Excellent. I feel like Teyla in that it's not my election but I'm hearing so much about it. (I guess you'd say I was on Rodney's side :D)
"Are you even voting at all?" Rodney asked suspiciously, swatting him away.

"Well, probably not, but it's the principle of the thing. Two words, Rodney: gun control." John mimed firing a handgun into the middle distance.

Lol. He'd probably vote Democrat to piss off his family though. XD
"Your people really need more hobbies," Ronon said.

Yes! Like writing fanfic! Tee hee. This was lovely.
So funny. :D Teyla and Ronon are just lucky that they're not being bombarded with political ads (that's what always makes me dread election years)!
Brilliant!! A wonderfully vivid, perfectly characterized scene, as usual, but also cute as heck! Next time the subject comes up, I'll be quoting Shep word-for-word just for the sheer fun of it.... -_^
This is really cute, especially in light of the political overload in the blogosphere right now. I love Teyla's annoyance. Nice work! :)
Heh. No kidding; I can totally sympathize with Teyla! Glad you liked it. :)
Hee. This was cute. Nice lighthearted approach.

"I'm not gonna want to know about this one, am I?" Ronon asked quietly.

...your country spends far too much on its military...

"Yeah, and what's the biggest unexplained chunk of pork on the military budget right now?"

"How should I know? It's not my country. Iraq?"

"This, Rodney, you nit." John poked him in the forehead. "Us. Atlantis.

"Rodney, if you don't shut up about it, I'm putting you on Lorne's team and we'll see how you like dealing with four heavily armed Republicans instead of one."

And while we're on the subject, I suggest you have a gurney waiting on standby for Rodney, in case he tries to discuss politics in the mess with the entire military contingent present."

(ROFL) The characters/voices are spot-on. This sounds just like each of them.

Kriadydragon had a good idea....just stun him John!

*g* Thank you very much. I'm delighted that you liked it - and, yeah, I think Kriadydragon's got a point!
I finally read this! And *joy!* I definitely think you nailed John and Rodney's "political affiliations" so to speak. Makes a ton of sense!

Plus, having just spent five days in Canada, where the Canadian news couldn't get enough of our politics (every day! With sound effects! They delivered the news of the race like movie promos. It was AWESOME!), Rodney would definitely have an opinion. Loved it!

The whole thing was funny and so beautifully in character--I want to hug you! LOL!

Just for interests sake, as I think you know, my dad and brother and a large chunk of my extended family are scientists, and they're all Dems (which is why I think you have Rodney nailed!). What's interesting is that I've never actually met a scientist who wasn't a Dem. I worked as a lab tech in college at a couple of different universities (immunology and pathology), and, honestly, not one Republican on any of the floors I worked on. (Of course, the easy reason for that is Reagan pissed them all off by cutting NIH's budget in half and politicizing it, and then Bush cut away another third--kinda screws the grant process). (Also, universities -- academe tends to stray left. Maybe if I'd been at a company like Phizer or Merck it might've been different). My dad claims he's never met a Republican scientist in his fifty years of working in the US -- and he says it just the way Rodney says something to that ilk in your story (filled with arrogance!). Hee. You can tell which way my dad leans. ROFL!

I'm just musing (avoiding work), don't mind me.
I'm finally responding to this comment ... GO ME! :D

I had a lot of fun writing this. Generally speaking, my experiences are similar to yours except in engineering/computer sciences -- universities do skew left (and the liberal arts departments, where I've spent most of my university-going time, skew *way* left) but the engineering-type sciences (where my husband is) seem to have more conservatives than the general run of the mill.

Actually, Atlantis's political makeup would probably be fascinating from a sociological perspective, since there are people from so many different nations and walks of life, most of whom have been out of the loop for several years. I wish the show had gone more into the social dynamics of Atlantis; I know that's not what it was about, but that was one of the things that drew me to it the strongest -- the idea of this little created society on the frontier.
This is just too awesome for words. Love Teyla's and Ronon's reaction.

Of course, now that the Canadians have an election going on, maybe John can get his own back by needling Rodney about the NDP.