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Torchwood ramblings (also a bit of Agents of SHIELD)

Thinking about Torchwood (as one does) ... I think one thing about this show that makes it so satisfying for me is that it doesn't hesitate to commit. Whether or not it makes narrative sense. And I was thinking about Owen's condemned man's walk in "Dead Man Walking" in light of that.

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Winter Sunlight

Torchwood recs and things

I'll do a second roundup of fills for the Comfort Fest tomorrow, because there are a bunch of new ones (it's still going on! prompts and fills still welcome!), but in the meantime, Torchwood fic has been good to me lately.

The Dead, the Wide-Eyed and the Legless by [personal profile] sovay (Owen & Tosh)
Written for me in Comfort Fest, and utterly delightful! ♥ This is a lyrical and lovely look at late-season-two Owen and Tosh - about coping mechanisms, and the glimmers of light and humanity and camaraderie that the members of Team Torchwood manage to hold onto in their often difficult lives.

roughneck by [ profile] brokke (gen teamfic)
This one's still a WIP so there's no telling how the rest of it will go, but I really enjoyed what there is so far - this is a very well-written casefic with Jack and Owen undercover to investigate alien happenings on an oil derrick off the coast of Wales. Rich in detail, tension, and team feels.

poenitentia by [ profile] brokke (Mary/Tosh + team)
What if Mary didn't die, and joined Torchwood instead?

(The latter two are unrelated to Comfort Fest, but were very enjoyable.)

Another fun-looking prompt fest I ran across today: Joy Fest, a prompt fest celebrating characters of color in any fandom.
Rules Post | Prompt Post | Offers Post.

Also, don't forget about [community profile] recthething, for all your reccing needs!

And from the land of serious things, a list of links to places you can sign up to help increase voter turnout. (Letters, postcards, text/phonebanking, etc.) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Hollow Souls (Gatekeeper #3) is out on Tuesday!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE FINISHED THIS SERIES!! I've been writing it since 2009. Finished for now, anyway - the possibility of future books exists, but for now it's a standalone trilogy. I got to create a "Series - Done" folder in my Fiction folder just for this. ♥

And here are the by-now-standard free copies. Click the cover or the link to go to BookFunnel. The download link will work from now 'til Monday. The book goes live on Amazon on Sept. 29.

Black woman in a leather jacket with a sword

This Halloween, the dead will rise.

And only one woman can stop them...

I've also got Echo City set to go free on Amazon starting on Monday.

If you want the previous books and don't do Amazon, let me know and we can work something out. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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A few other nice things

The [community profile] kingofexchanges collection is open, with 13 new Stephen King fanworks for your reading enjoyment!

I was just going to link to this vid, but figured I'd embed it instead:

What a lovely trip down anime memory lane, from the 1950s to now. Loads of my favorites in here - I grinned IRL when Captain Harlock showed up! (MY CHILDHOOD.) It was also really interesting to notice the point at which I stopped recognizing most of the anime; you can really tell that most of what I've seen is from the late 80s through the early 2000s.

Completely unrelated to that, I learned about the Isle of Nantes automata project (Machines de l’Ile) yesterday, and that's definitely one for the bucket list. It looks like the closest possible thing to stepping into a real-life steampunk world. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Comfort Fest fills post #1

Leave and fill prompts here! No deadline; it'll stay open as long as there's interest.

There is also a collection on AO3 now if anyone wants to add their fills to it. (You don't have to; it's up to you.)

Fills so far

Original: Natural disaster by [personal profile] yelp
Christmas Coffee by [personal profile] anthrobrat
Agent Carter, Peggy/Jack/Daniel, bed-sharing with tortured-with-sleep-deprivation Jack by [personal profile] chouette
Band of Brothers, Bull & Johnny & Bill, covered in kittens by [personal profile] muccamukk (Also on AO3: Found Sleeping)
Happiness Is a Cold Nose (Warner TV Westerns Universe, gen) by ramblin_rosie
Mass Effect, Garrus/FShepard, covered in kittens by [personal profile] littleleotas
Agent Carter, Peggy & Jack, You and Me Against The World by [personal profile] sheron
Black Sails, Miranda, finding a dog in the rain by [personal profile] littleleotas
Drowned Rats (Maverick '57, gen) by ramblin_rosie
Pern, Vertigo, Marvel, and DC all in one. by [personal profile] sharpest_asp
heart's reflection, Star Wars, Poe/Finn by [personal profile] gloss (on AO3)
Dark Tower, fire lizards by [personal profile] sholio (also on AO3: Bronze and Gold)
Earthsea, Tenar & Ogion, eating together by [personal profile] musesfool
Addams Family (1964 series), Gomez/Morticia & Wednesday, a Friday the 13th card by [personal profile] littleleotas
The Sympathy Card (The Saint '62, gen) ramblin_rosie
Star Wars, Rey/Finn/Poe, lost in the desert by [personal profile] littleleotas
Star Trek: TNG, Riker & Troi by [personal profile] archersangel
Young Justice + a crasher <3 by [personal profile] gloss
Pride and Prejudice, Bingley/Jane, post-canon Jane discovering Bingley in a rare bad mood and cheering him up by [personal profile] sartorias
I Shelter You [Lucifer; Maze & Trixie, comfort after nightmares] by [personal profile] firecat (Also on AO3)
Spooks(MI5), Lucas North/Adam Carter, awkward hug by [personal profile] smallhobbit
At the Multiverse Emotional Support Animal Show (Girl Genius, gen) by ramblin_rosie
Kings, Jack Benjamin, Michelle Benjamin, David Shepherd by [personal profile] booksarelife
Celebrating a forbidden holiday by [personal profile] sartorias
Calling the Bluff (Green Hornet '66, gen) by ramblin_rosie

