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Fic posted recently

Not Prime Time reveals were today, and I wrote:

Downbeat (Defenders/Endgame, Misty & Colleen, 1600 wds)
This was for a request for Misty and Colleen at the big fight, and the two of them meeting some of the MCU superhero ladies.

Puppy Love (Stranger Things, gen, 1300 wds)
Steve gets a puppy. Written before S2 came out, so no spoilers.

I also wrote something this week for the "Yarn" challenge at [community profile] fan_flashworks:

Physical Therapy (Defenders, 800 wds)
Claire suggests a novel kind of physical therapy for Misty. Set sometime during the post-Defenders, Luke Cage season 2 time period.

And I've started collecting my short Iron Fist/Defenders ficlets and commentfic - written for various prompts on Tumblr and DW, not long or complete enough to post as standalone stories - into an AO3 collection the way I've been doing for my Agent Carter short fic as well. The Iron Fist one is called The Rand Dossiers (unless I think of a better title) and I've collected them through roughly February so far.

(The Agent Carter one, From the SSR Files, is currently up to 91 chapters and I've decided to cap it at 100 and start a new one.)

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Marvel announced Phase 4 at SDCC

Here's the list!

My unpopular(?) Marvel opinion is that I'm kinda hitting superhero burnout. I'm not that enthused about anything upcoming, and I think it's mainly because I just kind of want it to stop for awhile. They built up for ten years to their ~big finale~ and then put out the next movie in the franchise two months later! Let it breathe, guys.

That being said, the handful of things I'm looking forward to ...

A few spoilersCollapse )

What are you looking forward to? My normal spoilerphobe policy is on hold for this; feel free to talk about anything that's been revealed about the upcoming, unreleased shows/movies so far, since there isn't much yet.

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King of Exchanges is now taking nominations!

[community profile] kingofexchanges, a new exchange for all Stephen King fandoms and related works, is now open for nominations: Instructions | Tag Set

This exchange is run by [personal profile] rachelmanija, [personal profile] iknowcommawrite, and me. (Though I'm really more of a consulting mod.) Nominations are open 'til July 27; signups open on July 31!

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Pollen Exchange tags

[community profile] pollenexchange is a thing now for sex pollen and all associated pollens, currently taking tag nominations, (better make sure all the tags I want are in there, you know, just in case) and the freeform tags are amazing. Someone has been having way too much fun nominating things.

Some of my favorites so far:

• Grunge Pollen: Victim Feels Overwhelming Urge To Quit Bathing‚ Wear Flannel‚ And Start A Garage Band
• Lex Pollen - Person thinks they are now Lex Luthor
• MILF Pollen: Character wants to have sex with closest MILF
• Mundane AU Pollen: Victim Has Delusion Of Working In A Flowershop‚ Forces Flowers On New Victims
• Pokedex Pollen - Pollen makes character wanna catch 'em all
• Pollen Makes You Really Good at Mario Kart
• Poultry Pollen Turns Victims Into Giant Chickens
• Sax Pollen - Those Affected Become Proficient On the Saxophone For No More Than 48 Hours
• T-Rex Pollen Turns Victim Into A Large Carnivorous Dinosaur With Tiny Forearms
• Tex-Mex Pollen Makes Victim Want To Put Taco Seasoning And Shredded Cheese On Everything They Eat

I think I've been dosed with this one:
• Pollen that makes you sign up for exchanges

And of course:
• Pollen Causes Seasonal Allergies

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Multifandom drabble! (And more.)

I've pinch hit for this before, but this year I signed up for the Multifandom Drabble exchange as a participant, and it was great! I didn't manage to write any treats (possibly the fact that I'm signed up for 50 billion exchanges has something to do with that) but I was pretty happy with how my assignment came out:

Dance Lessons (Stranger Things, Steve & the kids, set post-S2, no S3 spoilers)
The kids want to learn to dance for the Snow Ball. Steve regrets his life choices.

