February 6th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

If you are Russian ...

... aqwt101 has translated some of my stories into Russian. Here are the links:

Plumber's Helper - http://aqwt101.livejournal.com/18853.html (that's Chapter 1, and there're 8 more posts)
Walking Wounded - http://aqwt101.livejournal.com/23852.html
Save the Whales - http://aqwt101.livejournal.com/22659.html
Whatever Can Go Wrong - http://aqwt101.livejournal.com/23243.html

THANK YOU! That is so cool! *squees* I'm so thrilled! :D

Also, there was someone who emailed me a year or so ago and translated some of my stories into German (Old Soldiers Die Hard and some others). If you are reading this, PLEASE email me, because I am so sorry, but I lost your email and I completely forget to post a link here. *headdesk*