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I was going to wait to post these on Valentine's Day itself, but they're all done and I'm sort of ... avoiding the other creative projects that I have on the table, so I didn't think anyone would mind getting them early!

roga and tielan can be added to the list of people who will be getting physical cards (though they obviously won't make it by V-day), but I hope the rest of you are happy with these!

First up, with_apostrophe wanted a card from Ronon to Radek, or vice versa. No spoilers in particular.

Radek, Ronon, a little Rodney; gen; 1500 wordsCollapse )

bironic wanted a card from Rodney to Sam (among several other options, but I went with that one). "Trio" post-ep, contains spoilers.

Post-ep for Trio, contains spoilers; gen; 1200 wordsCollapse )

fitzwiggety wanted team, no prompts. Vague spoilers through "Trio".

Team, gen, spoilers through Trio; 1100 wordsCollapse )

And, finally, ditraveler's ficlet was already posted in the comments to an earlier entry, so many of you have probably already read it, but I'm including it here for those who missed it the first time around. ditraveler asked for Ronon giving a card to Sheppard, and also supplied several of the particulars of the plot. No episode spoilers to speak of.

Team gen (despite all appearances); 1200 wordsCollapse )
Valentines! - stories
The "Radek to Ronon" story had me in tears! Radek's kindness and empathy are well-explored here! Love this!

Okay, the next one, "Rodney to Sam" *also* had me in tears! I've got a lot of sympathy for Sam's plight as an outsider in Pegasus, and of course, Rodney's gradually developed empathy and kindness are also for the win! Love this, too!

Loved the Team story, too! Poor Rodney, done out of a Valentine's Day with Someone He Loved! How hard would it have been for the Universe to let him have that, just once???!!! Grin!

Finally, Ronon and Teyla's practical joke played on Sheppard and McKay was hilarious! Big smile, here!

You are the kind and empathetic one, dear! Thank you for sharing.
Love, max

Re: Valentines! - stories
*blush* Thank *you* for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled you liked them. It was fantastic fun to explore so many different sides of their lives, from the touching to the funny and back again.
I only just found these (thank you Naye for reccing them) and now have a HUGE smile on by face. It actually is Valentines Day where I am (and wow I went a half hour without realising that) so that was apt timing.

Ok - so "my" one is just wonderful! (and I get to use my Radek and Ronon) icon. I like the idea of the swapping - that goes with Radek playing chess for swaps and the bombed reading library, and of course, just in general the distance. Would be cool to see what occasions other planets celebrate with the loose definition of cards.... (or what the cards look like).

I loved Rodney making fun of Radek's drawing skills and the range of mistaken guesses as to what it was. I could hear almost audibly "Go away, Rodney" and see Radek acting all cagey.

Food - well of course food is the way to go (I'm so glad they've continued that particular trait of Ronon's on the show, even if it is a direct match to Teal'c). Radek is such a sweetie pie... (no pun intended)

I have actually given time to thinking about what Ronon would have been like as a child, (that was helped by him mentioning getting kiersen (or whatever) fever when he was ten (?)) and I honestly have no idea how he would have been. Of all four of them his childhood is the haziest because we don't know just how much 7 years on the run has changed him.


The others were wonderful too - loved the card from Earth and the maccaroons - I'll never forget that scene (seriously are maccaroons supposed to be that colour?)

The road trip was great. Teyla really does sum up Valentine's day (which I genuinely loathe, and not because I'm single) and oh - TEAM!

And the practical joke! John, Rodney, you really are too easy to wind up!
Squee! I'm so glad you like your ficlet (and the others, of course). It really is interesting to speculate on what Ronon would have been like before his time on the run -- I think that between "Sateda" and the personality that's developed as he's begun to recover from his life's trauma, we can venture a guess or two, but it's definitely true that his early life is a LOT less of an open book than for any of the others. He might have been an utterly different person back then; there's just no way to know how much he changed.