And I got THREE things, all of which I loved!

Equilateral by [personal profile] kore/[ profile] actonbell (Agent Carter, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Incredibly sweet post-S2 aftermath/recovery fic. <3

Indomitable Spirit by [ profile] Meatball42 (Iron Fist, Colleen & Danny)
Training together. A perfect little slice of life with a wonderful Colleen voice!

C'mere It's Cold Outside by [personal profile] lady_katana4544 (Agent Carter, Jack & Daniel with implied P/J/D)
Huddling for warmth, yessss.

RIGHT, okay, I currently have things to write for:
• Just Married [July 28]
• Hetswap (pinch hitting, not actually signed up) [Aug. 10]
• Into a Bar (probably the first one I'll drop if I have to drop something, since it's not an exchange) [Aug. 25]
• Daredevil/Defenders Exchange [Aug. 26]
• AU Exchange [Aug. 31]
• Kidfic Exchange [Sept. 7]
• Fandom Giftbox (okay, technically not an exchange either, but I'd really like to treat for it!) [Sept. 22]

What was I thinking. Send help.

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Happy fanfic things

Not Prime Time revealed today, and I got TWO absolutely delightful Iron Fist fics that left me full of warm nice feelings. The exchange gods have smiled upon me. <3

birds of a feather (1100 wds, Ward & Colleen & Danny)
Three scenes with games: Before, during, and after the Snap. Ward and Colleen get closer through playing board games. Bantery and delightful.

more intact (1100 wds, Danny & Ward)
Danny's a little worse for wear. Ward patches him up. Sweet fluffy h/c.

I also wrote two things for this exchange, my assignment and a last-minute treat. Happy hunting. :D

And fics were revealed over at MCU Exchange, in which I wrote two things:

Breakfast in Bed (Agent Carter, 2200 wds, Peggy/Daniel and Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
A series of vignettes of the three of them, in various combinations, bringing each other breakfast.

Tangle (Defenders, 1600 wds, OT4)
Hypothermia and near-drowning and naked cuddling.

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Dear AU Exchange Creator

My [community profile] auexchange signup is still something of a work in progress, so check back for the potential addition of new fandoms and AUs before the close of signups on the 14th.

First of all, thank you so much for making something for me! There's a varying number of AU tag requests and details on my different requests, but I would be equally delighted to receive any of my requested fandoms. I would also be fine with having more than one of the requested AU tags used in the same fic, e.g. they met in WWII and also they're werewolves! Suburban domesticity with dragons! I love genre mash-ups. Also, my suggestions are just suggestions. If the tags take you in a different direction, go for it.

I've requested fanfic for all of these in the exchange, but I am also very happy to receive art treats.

General likes/dislikesCollapse )

Iron FistCollapse )

The DefendersCollapse )

Agent CarterCollapse )

The PunisherCollapse )

Schitt's CreekCollapse )

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And then I wrote some things

For Escape the Iron Triangle - which had the writing period over this weekend, and has now revealed fics and authors:

Fire Walk (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko & Iroh & Ozai, 1500 wds, AU)
The recipient requested (among other things) deals with demons and tea, so my brain went to the worst possible place. Poor Zuko.

One Cool Cat Daddy (Luke Cage, post-S2, 1000 words, kitten!fic)
And my recip for this one wanted Luke POV and kittens. Twist my arm. XD

And I posted a couple of Iron Fist fics today for this year's h/c bingo card:

Pressure Points (Ward & Danny, 1500 wds, gen)
For my "motion sickness" square, in which Ward's life continues to find new and interesting ways to suck. Nothing graphic, basically just fluff based around the idea that motion sickness bracelets work using anti-nausea pressure points and Danny probably knows how to do that, too.

Typical Tuesday Night (2100 wds, Ward & Danny with some background Danny/Colleen)
For "blood loss", in which Danny almost gets sacrificed by druids, because of course he does. This one is more violent and bloody than what I usually write; see warnings on fic.

