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A total mishmash here.

Places to donate to help southern Lousiana posted by [personal profile] yhlee.

Twitter thread summarizing an interesting large-scale study on effects of community masking on COVID in Bangladesh. A few interesting takeaways from looking at the graphs: with community-wide masking in the real world (i.e. masks as actual people use them, which probably involves some people being diligent and others not), the demographic where they mainly found significant differences in COVID rates and symptoms was in elderly people wearing surgical masks. Cloth masks appear to be overall pretty useless but may reduce symptom severity somewhat. They found no statistically significant difference for masking vs. not masking in the non-elderly, possibly due to either low mask compliance or low rate of symptomatic cases. The thread has a lot more information on methodology and results.

• And for something totally different and much more fun, Whumptober is back and here is the list of 2021 prompts. I still preferred the old style where they had just one prompt per day and then an alternate list that you could swap into any day where you don't like or can't write the prompt; now there are three prompts per day to choose from, plus an alternate list. Last year I took one look at this and noped out due to choice paralysis. This year I might try it, though probably not the whole thing. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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