December 3rd, 2006

Winter Sunlight

I keep forgetting to mention...

My story Old Soldiers Die Hard is nominated in the McKay/Sheppard Fanfic Awards. (It's nominated under Angst.)

The interesting thing about it, obviously, is that I write gen. But just as some slash can be seen as gen (at least, I've read some stories that were described as slash by their authors, that totally looked like gen to me), some gen can certainly be seen as slash. The thought had actually occurred to me when I wrote the story that, due to the outsider POV, there's no reason whatsoever why the story couldn't be seen as slash, if one is inclined to see that. There's nothing in the story to specifically rule it out. Well, all right, Ann totally sees it as a brother-type relationship (as I do), but she's your basic "unreliable narrator", so it could just be another of the things that she's misintepreting.

So, in short, even though I wrote it as gen, I don't see any reason why it couldn't be read as slash, if someone wanted to.

I just thought I'd mention that, due to the recent WTF?-ness of a certain slash story winning a certain gen award. There are some stories that I've writen which are absolutely, 100% gen, and I couldn't see anyone sticking them in a slash category. This story, however ... it's part of the design of the story that it could be seen that way if you wanted to.
Winter Sunlight

Ficathon story #4: Shattered Things (1 of 3)

Title: Shattered Things
Characters: Mainly Rodney and Carson, with some Elizabeth and Sheppard, and smatterings of the others.
Rating: T
Season/spoilers: Small "Phantoms" reference.
Summary: Half the team came back drugged and incoherent; the other half never came back at all. Rodney and Carson are lost on a world in the grip of civil war.

This is unbeta'd, so please let me know if you notice any glaring errors. I'll have it up on a little later.

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Winter Sunlight

Fic (non-SGA): Spider Games

This was written about 3 or 4 years back, and then deleted from for alleged terms-of-use violations. (I had put it in with a "T" rating and apparently someone turned me in because they felt it deserved a mature rating.)

b7_kerravon requested it, so I'm posting it here! Compared to how I write now, I think it's a little outdated -- I haven't done any editing on it (for one thing, I don't remember enough Inu-Yasha canon at this point to trust myself) and, at the time I wrote this, most of what I knew about Inu-Yasha came from fansubs, so I'm using the fansub terms for things like the hole in Miroku's hand. I was writing a lot of anime fanfic at that time and throwing around terms like "-chan" and "-san" like birdseed in the park. *grin*

Title: Spider Games
Fandom: Inu-Yasha
Summary: Miroku is dead. Or so it seems. But death is only the beginning.

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