March 3rd, 2008

Winter Sunlight

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I made fresh brownies and had ice cream and brownies for lunch.

I love being an adult.

I'm feeling especially perky at the moment because I finished the rough draft of my genficathon story and I have a freelance project this week that I'm getting paid quite nicely for. (Also, I'm on a sugar high. That probably has something to do with it.) So I'm celebrating by ... surfing.

Random question time. I just today ran across a scene in which a character talks about setting off a metal detector after getting metal pins put in their ankle. Now, here's the thing -- I've had a really BIG metal pin (plus some small ones) in my leg since I was 11 and have never once set off a metal detector. Yet, in fiction, I regularly run across the assumption that you should. So, here's my question -- have you, or anyone you know or have heard of, ever set off a metal detector with an implant? I'm curious if it's something to do with the particular surgery I had or the alloy they used in me, or if I've just been lucky so far, or if this is simply a case of writers using a common-sense guess which happens to be wrong. And I'd be interested to know what other people's experiences have been.