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SGA: 4x17- Midway

Hey, it's aired in some parts of the country, right? So I can post a reaction post now. (Yes, I did get the early iTunes version...)

My thoughtful and well-considered reaction to this episode goes something like this:


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


*pant pant pant*

Maybe I'm just really easy for this show lately, or something. But, Carl Binder, how much do I love you. Let me count the ways:

- TEAL'C. RONON. TEAAAAAAAL'C. Okay, in this case, I'd seen some spoiler photos and clips of Chris and Jason fighting, so I kinda knew it was coming and was alraedy DYING to see "Midway" because I knew that would be the Teal'c episode and that he'd get some interaction with Ronon. But ... wow! I'm not sure if I can discuss this part rationally because I'm getting all fangirly again just thinking about it, and it was most of the episode! Chris Judge's hair, and Teal'c and Sam, and the Atlantis gymnasium turning into a pit fighting match while their military commander places bets on it (these must be the sort of times when Sam finds herself thinking "Why did I take this job again?"), and Teal'c and Ronon watching Earth TV together (!!!!), and Teal'c getting fed on by a Wraith ... and ... *flails some more*

- Presumed-dead-John, and worried Rodney calling him John, never gets old, is all I'm sayin'. I can see it a hundred times in a hundred different variations, and it's still good. :D Oh, and poor John! Trapped in a puddlejumper for two weeks with McKay, Bill Lee and KAVANAGH! It's a wonder he's still sane! (Also, Ronon's mischievous look when he's waking him up absolutely slays me dead with hilarity and squee.)

The other stuff really pales in comparison, but I have GOT to throw in a bucketload of writer-love for Teyla dealing with xenophobia, sexism and pregnancy-related prejudice all in one swoop! I think what made me squee is the actual recognition by the show that such things happen ... which is the point at which I can only decide that I must be really easy for this show, and, also, they had to do it through a fairly unlikable third-party character, but I'm just thrilled that they acknowledged it.

While not nearly as much of a squee! moment as seeing Bates two weeks ago, it was a neat bit of continuity to see Kavanagh again, and kind of tragically hilarious that they've taken to using him on the show exactly as he's used in fic (as the resident fuck-up physicist). And, hey, he's got a first name -- Peter! (You can read it on his uniform tag.)

I was really amazed and impressed at how calm Bill Lee was, considering that he was dealing with a Wraith about to kill him and had just seen a colleague fed on, too! I thought that Kavanagh was going to die. Thought they'd killed Walter, too, for a minute there when the stun-bomb went off.

Did anyone else notice that there were at least two different kinds of currency being passed around in the fight bets? I thought that was a neat touch, and the betting in general (along with Sheppard's complicity in it) was a fun glimpse of Atlantis on down-time. I love thinking of the Pegasus Galaxy as a frontier, and Atlantis as its own little society with its own rules. I love little moments when the show gives us the idea that it really might be this way.

On a serious(ish) note, they've lost the Midway station now, and after the almost-invasion I really can't see the SGC letting them build another one. I'm kinda glad, actually, although for a little while there it was kind of nice that you could do episodes like "Outcast" or "Miller's Crossing" without having to deal with how they got from Pegasus to Earth.

And I'm curious if "Todd" really betrayed them or if he was fed on and/or tortured into revealing information.
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