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Closing tabs

This is really cool: there's going to be an animated kids' series on PBS about an Alaska Native girl with Native showrunners/writers and voice actors.

WTF, nature: Ancient four-legged whale ancestor with webbed feet and hooves on its toes.

I'm not really doing [community profile] sunshine_challenge as such, but the Challenge #2 looked fun, which was to talk about your username and default icon. My username is a character from one of my unfinished fantasy novels that I worked on in my teens. When I first started writing fanfic in 2000-ish, I initially used my real name (I was used to being in realname parts of the Internet, mailing lists and writing/SF-fandom message boards and such) but quickly realized I was going to want something that wasn't directly connected to my aspiring-pro-writer identity -- mixing the two up was really Not Done in those days. I used this one because it was unique and I figured it wouldn't directly connect to me. I had already occasionally used it on Usenet.

Some of you who have been around here for awhile might remember that the name I used on LJ was Friendshipper, but I eventually decided to change it to Sholio to make it consistent with the name I was using on Ao3 and

As for my default icon, the sunshine winter one - there's no particular significance to it. I just think it's pretty.

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Winter Sunlight

Exchanges, recs, happymaking fandom things, etc.

Fic for me! :D

Many Happy Returns of the Day by [ profile] edenfalling for a prompt I left for any Defenders or Iron Fist character having a birthday after they meet their new friends. Delightful fic with Matt + Danny + a Special Surprise Guest. (Also on DW.)

And this goes nicely with the lovely Jessica and Danny birthday fic that [personal profile] kore/[ profile] actonbell wrote me in the Defenders Prompt Fest! Which is still open, by the way.

MCU Exchange is open with 81 fics! (I wrote 2 things for this fest. Happy hunting.) I got What a Lovely Way to Burn, an Agent Carter OT3 get-together with abundant Jack h/c that hit aaaaaallllll my happy buttons.

And the Escape the Iron Triangle Exchange (multifandom flashfic) had both the writing period and reveals this weekend. I also wrote two (2) things in this, and I got Clouds, a sweet Bucky de-aging fic!

I've just been reading through the Iron Triangle fics (they're all pretty short and the collection isn't that big, so easy enough to go through in an evening). My favorites so far:

Shoot from the Hip - Defenders/MCU. Claire/Valkyrie, PWP. Probably my favorite thing in the collection; it's sweet and hot with A+ characterization.

Gone Away - Captain Marvel. Maria and Monica in the aftermath of Carol's disappearance in 1989.

At the End of the Rainbow - MCU, gen. Three adventures Valkyrie didn't have, and two she did. (The tagged pairings are a bit inaccurate. Maybe the author isn't familiar with Ao3's pairing tagging system ...?)

Change is as good as a holiday - Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. A+ character voices.

The Deserter - Original F/F. There's a wealth of worldbuilding and characterization in a really short space; feels like fanfic for a canon that doesn't exist, in the best possible way.

Oh, and signups are open 'til July 14 for [community profile] auexchange! I need to finish getting my signup together ...

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Some stray Stranger Things comments

... as of 3x06. No spoilers past 3x06, please! I also don't want to know how many episodes there are this season, because I somehow managed to avoid finding this out, can't look it up now because of spoilers, and I am liking not knowing. (I'm guessing probably about 8, but I don't know for sure.)

Spoilers everywhereCollapse )

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Escape the Iron Triangle exchange

In my latest failure of sanity or at least of common sense, I went and signed up for this:

It looks super fun, though! It's designed to be quick, fast, and short. You match ONLY on freeform tags (you can choose from the entire canonical tagset), not on fandoms, though you are supposed to at least try to make something your recipient will enjoy. If there are no matches for you, the mods will simply match you to someone anyway. XD The one thing you can veto is archive warnings - I signed up for "no warnings apply" on all of mine, so I know I will match to a person who has at least one "no warnings" request. Signups opened a day or two ago, close today, and the deadline to turn in your assignment is July 7.


