January 1st, 2007

Winter Sunlight

Ficathon story #6: The Color of Stone

Okay, this is the other "hard" ficathon story. I'll warn you up front that, while not a deathfic or rapefic, this story is dark and violent, and contains a situation that some may find disturbing. I definitely backed off from going nearly *as* dark as it was possible to go with this concept, but I figured a bit of warning was in order.

Title: The Color of Stone
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 9400
Season/Spoilers: References to Phantoms; presumably takes place not too long after.
Summary: An alien device turns the team members against each other, on a desert world where the only rule is the age-old law of kill or be killed.

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Winter Sunlight


I posted Tipper's question about short stories versus novels over at my "workblog" livejournal for discussion. And I'm still trying to get more people to post over there, so: Link. I'd love any more insight that people have ... or responses to the responses ... (fyi: "glacierdust" is me; it's my non-fandom LJ account)

I now have two ficathon stories to go (two, because I was reminded that I promised the person who got "Old Soldiers" that I'd do her a second one, because what I gave her was not what she requested). Both are begun.

One week 'till new SGA *and* SPN! yay!