Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Assorted SGA-related links

So lavvyan wrote a sequel to her (utterly adorable) Antarctic Drift, based on this penguin picture that I posted awhile back. Er, the sequel is based on it, that is, not the original. Read it here: Bipeds & the Deep Blue Sea. It's John/Rodney, utter crack, and utterly adorable. You gotta love a story that carries the warning "Penguin angst".

Nao Asakura translated "Cold Comforts" (my last sga-flashfic story) into French! Nice! Go here to read it.

And finally, abyssinia4077 is running a LeapGate comment-ficathon this month! Go here to pick prompts and here to post/read fic. I really should be working on my genficathon story but ... hmm ... so many prompts! *is tempted*
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