers I was trying to avoid in a comment to one of my episode reaction posts a couple of weeks ago. Oh well.

But the season is done, and I know I can't make it 'till the start of season 5 without looking at any promo pictures or reading any discussion posts, so I decided to rip off the band-aid and spoil myself on the biggies.

So. There is really no way I can warn anyone outside the cut about which spoilers are under it, obviously, so please do not click on it if getting ANY casting spoiler for next season would spoil your day.

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Winter Sunlight

Got some bad fanfic sitting around?

blade_girl is seeking people who are willing to submit some of their old fanfics (you know, those unpolished and embarrassing ones from our early days in fandom; we've all got 'em) to be used as test subjects for a beta community she and some others are setting up in Tin Man fandom. It doesn't matter what fandom it's from; they just need some stories for budding betas to practice on. If you're interested in tossing a fic or two their way, you can find the details here.