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Watership Down Part I: The Journey

And here we go with the Watership Down reread! Feel free to link to it if you like. Posts will be roughly once a week, give or take a bit depending on my free time, one post per section and then, after that, perhaps some additional posts for the extra stories and adaptations.

Spoiler policy: I will be avoiding spoilers for future chapters in the main body of the post, but spoilers are fine in the comments. Therefore, if you're reading for the first time, the posts will be fine to read, but the comments are read-at-your-own-risk. (Let me know if you feel this should change.)

Also please feel free to talk among yourselves in the comments if someone else raises a point or asks a question you want to comment on. If you have your own discussion questions, things that were unclear, or anything else you want to ask about, please bring it up!

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Watership Down reread schedule

I was going to put up the first post mid-week, but I think I'm going to push it back to the weekend because that will give me more time to write up notes, and other people more time to read the book. So if you'd like to read before joining the discussion, please read "Part I: The Journey" this week and I'll have a discussion post up on Saturday. :D This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Id Pro Quo and other recent fic

Id Pro Quo author reveals! I wrote some things! First of all, my assignment, which I really enjoyed. (I was absolutely thrilled when I got the assignment that I did, and I wanted to write SO MANY of my recip's awesome prompts, but ended up settling on this one.)

Equal and Opposite Forces (Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 3200 wds, mature-rated)
Yon-Rogg was waiting for her where he said he'd be, inside the bombed-out shell of an ancient building on the outskirts of town.

My treats, meanwhile, got WILDLY out of control. Like kudzu.

Corpse Soldier of Eskatar (Torchwood, team gen, 27K)
The team encounters a device intended to turn the dead into unstoppable fighting machines. It has somewhat more unpredictable effects on Owen.

Bodyguard (Iron Fist, mostly Ward & Colleen gen, 29K)
Canon-divergent AU: the Hand assigns Colleen as Ward's bodyguard pre-season-one.

And there are also a couple of things I wrote recently but didn't mention here yet:

Snow Day (Iron Fist, Ward & Danny gen, 3900 wds)
One of the things Ward hasn't quite learned how to do in the post-Harold era is have fun. Luckily Danny is there to help. For Gen Freeform Exchange. Set between seasons one and two.

Medicinal (Iron Fist, Ward & Danny gen, 800 wds)
Trying to get Danny to take medicine hasn't really gotten any easier since he was six years old. AO3 repost of a fan-flashworks prompt fic. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Book WTFery: The Ice Limit

[personal profile] rachelmanija just posted an absolutely delightful book report on The Plants by Kenneth McKenney, which you should go read. (Her post, not the book. The book sounds terrible.)

While she was reading it, there were some emails passed back and forth which got me talking about The Ice Limit (Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child), a hilaribad thriller I read years ago. What reminded me of it is that the plants, at least early on, are not particularly dangerous and don't really do anything, they're just described with a looming sense of menace as if the scariest thing in the world is a tray of bean sprouts.

The Ice Limit also does this with its antagonist, which is ... a giant rock.

You are constantly told about the air of menace looming around the rock, the way everyone is afraid of it, etc. At one point it rolls and kills a guy because the characters have been digging underneath it and didn't shore it up properly. It is, however, still just a rock. It doesn't move on its own. It just LOOMS. Menacingly.

But THEN I went to look up The Ice Limit on Amazon and now I am DYING because ...

.... it has the wrong tag line.

National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters delivers a moving, classic love story with a coming out theme and a modern twist.

I hope no one buys this book expecting a moving coming-out story, because that most certainly is not this book, and Julie Anne Peters, whoever she is, did not write it.

But the rest of the blurb is actually about this book!

A frightening truth is about to unfold: The men and women of the Rolvaag are not taking this ancient, enigmatic object anywhere. It is taking them.

IT'S A ROCK. It's not a sentient rock. It's not a radioactive rock. It's just a big rock. It's only a danger to them because they spend the whole book trying to dig it up.

Speaking of which, I have GOT to tell you what happens in the thrilling and suspenseful climax, which I'll put under a cut just in case you decide to read it yourself and want to have the full impact of the characters' apocalyptic stupidity.