And when I started thinking about just what they do if they want a card for an occasion (since they certainly can't just run down to the store and buy one) the idea of a card-swap basket occurred to me -- and, yes, it does seem to fit with the vaguely implied barter economy that we've seen hinted at occasionally on the show.

So delighted that you loved these! Thanks for the feedback. :D
These are fantastic! I love the idea of the first year card-swapping in the Radek one. Also really enjoyed the Sam and Rodney one. LOL at Rodney sulking in the third one. And, OMG, Teyla is so on the ball. :p The last one was hilarious. :D I enjoyed them all, thanks for sharing!
So glad you liked them! I *love* the idea of a card-swap basket; it totally seems like something they'd do!
I loved these! extra kudos for the Ronon-Radek one (if ever there was a difficult pairing!), the detail about the recycled cards, and furter on Teyla hoarding baby clothes, Sam getting some of her old team fuzzies, and Ronon and Teyla having a little fun at the earthlings expense! :D
Thank you! :D

Ronon and Radek *was* difficult; I really had to think around corners to come up with something that worked ... but it did work!
Really liked the story! Wonderful read for valentime's day! (Of course, I liked the other ones too, but this one was especially for me!:))
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiil!!! I got mail! And it's perfect! It's so Rodney. I love it! ♥


Bwhahaa. Now I need to figure out how to connect my digital camera to a laptop so I can show it. I love it! Thanks so much.
Heeeeeee~! I'm so glad you like it! Isn't that card just perfectly Rodney?

I actually scanned some of the cards before I sent them (including that one, because I practically gave myself writer's cramp writing out his whole monologue, and in case it got lost in the mail I didn't want to have to make it up again) -- if you don't mind, I could post pictures!
I love the long exposition in the Radek fic. *hearts world building so hard* *also hearts Radek*

"So ... it is customary to attempt to court a lover by offering insincere platitudes and attempting to make them less attractive."

Yes! It all makes sense. It is the day when you confirm your attachment to someone by feeding them substances that make them both happier and less likely to stray. ...Although who says prefab platitudes have to be insincere? I'm sure if Atlantis started printing "Thanks for saving my life" cards, they'd go by the dozens. Along with days for wooing a mate, there should also be a day for pampering one's lifesavers (a sort of Veterans' Day, only with more chocolate-chip cookies).
*hearts world building so hard* *also hearts Radek*

VERY MUCH YES. I *adore* world-building; I think one of the things that draws me fannishly to SGA is that there's so much potential for it in the show and in fic as well! (And Radek is always adorable. *squeezes him*)

OMG, I *love* your idea for "Thanks For Saving My Life" day. I hope you don't mind if I use it in a fic or something? (Assuming I remember, which is always a big "if".) I just adore the idea and I could SO see something like that catching on around Atlantis.
*reads team ficlets* *dies*

Seriously, my cat thinks there's something wrong with me. She's staring. Possibly it's the lack of breathing?

What finally broke me was Rodney sliding closer and closer to John, whimpering. Ronon, ftw! \o/
Oh...Radek's one just...lovely! They're all great. But that one...utterly lovely.

Oh, thank you! I think that the Radek one is really my favorite of the bunch, so that makes me very happy.
Just how much fun did you have doing these?! I can imagine all kinds of giggles and smirks and laughing out loud!!! I was in hysterics at points and deeply touched at others. Man, I so needed to read something like these wonderful valentines! Thanks for sharing your rather 'unique' take on sga valentine situations!! (still giggling to myself!)
Hee! I had a *blast* doing these, and I'm so glad people are enjoying them! It was really marvelous fun to do a bunch of totally GEN valentines, too! :D
the Walmart one made me laugh so hard I cried. They're all fantastic and right in character!
Wonderful Radek!

And Rodney and Sam was cool, too, to see how much Rodney has changed from Sam's point of view.

it is customary to attempt to court a lover by offering insincere platitudes and attempting to make them less attractive cracked me up. Team on Earth stories are brilliant.