It made me think of similar speed writing events back in ye olde LJ days (Supernatural and White Collar both had them, and probably other fandoms as well), and it's making me want to resurrect the relay-race style events like White Collar's Run the Con. You need enough people to make it actually work; I think the only fandom I'm currently in that's big enough on DW is MCU. But the way it worked was - once the event starts, the last person before you gives you your prompt, and then you have 24 hours to write it. You can tap out if you're unexpectedly busy, at which point you drop to the bottom of the writing queue and will get another go at it later.

It occurred to me then that, since it's not an exchange, there's no reason why it couldn't be pan-fandom. You could also do a themed version where either the prompts or the fills corresponded to a certain broad theme (e.g. all AUs - you'd need a theme that was big enough to apply to any fandom). So what I'm thinking is:

1. Interested participants sign up for a certain date within a set date range. (IIRC, I think with run-the-con you could be tagged in at any point during the month, but it might make more sense and be easier for modding to have people pick a day.)
2. You'll get your prompt, provided by the previous participant and supplied by the mod, once the previous person posts their fic. You then have 24 hours to write and post something.
3. If you are unexpectedly swamped or can do literally nothing with the prompt, you can tap out and the next person gets it instead. You go to the end of the line and will get another chance.
4. If there's no communication from a participant in the 24-hour period, they're skipped and done.

Since you're not writing for someone, it doesn't matter if they aren't familiar with your fandom, pairing, or tropes. There'd need to be a good faith effort to supply prompts that are applicable for any fandom or pairing, and the mod can nix a prompt that's obviously going to be a flat nope for a lot of people.

A Poll:

This one might have to be fic-only because I'm not sure if 24 hours would be a reasonable amount of time to do art in.

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(no subject)

Okay, here's something that's been low-key bugging me for some time:

What order does the AO3 "assignments" page list the various things you're signed up for? It frustrates me that it doesn't put your open/unfilled assignments together at the top or bottom, because that would be really handy to be able to see at a glance. But I've been trying to figure out for years what criteria it's actually using to decide what order to put them in. It's not chronological. It's not alphabetical, at least not by anything that I've tried to make fit (exchange name, recipient name, fic name). It doesn't seem to be based on deadline date or word count or anything else.

Yet it can't be completely random because it always puts the same ones at the top. So what criteria is it using? Does anyone know?

ETA: Got an answer, thanks!

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Winter Sunlight


There's a pretty big wildfire north of town right now. It's not dangerous to us, and not likely to be - it's about 20 miles away and would have to go through a whole lot of subdivisions and the Trans-Alaska pipeline to get to us. However, the air quality is absolutely horrendous (I wore one of Orion's air-filter shop masks while I was doing garden work just now, because breathing hurts and makes your mouth taste like smoke), and it was raining ash and burnt spruce needles last night, although that seems to have mostly stopped for now.

I took a couple of pictures of the ashfall on the car last night around 11 p.m. or so.

flakes of ash on car windshield

ash and spruce needles on hood of car

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The cactus fam

A little while back I talked about the Iron Fist cacti, based on a certain fic. Well, here they are:

apot of cacti

With bonus velociraptor.

Left to right: Ward (the prickliest one), Danny (a serene and cheerful cactus), and Colleen (small and prickly).

There were also cacti with yellow tops (see example), which admittedly is more Danny-ish, but I liked the pink ones better aesthetically, and I do need to enjoy looking at it in the window all the time.

