August 8th, 2007

Winter Sunlight

Doctor Who fanfic

As mentioned in a previous post, Aug. 6-12 is International Blog Against Racism Week. From ibarw, you can get useful information and links; from me, you get (mostly) useless fanfic. But entertaining, I hope. Here's #3! It's for a fandom I haven't written in before, so I'm fretful as to whether I did the show and the characters justice. *frets*

Title: This is the Price the Angels Pay
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2600
Summary: Sometimes Martha gets a phone call.

Future-fic, which I realize is a bit of a nonsensical term with regards to Doctor Who, but, well, that's what it is! Takes place after the Season 3 finale, and, I am sure, will shortly be very, very AU. Gen, at least according to me. Perhaps I should say, no less gen than the show itself.

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