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SPN: Dream a Little Dream

For the record? If SPN were to become The Bobby Singer Show, I would totally watch that. Just sayin'. Except it would need more Ellen.

Okay, now, about the rest ...

It is very ironic that this episode happened to air right on the heels of this discussion I was having with a friend about mysogyny in the show. I really don't have the issues with mysogyny that a lot of SPN fans do. It's kind of like the problems that some people have with colonialism in SGA. I can see it; I'm just not really bothered by it. That's the sort of thing that I feel compelled to rectify in fic, but not to stress about in the show, if that makes any sense -- a known flaw, but one that I can cheerfully ignore most of the time.

... but, but ... the awful juxtaposition of just having been talking about it, and thinking about it, and then watching this episode ...! It was just so distracting! I adore Bobby and was thrilled to get a Bobby-centric episode, but ... "She went rabid and I had to stab her to death a zillion times"?! Writers, WTF? I mean, yes, angst, but, but ... where do your minds go, to come up with this sort of thing, over and over again?

And it wasn't just that. I wandered around for a little while trying to organize my thoughts, because ... it's not that I hated the episode -- in fact, I liked parts of it very much. But I kept wanting to laugh when I'd think about it, because so much of it was like a self-parody -- a parade of SPN cliches. So Bobby, like just every other male character on the show, is motivated by the horrible, brutal death of a woman in his past. So Dean really is the gigantic woobie with massive self-esteem issues that derry667 and I kept insisting he wasn't last season. And, uh .... Sam beat a guy to death with a baseball bat and, as with ripping Gordon's head off a couple of episodes ago, seems awfully okay with it.

There are a lot of really neat bits to meta about in the episode (Dean's recurring fantasy of a perfect suburban life; BOBBY!; Sam's wet dream about Bella and trying to cover up his crotch {hee!}; Dean accepting that he doesn't want to die, and the look on Sam's face; DID I MENTION BOBBY?) but ... I keep getting hung up on the "Uh ... wait ... what?" aspects. It's like the episode was produced by some kind of random SPN script generator, and while parts of it were really, really fun, the episode as a whole was sort of one big basket of WTF?
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