July 6th, 2006

Winter Sunlight

Changing my pen name

Now that I'm writing a lot of fanfic again (you know, I really thought I was done with this, but obviously all it takes is an intriguing fandom!) I really need a different nom de plume.

The thing is, "Sholio", my ff.net writing personality, was a pseudonym I used in a very different era of my life -- a footloose and fancy-free, non-home-owner, non-married era -- and tend to associate in my head with that era. It's also very strongly tied to my anime-fanfic-writing days in my mind. What all this adds up to is that I haven't been "Sholio" for years, don't really want to go back to being Sholio, and now that I'm back in fandom, have a hard time labeling myself that and responding to that.

Thought about using my real name, which I've kind of ended up doing anyway. It's an unusual enough name (Layla) that there aren't a ton of other people out there doing the same -- and that's who I think of myself as, anyway; I've never really worn 'net pseudonyms with the ease that some people do. The thing there is that I'd kinda like to keep my "pro" writing separate from my fanfic writing, as I don't really want prospective employers to Google for my real name and come up with a bunch of hits for fanfic.

What to do...
Winter Sunlight

Candle in the Dark (Sensory Loss Challenge) 1/3

Title: Candle in the Dark, part 1/3
Author: Sholio
Rating: PG/T
Characters: Sheppard and McKay (no big surprise)
Genre/spoilers: Gen. Season 2.

This is for the Sensory Loss challenge at sheppard_hc. It was supposed to be short, and was also not intended to be the wholesale whumpathon that it turned into ... but you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

It's mostly done, but I'm still working on the last part and may need to revise the second when I get the ending done, so the rest should be up in a few days. I just wanted to start posting to make sure I get in before the challenge deadline! *grin*

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