Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Oh for pete's sake


So some anonymous person just posted in my last episode discussion thread what I have no doubt is the casting spoiler that I've been scrupulously avoiding.

Gee, thank you so much, anonymous person!

I screened it so others don't run across it too (since I know of at least two people who read my journal and discussions who are also avoiding Season 5 spoilers) but GOD! Okay, yes, I know it's just fandom and not worth getting that upset about, but it'd be different if I didn't ask people in pretty much every discussion I have in here that I do not want to receive spoilers. Spoil me by accident, fine; it happens. Spoil me in my own journal despite the fact that if you'd bothered to read THE POST YOU'RE REPLYING TO you'd know I don't want it? I'm sorry, that's pretty damned rude.

EDIT: Um. A couple hours later, and I'm pretty much over it -- because, honestly, as far as bad things to happen to me, this is kinda far down there below ... pretty much anything. Heh. I feel a little ... well, a LOT silly now about throwing a bitchfit over it. Thanks for the notes of support, though.

(But just for the record, I'd still appreciate it if people avoid discussing spoilers here 'till the season's over!)
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