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A couple of interesting studies

Two relatively small-scale studies, one from India and the other from China, suggest that glasses-wearers are significantly less likely to contract Covid - 2-3x less (the India study) or up to 5x less (the China study). Possible reasons include people who wear glasses touching their eyes less, compared to non-glasses wearers, or possibly glasses providing a protective shield against aerosols, like goggles or face shields.

So I just thought that was interesting! These things have been such a gigantic pain to cope with while wearing masks; it's nice to know they might actually be a little bit helpful as well. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Chocolate Box reveals!

So I basically managed not to treat anyone I intended to treat and yet I wrote SIX things, between my assignment, pinch hits, and being randomly struck by treat ideas out of the blue. All in different fandoms, too. And here they are!

Small Soft Changes (Agent Carter, Jack & Peggy, 2000 words)
Jack has a concussion. Peggy keeps an eye on him.

Quantum Theory of Magic (MCU, Thor & Loki w/Valkyrie, 2700 wds)
As they rebuild the new Asgard settlement on Earth, something is wrong with Loki. Thor just has to figure out what. Canon-divergent "everyone lives" AU with references to canon character deaths.

Hardscrabble Life (MCU, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 3800 wds)
"I thought you were supposed to be a fast study," Carol said, and shoved the Scrabble box at him. "So study." (Or: One way to teach an alien to read C-53 script.)

To Every Beloved Stranger (Magicians books, Plum + Eliot & Quentin with a little side Eliot/Quentin, 4000 wds)
There was a plague of Near Deer terrorizing some of the outlying farmsteads near the Erroneous Mountains. Post-canon reunion fic.

Drinking Games (The Expanse, Drummer & Ashford, 1100 wds)
There's nothing like good company and a good drink. (Okay, maybe a terrible drink. But the company is good.) Friendship fic set between seasons 3 & 4.

Scar Stories (Iron Fist, Danny & Ward, 2500 wds)
There was an instant when Ward could have fed the car accident story to Danny. Danny would probably have believed him. If there was one thing he knew he was good at, it was lying to people who cared about him. Post-canon sibling bonding.

I continue to be thrilled with my gifts - hahaha, I DID NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY guess that [personal profile] sheron wrote my wonderful Iron Fist road trip gift, and [personal profile] snickfic gifted me delicious Carol/Yon-Rogg; everyone should read them. *__* This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Things I'm watching lately

Ted Lasso - Sitcoms aren't normally my thing, sports sitcoms even less so, but this is too adorable not to love: a fish-out-of-water/underdog-sports-team show about an American football coach who is hired to coach a British football (soccer) team in an intentional effort to torpedo it, everyone hates him at first, but ... you know, underdog sports team show, we all know how it goes. It's one of those shows where it's the cast and the writing that really make it zing. The episodes are heartfelt and hilarious, everyone has wonderful chemistry with each other and great comic timing, and the show does especially wonderful things with its female characters considering that there are only two of them; in particular there's a character arc that is one of my absolute favorite kinds that I almost never get to have with female characters and this show does an extremely nice job of it. I also really loved the canon ships. The show is much more grown-up about relationships than I expect from shows of this type, and it was a refreshing change! It's only one 10-episode season so far, but it's been renewed for two more and I'm thoroughly looking forward to them. (It's on Apple+, and you can marathon the whole thing with a free trial if you want to.)

Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty - Currently watching this with [personal profile] sheron (we stopped on Ep. 12 last night, I think?). It's really a lot of fun, with exactly the sort of found-family slowly coming together across lines of culture and class thing that appeals to me, and once again with more and better female characters than I was expecting from the bits of promo/fandom-talk I'd seen. (Badass Mongol princess with weaponized whip!) The historical details are also really interesting - I mean, not that I know all that much about the specific era and I recognize that it's historical fiction, not fact. But I think I was expecting it to be entirely focused on the Imperial China court stuff and, although there is a lot of that, there's also a lot of the characters traveling to interesting places and engaging with the social, cultural, and technological flux of that time period - some of the characters are Mongolian immigrants in the Imperial capital, there are firearms and tomatoes and other such things that are new or imported or rare. One of the characters reminds me incredibly of Lt. Shaw from the Benjamin January books and is also super hot. No spoilers past ep. 12, please!

