Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Jump Scare!

The Jump Scare exchange opened this weekend and I have two AMAZING gifts!

White Linen (The Alienist, 1900 wds, John & Sara & Laszlo)
Lovely h/c with the trio lost in the woods, dealing with an illness.

Dislocated (Falcon & Winter Soldier, 4300 wds, Bucky/Zemo + Sam)
Please heed warnings on fic. After a devastating incident involving mind control, the three lean on each other to heal.

They are both utterly lovely, and entirely my thing in slightly different ways. This exchange in general is small but excellent, and I've really enjoyed everything I've read so far. There is also, for example, a really excellent Falcon & Winter Soldier fic focused on Isaiah (also feat. Sam) that is chilling and fascinating and makes you doubt your own reality in the best horror tradition.

AU-Ex (Alternate Universe Exchange) also released today! I didn't up for it, but I did pinch hit, and between the two of them (this and Jump Scare) I have five currently anonymous fic. Finding them is left as an exercise for the reader. (Well, obviously I'll 'fess up after reveals.) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Tags: exchange:misc

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