February 5th, 2008

Winter Sunlight

A request

So the Season 5 spoilers are out and about, lurking to trap the unwary. *g* I know that I'm bound to be spoiled eventually, one way or another, but if at all possible, I would REALLY like to avoid finding out anything about season 5 until we finish the current season.

So, please, please, if you know anything at all about season 5, DON'T mention it in comments to my posts, okay? Even with spoiler space, because it's all too easy to skim past that, and even in terms of careful hinting ("Ooh, you're gonna love what they do with that character next season"). I would really rather not know, at least not until the last few episodes have aired. So far, everyone has been very good about spoiler-cutting everything in their own journals, and as a spoilerphobe, I really, really do appreciate that. Thank you!
Winter Sunlight

I really feel *terrible* about this, but...

You know how I offered awhile back to send in-character Valentines to people? I really shouldn't have offered ten of them; two or three would have been a much better idea. I'm just finding them incredibly difficult -- some aren't so bad, but trying to get myself into a headspace where I can imagine RONON buying and sending anybody a card for anything ... and god forbid coming up with something he'd write in it ... I've been wracking my brains trying to make it work, but I just can't. (And three different people wanted Ronon sending a card to someone! *cries*)

I'm really, really sorry! I'm just much better at doing fic than this sort of project, apparently. I finished four of them, but the rest ... my brain is melting, and I've kinda gotten to the point where I'm not enjoying myself anymore.

The people whose cards I finished are trystings, army_rat, elanor_me, and leesa_perrie. For the rest of you ... would you settle for a little ficlet using your character request as a prompt? I would like to give you something, since I promised I would, but I think that might be more up my alley than what I was trying to do with the cards. And those I can probably finish by Valentines, whereas the cards might take me 'till next winter. :D

ETA: There is now a Valentine's ficlet in the comments, located here.