Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Dropped off my partner at the airport ... he is off to Prague, of all places, for a conference. (Lucky guy!) Meanwhile, it's 30 below zero here, so I think he's picked a good time to get out of town. *shivers* There was a lovely aurora out tonight, though -- not the stringy little wisps of color we've been getting lately, but the real thing: shimmering green curtains of light, rippling across the sky.

Prompts have all been emailed out for sga_genficathon. If you signed up and didn't receive a prompt (or if you're not sure if you signed up or not), please contact me.

I've voted in the Stargate Fan Awards ... have you?

Voting is over for the Skiffy Awards, but I've just recently found out that I won several of them. Follow the link to see the list of winners and their stories!
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