February 17th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

Old Soldiers Die Hard, race on Stargate, and other things

Old Soldiers Die Hard is this week's topic of discussion at sga_talk. So, if there's something that's always bugged you about the story or something that just *has* to be said, now is the time! As authors have been doing in past discussions, I think I'll probably stay out of it for the most part and come in at the end to answer questions. I've always really liked seeing my work discussed, whether or not it's positive -- actually, a flawed work makes the most interesting meta!

Which leads right into the next part of this post. Something else that I've been pondering about "Midway" Collapse )

On an entirely different topic, I have an RSS question. Does anyone know if it's possible to use LJ to subscribe to the RSS feed for a blog if it doesn't specifically have an LJ feed set up for it? There are several non-LJ blogs that I read (on wordpress and elsewhere) that I would like to add to my LJ feeds if possible. If it's NOT possible (as far as you know) can anyone tell me how to set up an LJ feed for a non-LJ blog, so that I might suggest it? (I feel like a total dork suggesting "Hey, you could set up an LJ feed!" when I wouldn't be able to answer the first question about how to do it.)