Let me know if you notice any links that go to the wrong place, miscredited fills, and that sort of thing! I'll do a second roundup in a day or two, to sweep up additional fills.

Also, feel free to post these anywhere else if you prefer: AO3, Tumblr, etc; just link back from the prompt and I'll link to them. Does anyone want me to make an AO3 collection for this? Done; see above! This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Comfort! And Things!

Loads of new prompts and fills at the Comfort Fest! (I'll do a fill roundup tomorrow.) Leave more prompts - all fandoms welcome! Fill prompts! Also feel free to comment on prompts you like and encourage them. <3

Political Thangs:

- Write postcards to voters.
- Donate to get rid of That Asshole (no, the other one) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Hold Me: a comfort promptfest

I think we really need some comfort right now.

Hold Me: A Comfort Fest

In the comments, please leave prompts about people being comforted, patched up, or healed; or supporting each other, or just generally making each other a little happier. Hurt/comfort of all types is obviously great, also anything like cuddling, cheering someone up after a bad day, showing up to someone's event to support them, doing fun things together, comforting with puppies/kittens - whatever this means to you, I'm not going to be picky about it.

It doesn't have to be pure fluff. Angst and blood are fine.

Leave prompts like this:
Fandom, character or pairing, prompt

All fandoms and pairings are welcome. "Any" or original work prompts are also welcome.

Fills can be any length or medium. You can fill your own prompt. Prompts can be filled as many times as you want. Non-fill comments on prompts are also fine, e.g. commenting to say that you liked a prompt.

You don't need to use subject lines on prompts. Subject lines on fills would be helpful for compiling a master list, e.g. "Fill: Agent Carter, Peggy/Daniel, bubble bath." Warnings for upsetting content are not required, but would be courteous.

Please, no prompts about specific real-world events happening now. Fictional versions of similar things are fine though.

Feel free to link to this!

Go forth and prompt!

Edit: Roundup of posted fills #1

There is an AO3 collection now:

You are welcome to add your fills if you like, but you don't have to. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Oh, this looks fun: [community profile] fixedthatforyou_fest - Prompt submission post. An old-style multifandom prompt fest, for any canons you want a fixit for. Open for prompts 'til Oct. 5.

(Oh hey, I just had an idea. I am going to post a prompt thing of my own in a minute here.)

Of the various places that one can spite-donate, this is one I donated to yesterday: Get Mitch. They split your donation between competitive Senate races in an attempt to flip the Senate and knock Evil Turtle Mitch McConnell out of power. (Apparently the Democrats set an all-time donation record in the last 24 hours. Which is good news! But it doesn't mean anything whatsoever is won or done - you KNOW this is going to galvanize the Republicans too.) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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A couple of Torchwood recs

Can you tell I'm avoiding my novel edits here

Recent fandom fortunes have been good to me, and there have been a couple of really excellent Owen-centric fics posted on AO3 lately, in addition to my delightful AU-Ex gift!

Half-lives by [ profile] Beleriandings (6700 wds, Jack & Owen & OCs, character deaths)
This is an absolutely gorgeous canon-compliant futurefic, one part Doctor-Who-esque scifi and one part ghost/haunting fic. Who knows how the energy that animates Owen really works, anyway, or whether it could sustain him beyond the destruction of his physical body? This has a really lovely old-school-scifi feeling, and it hurts, but in the best way. I've seen various fics out there that find ways of making Ianto immortal, but I think this is the first one that I've seen do it for Owen, and the result is lovely.

For I Chose the World's Sad Roses by [ profile] moonlightrhosyn (5K, Owen + team)
The frame story for this teamfic is the alien plant greenhouse in the Hub, and Owen's reluctant custodianship of it, as it slowly becomes both a symbol of his integration into his friends' lives and a vehicle for taking care of their emotional wellbeing. A sympathetic look at all of the characters through two seasons, as well as the empathetic doctor side of Owen. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Torchwood spoiler discussion post

You know, I've been discussing this weird, iddy show in various comment threads in various places and I know a number of people who follow me have watched it or are watching it - so let's have a central discussion post. There will be spoilers for all seasons of the show in the comments.

If you have an observation on the show, anything you want to say - say it here. :)

Meanwhile I'll just use the comments to stash some of my own observations. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.