December 9th, 2006

Winter Sunlight

SGA Christmas story: "Christmas in the Holly-Free Zone"

The irony of this is that just a day or so ago, I commented in an email to tipper_green that I find Season 1-era fics a bit odd to read -- considering how the team dynamic is different, and all -- completely forgetting that I was actually WRITING one at the time.

However, some kinds of stories -- "getting to know you" type stories -- can only be done in Season 1. And here is my SGA Christmas story of the year. In some ways, it's kind of a deliberate antidote to the sappiness of most Christmas stories (you'll see what I mean when you read it). Not that I can resist a liberal sprinkling of friendshippiness here and there, though. After all, this is ME. And thank you to sgatazmy for the beta, as well as NotTasha for pointing out a continuity error which has been fixed.

Due to LJ's frellin' character limits, this is posted in two parts.

Title: Christmas in the Holly-Free Zone
Rating: quite mild, barely a PG
Word Count: About 11,000
Season/Spoilers/Warnings: Season 1. Since the series isn't very specific about dates, I'm setting it shortly before "Brotherhood" -- so the friendships are established, but the Wraith threat is still distant enough that they're not worrying about it every waking minute.
Summary: It's the first Christmas on Atlantis. Sheppard's a candy cane, Kavanagh's an elf, Heightmeyer has a cunning plan to build team spirit, Elizabeth has a headache and Rodney's just boycotting the whole thing. Humor, friendship.

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