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Winter Sunlight

My fandom exchange problem is still out of control

Currently I have:

- 2 finished but unrevealed assignments (Not Prime Time and MCU Exchange)
- 2 pending assignments (Just Married and a pinch hit I picked up for Hetswap, oops)
- 2 exchanges I've signed up for but haven't gotten my assignment yet (Kid Fic Exchange and Multifandom Drabble)
- 1 exchange I plan to sign up for that's opening in the near future (AU Exchange)
- 1 exchange I am co-modding and may or may not write for (King of Exchanges)
- 2 non-exchange-style fests I would like to write for (Fandom Giftbox and FK Ficfest)
- 1 h/c bingo card
- A couple other exchanges/fests I would like to treat, but I mean, at this point, LET'S GET REAL HERE.

Oh, I forgot to link to this, but I'm doing Fandom Giftbox this year, so I have a treat post up! Here is my giftbox if you would like to make me something. If you have any questions about things not specifically requested, you can ask me in comments here; anon commenting is on.

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Winter Sunlight

Thursday is for fanworks recs

Back to trying to do this, then! :D I bring you a couple of horrifying yet plausible Umbrella Academy fics:

the violence caused such silence by [ profile] ElasticElla
A laugh twisted into a sob breaks past her throat, as she tries, “I heard a rumor that you’re alive.” And just like that, he is.

And a follow-up: i think i destroyed them all.

Not graphic horror, but very creepy/disturbing.

Also, I don't quite feel comfortable reccing individual works from SSR Confidential since I'm the mod as well as a participant, but there are 26 new fanworks in the collection this year, and there's lots of great stuff - fic, art, vids, and loads of pairings! (Peggy/Dottie had an unusually strong showing this year, as did Peggy/Steve; there's also some good Peggy/Daniel and OT3 in there, as well as gen and rarepairs.)

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Island of Ghosts by Gillian Bradshaw

I don't remember where I saw a rec for this book (somewhere on DW, probably) but I finished it today and absolutely loved it. You know how sometimes you read a book and just want to start reading at the beginning immediately? This was one of those books.

Island of Ghosts is set in Britain towards the end of Roman rule. A detachment of Sarmatian cavalry -- effectively hostages from a conquered steppe tribe, considered dead by their own relatives -- arrive to reinforce the defenses at Hadrian's Wall. The Sarmatians are baffled by the settled farming people around them, struggling to cope with the idea of living in houses rather than wagons, chafing under Roman laws and trying to learn a foreign language; meanwhile the local Britons (who have only recently and very tenuously become Roman themselves) consider them incomprehensibly barbaric, these horse-riding people who wear coats made of their enemy's scalps and solve their differences through duels to the death, while the Roman provincial rulers and cavalry commanders can't see why everyone can't just peacefully assimilate and be part of the empire already.

I couldn't say how true to historical fact the broad strokes of the characters' attitudes and cultural details are, though the specific events of the book are obviously fictional. However, the general tone of the book is a lot less dark and grim than historical fiction frequently is, which I noticed a few reviewers on Amazon taking it to task for, along with the fact that it's tropey as hell (which for me is a feature, not a bug). I don't want to give the impression that dark stuff doesn't happen -- this is a book that includes Some dark/triggery stuff (no big spoilers)Collapse )

But on the whole, this is a book that's about picking up the pieces. It's about people looking beyond their differences and learning to lay aside old hurts in the aftermath of a war, putting themselves back together and making each other better. This book mashed down all my buttons for making friends with your enemies, found families, getting back up after you get kicked down, and soldiering on (literally) in the face of loss and pain. I adored the characters, and there's a side romance I really enjoyed, but there's also a strong focus on friendships, parents and children, and community as relationships of equal importance. It's a book about being torn away from your home and family, and then finding a new one.

I haven't read anything by this author before, or even heard of her, but I'm definitely going to be looking up her other books. (Looks like she has one that's about werewolves in the Crusades. I AM THERE.)

ETA: One thing I should mention is that the Kindle edition contains a lot of OCR errors, including a recurring problem getting the protagonist's name right. It's also fairly expensive. I don't regret having paid for it because I loved it Just That Much, but the print version is probably more readable; I assume it doesn't have the same issue.

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