August 6th, 2007

Winter Sunlight

SGA fic: Songs of Athos

So, this week (Aug. 6-12) is International Blog Against Racism Week. See link for pertinent details and useful links.

I don't think this could reasonably considered "official" participation; however, I have quite a few Teyla and Ronon story ideas running around in my head (as well as for characters of color in various other fandoms) and I thought this might be an excellent time to write them. The idea was to post a new story each day during the week, although at this point, I'm going to be out of completed fic on Thursday if I don't finish some more. And of course the first one I tried came out 3000 words long. Note to self: Write shorter stories, dammit!

Title: Songs of Athos
Word Count: 3000
Season/spoilers/warnings: early-to-mid Season 1, probably well before Storm/Eye. Gen.
Summary: Teyla discovers Earth music -- and rediscovers her own.

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