October 14th, 2006

Winter Sunlight

Quickie update on the fic-a-thon stories

Okay ... here's where we stand right now ... I have one very nearly done (actually, I might send it off to be beta'd tonight) and another one that's pretty close to done -- or it WOULD be, if it hadn't taken a sudden sharp left turn into a plot development that might end up making it a helluva lot longer than it was supposed to be. Then there are three more that I have fairly concrete ideas for, but haven't begun writing yet.

Unfortunately, Derry's Narnia one might end up being the last one that I do, because it's *hard* to shift gears between fandoms ... I've tried to work on that one a little bit, but I just can't seem to get Peter and Edmund's voices down while I've still got Rodney, John, et al clamoring for attention in my head. I might have to just switch over to that one and focus on it exclusively for a while in order to get it written, but I'd like to get farther along on the SGA stories first ...

And then there's the non-ficathon, sort of darkfic-ish one that I keep working on.

Definitely keeping busy.
Winter Sunlight

And they say fanfic isn't educational

I'm doing a little research on the Manhattan Project for a fic I'm currently working on ... actually, all I really wanted to know was how to spell Harry Daghlian's name (I'm revisiting that scene from Trinity where Rodney visits Sheppard at his quarters late at night and mentions Daghlian) but as usual when I Google for some specific minor detail, I'm kind of getting sucked into reading all the websites on it. Even if the details on what happens to people dying of radiation sickness are ... sort of horrible.

In case anyone else is curious about the guy that Rodney talked about in "Trinity" (complete with the gory details of his demise):

I'm actually a little surprised that they didn't use Louis Slotin instead of Daghlian in the episode -- Slotin was a Canadian researcher on the Manhattan Project and friend of Daghlian's who died a year later in a similar way. He died a hero, stopping a supercritical experiment before it could kill others in the room. I'm sure Rodney would have thought of him.