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Watership Down readalong schedule

Poll results are generally leaning most strongly to next week and/or late May, on the whole. Since section-by-section posts are also winning the poll, I think what I'll do is put up weekly section-by-section posts, starting next week, with links back to earlier ones. That way people who are eager to get going (.... me) can start early, and other people can jump in when they have time - the posts will continue through June and I can also do a wrap-up post at the end. So everyone gets to participate that way, I think, even though some people might not be able to join in the early posts immediately!

So far, the one person I know of who's reading it for the first time says she doesn't mind spoilers, so I'm gonna say advance spoilers are fine unless we have more first-time readers jump on who request otherwise.

I'll put up the first post next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, for "Part 1: The Journey."

ETA: It looks like you can get Watership Down in ebook from all the usual online retailers, although it's appallingly expensive because of course it is. My version is the old 1970s paperback with the monochrome rabbit cover and tinted paperback edges. I think there's a distinct possibility it's the same one we had when I was a kid and I stole it when I left home. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Watership Down readalong (part 2)

Since there is interest in a discussion and/or readalong for Watership Down, how shall we do it? Check all that would work for you.

EDIT: So apparently, not only can you not edit polls after they're posted, you can't add a second poll in the same post. That being the case, there's a question I forgot to add:

If we do multiple posts or comment threads devoted to specific chapters or sections, should we avoid spoilers for future chapters/sections so we won't spoil people reading the book for the first time, or should all the posts and comments allow discussion of the whole book?

Let me know your feelings on that in the comments. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Watership Down readalong?

I was talking to someone about this book today and thinking about doing a reread or readalong or book discussion kind of thing. Anyone else up for that?

If so, what kind of discussion do you think would be fun? Just a single discussion post once people have had a chance to read it? Chapter by chapter might take too long, but the book is divided into sections, so those might be a nice way to break it down if we didn't do it all at once.

Ideas are welcome! What kind of book discussions have you seen or participated in lately that worked for you? This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Happy fandom things

[community profile] idproquo revealed! I got a GLORIOUS gift!

Removing the Block (Captain Marvel, Talos/Yon-Rogg, 20K!!!!)
Talos visits an auction looking for enslaved Skrulls. Instead, he finds a Kree political prisoner.

Please heed the summary and warnings; this is very definitely a fic for A Particular Taste, which happens to be exactly what I wanted from the tags and suggestions I gave, with a glorious enemies-to-lovers slow burn and a whole lot of iddy, tropey goodness.

In other news around the exchange ecosystem:

- SSRC assignments are out! We have a record 31 signups. This is going to be our best year EVER.
- [community profile] intoabar is taking signups! I struck out in a major way last year, but, well ... *waves hands at last year* and I am tempted to try again.
- [community profile] hurtcomfortex is looking for pinch hitters for a number of requests; see their comm for details!

And finally, in non-fandom news, Kalikoi has launched! This is a new F/F press that will be reprinting a standalone version of my story Moose Madness from the charity anthology Her Wild Soulmate, later in May. Visit their website at This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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(no subject)

26 people signed up for [community profile] ssrconfidential so far, which is as many as we had our first year and one short of the most ever (27 in 2018). It's never been a big exchange, but I'm honestly really happy and delighted with how it's tended to hold up over the years. I started the first one the year the show was cancelled, fully expecting the numbers to crash the second year, but SIX years in, it's still cranking along just as well as it ever was!

Also, by total coincidence, there's a very Jack-heavy signup slate this year, which I of course am pleased by. We could really use more femslash people, though; there's a surprising lack of both that and Peggy/Steve compared to some years. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Incidental fandom things

[community profile] ssrconfidential is taking signups for another 2 days - signups close at the end of the day on April 30 (well, more accurately May 1; I'll close when I get up). AO3 Collection for signing up. We have 18 people so far!

[community profile] idproquo is looking for one last pinch hitter for a late pinch hit - their fandoms are Hockey RPF and Leverage. See their request here. (EDIT: CLAIMED!) Due to lingering pinch hits, reveals have been delayed until Saturday evening. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.