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I was going to wait to post these on Valentine's Day itself, but they're all done and I'm sort of ... avoiding the other creative projects that I have on the table, so I didn't think anyone would mind getting them early!

roga and tielan can be added to the list of people who will be getting physical cards (though they obviously won't make it by V-day), but I hope the rest of you are happy with these!

First up, with_apostrophe wanted a card from Ronon to Radek, or vice versa. No spoilers in particular.

Radek, Ronon, a little Rodney; gen; 1500 wordsCollapse )

bironic wanted a card from Rodney to Sam (among several other options, but I went with that one). "Trio" post-ep, contains spoilers.

Post-ep for Trio, contains spoilers; gen; 1200 wordsCollapse )

fitzwiggety wanted team, no prompts. Vague spoilers through "Trio".

Team, gen, spoilers through Trio; 1100 wordsCollapse )

And, finally, ditraveler's ficlet was already posted in the comments to an earlier entry, so many of you have probably already read it, but I'm including it here for those who missed it the first time around. ditraveler asked for Ronon giving a card to Sheppard, and also supplied several of the particulars of the plot. No episode spoilers to speak of.

Team gen (despite all appearances); 1200 wordsCollapse )
Tags: fanfic:sga, fanfic:valentines
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