The Magicians - Okay, so a little while back Orion read the books because he saw me rereading them, absolutely LOVED them (which I was totally not expecting; he does read some fantasy - he liked Harry Potter, for example, and loves Dresden Files) but he's much more of a sci-fi guy and this wasn't the sort of thing I would have thought he'd be into. But he devoured them in about 3 days and has been gently prodding me to watch the show with him. I bounced off it before - the show is a really different animal to the books - but we've now watched the first few episodes and (again to my surprise) we're both really enjoying it. The changes from the books are really interesting to me, since I haven't seen a whole lot of the show and what I've seen was mostly in the middle. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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I found a fun thing

This has been my writing music for a week or so - Radio Garden:

You can use it to listen to radio stations all over the world.

So much music! So many languages!

I haven't listened to the radio in years, since I no longer commute, and I am finding that in addition to being able to find new music, there's also just something really nostalgic and fun about listening to music with the interruptions and commercials and the between-song bridge f/x. It's really neat.

There's also just something neat about knowing that radio is still this alive and well even with streaming everything. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Chocolate Box!

Chocolate Box is revealed! I got two absolutely lovely gifts, both with excellent character voices and highly RTMI:

Dragon vs. Mountain (Iron Fist, Danny & Ward, 3200 wds)
A perfect little slice of post-canon road trip shenanigans and bonding.

post-heroics (Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 650 wds)
A lovely snapshot post-mission, with h/c and worry and all the nice things.

Despite thinking I hadn't actually written much, between picking up pinch hits and having sudden treat ideas fall on me, I ended up writing SIX things in the collection, all in different fandoms! I'm genuinely surprised which one has the most comments so far; it's not what I would have expected AT ALL. Though maybe it's just a matter of people's browsing patterns and general fic-accessibility vs. a need for in-depth canon knowledge. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Bad ideas R us

I'm thinking about signing up for [community profile] genfreeformexchange. I wanted to do it last year but just had Too Much. Anyway, they're taking tag nominations 'til tomorrow, and most of the fandom/relationship tags I wanted are already in, which is a good sign for finding people to match with.

Some of the freeform tags are just amazing:
Accidental Parrot Acquisition
Being Saved by a Walrus
Canon setting but its a CLUEDO game
Congratulations you are being hunted by ghosts
Getting Turned into a Dog Because You Done Wrong

Other fandom things currently going on:
[community profile] hurtcomfortex currently in tag nominations (until the 26th)
[community profile] space_swap taking tag nominations until tomorrow
Fandom Fusion Flash (fusion AUs, i.e. characters from one canon in the setting of another) currently in simultaneous nominations & signups

I was thinking about what I get out of doing exchanges, and I think it's the creative energy contact high. There's a vigorous, energetic, creative feeling - especially during signups/planning, but also while it's running, that seems to carry over into the rest of my life and make me more creative, generally.

There's a happy medium, though, between that and Too Many Deadlines. I did actually overdo it in 2019 and ended up with a bit of burnout, so I'm not planning to do that again, and I have a busy origfic writing schedule for 2021. Just a little exchange, though. As a treat.


Current Tumblr peeve: people who tag every post in their RP and Sims blogs with the main fandom. Like, come on, guys, I hate blocking every one of you but I will do it to keep the tag from being 50% unrelated to what I'm actually here for. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Recs mostly on a Thursday?

A very brief recs post for tab-closing purposes!


Odds Are by [personal profile] nestra (Schitt's Creek)
A fun and delightful vid with lots of show feelings!


Anaander Mianaai Bites The Dust: Reaction Compilation (Imperial Radch, various, 4200 wds)
Less cracky and more insightful than the title suggests, it's a series of outside POV reactions to footage of Anaander Mianaai's death from various extremely-minor side characters. These range from hilarious (terrible machine-translated dialogue of the very serious climax!) to heartbreaking (descendant relatives of Breq's body recognizing her from pictures of their ancestors), and all are really well-done slices of future sci-fi life.

Archive-locked, so you'll need to be logged in to read it.

vay-gay-tion (Torchwood, Martha/Tosh plus team, 2800 wds)
Also better than the title suggests, a sweet post-Exit-Wounds Everybody Lives fixit with extra bonus Martha, in which the team gets a well-earned vacation to a resort planet where no one is trying to kill them for a change. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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3 sentence ficathon fills

Written for Three Sentence Ficathon, my fills so far! These are nice and bite-sized, so pretty easy to fit in around my other writing when I feel like writing a little bit of fic (though sometimes they go longer).

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Collapse ) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.