Sholio (sholio) wrote,

"Kindred" in brief

I can't even read episode reactions without being spoiled for next season! I already knew to avoid the comments ... XD Well, I promise no spoilers here -- except for the episode, of course! I'm not even watching next week's preview, 'cause I don't wanna know.

Fun episode! It was kind of a middle-of-the-road ep, not exactly a barrel of squee, but interesting enough to keep me watching and entertained.

Rodney and Teyla ... awwww. I liked the way that he went ahead and tried to be supportive about her vision even though he didn't believe it. He really has come a long way!

Hoff! That was pretty cool! I love revisiting parts of the galaxy where we've been before. And the marketplace, too, had kind of a non-Western feel to it -- at least much more so than the medieval worlds where they normally go. I really liked this episode from a "see the galaxy" standpoint (which, by the way, is one of the things I really want more of in season 5 *crosses fingers*).

I saw a picture on Mallozzi's blog of Kanan on the funeral pyre, and thought I'd been spoiled much more badly than I actually was! I really get a kick out of how totally B-movie mad scientist they've gone with Michael and his army of bug people. Aww, show ... I love you for your utter, unrepentant goofiness. Don't ever grow up!

Although they are skirting dangerously close to the "magic baby" trap that I really, really did not want for Teyla! I choose to see it as Michael being completely insane, though. He believes in some kind of mystical connection between himself and Teyla that isn't really there, aside from the actual mental connection of the Wraith hive mind. But as far as Teyla being special or connected to him beyond that, and his obsession with her baby ... it's all in his head. I liked the bit with Kanan having Wraith DNA too -- it stands to reason, of course, that Teyla wouldn't be the only one, but this is our first suggestion of others among her people with her abilities.

I like the casting on Kanan, too. He looks like someone Teyla might fall for. And oh, poor John, losing Teyla! (And OMG, poor *Lorne*, losing Teyla! Not his fault, but ... going off to protect Sheppard's PREGNANT teammate, and then losing her to the Wraith ... oh, Lorne. You're going to get all the lousy assignments from now 'till 2010, I fear!)

And, of course ... Carson! Naturally we have to wait until next week to see how everyone reacts, and if he's a clone or a Replicator or a victim of the galaxy's most unnecessarily complex kidnapping plot.
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