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SSR Confidential assignments are out!

Even earlier than expected. :) For the most part, it was an unusually smooth matching process this year (helped vastly by one person being a total MVP for letting me game their signup to make the matches work better; THANK YOU). I also learned that if you run the matching algorithm multiple times, you actually get different matches even if you don't change anything, which is weird and counterintuitive, but I got better matches the second time than the first, so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, if you have a problem with your assignment, please go ahead and contact me. Otherwise, you can follow [community profile] ssrconfidential/[ profile] ssrconfidential for games, discussion posts, help with prompts/brainstorming, and other fun stuff during the creation period.

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Winter Sunlight

Still a few hours left ...

... to sign up for SSR Confidential, should you want to! Technically the deadline is tonight, but I'm going to leave the signup form up overnight to catch any stragglers.

ETA: We have 27 signups so far, which is right about in line with previous years, and technically the most we've had (it was 26 the first year and 25 last year). It's really nice to see that it's holding steady over the years like this! This is one of those shows with incredibly dedicated and loyal viewers, completely squandered by ABC of course.

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Misc stuff

SSR Confidential signups are open 'til the 30th. 17 so far!

I'm also looking for ideas for challenges or games to do while the exchange is running. Nothing would be mandatory; I'm just looking for fun things to do that might help keep interest up and enhance people's enjoyment of the exchange.

And I just discovered the Be the First challenge - for fandoms with absolutely no fic. It's not an exchange; you just pick an unloved fandom and sign up and go for it.

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Box of Chocolates

Chocolate Box reveals are out! I had no idea [personal profile] alessandriana wrote the OT3 fic for me! Ha.

I wrote:

Saints and Other Scoundrels (Discworld, Moist von Lipwig/Adora Bell Dearheart, 1480 words)
Adora Belle entertains a late-night visitor and learns a few things about obscure Omnian holidays, at least the Moist Von Lipwig version of said holidays.

Or: Valentine's Day on the Disc. I've never even tried to write Discworld before, but this was a very, very last-minute emergency pinch hit, and one of their requested pairings was also one of my favorite Discworld couples (plus I'd just recently reread the Moist books), so I decided to try writing it and see if I could actually make a story take shape before I officially picked up the pinch hit. About 90% of a story later, I was like, "Well, this appears to be working ..."

A Friend in Need (Stranger Things, Steve + the kids, 2200 words)
Steve is sick; the kids try to make him feel better.

That's it, that's the story. :D This one was my actual assignment. I wanted to do more treating, but I think I kinda burned myself out on writing short fluff with Yuletide and Fandom Stocking.

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V-day fic exchange scorecard

I participated in two different fic exchanges this Valentine's Day, and I feel like I totally won the exchange lottery this year. :D Sometimes you get something and have to scrape up enthusiasm for it. This time, I absolutely loved every single gift I got, and they were all really different from each other while still being things I really wanted.

First up, Agent Carter Valentines doesn't have an anon period, and there are 24 different fics and artworks with a variety of pairings (and gen!).

My gift was:
found a calling sweet as a lover by WhiteLadyoftheRing (1100 words, Peggy/Daniel/Jack)
It's a beautifully written little Valentine's slice-of-life with the SSR OT3 that I simply adored.

And Chocolate Box released early this morning and is still anon. I got treats!! And I really loved everything.

without a center in space (Dark Matter, 1100 words, sex pollen)
One of my perennial requests in Dark Matter is for sex pollen fic, and someone filled it (!!) ... PERFECTLY. You know how sometimes there's something you want from a trope, and it's almost never actually written that way, and then you stumble across a fic that does it exactly how you want it? THIS IS THAT FIC. It is the (non)platonic ideal of what I want from a sex pollen fic in general, and from these characters specifically. Also including possibly the best description of the actual sex that I've ever read in a sex pollen fic: Cut because running across this line in context is even betterCollapse ) Which probably makes the story sound much crackier than it actually is. It really isn't cracky at all. It's just that this is SO FAR from the weirdest thing that's ever happened to them ...

And then I got two Stranger Things fics featuring my two (different) favorite character relationships from the series, both sweet and well written and 100% in character.

Emergency (1000 words, Steve & Dustin)
In which Dustin has a problem that only Steve can help with. In the middle of the night. Not involving monsters from another dimension, this time. Sweet, bantery, and perfect.

on the run tonight (1900 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
And then I got 1900 words of monster hunting and cuddling and Steve h/c!! RIGHT AFTER I had been commiserating with someone else (on Tumblr) that there's not enough monster-of-the-week fic in STh fandom. AND SOMEONE WROTE ME ONE!

Seriously, there are times when you get one great gift and that's wonderful, but any single one of these would've been a perfect gift and they're ALL great and ALL different and I truly couldn't pick which one is my favorite!

So yeah. It's a good Valentine's Day.

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Infinite Squee

Hetswap letter

Dear Hetswap writer:

Thank you so much for writing for me! Feel free to ignore my specific prompts and use my general likes as a guide; the prompts are only there in case they help, but shouldn't be a straitjacket.

General likes/dislikesCollapse )

Agent CarterCollapse )

SupergirlCollapse )

Guardians of the GalaxyCollapse )

Dark MatterCollapse )

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Winter Sunlight

Origfic writing natter (instead of actually writing)

I was thinking about writing today, my own original-novel writing process to be specific, and it occurred to me there's something I do that I've never heard of anyone else doing, which may be unusual enough to talk about: I write the blurb first.

I'm not really an outliner, as such; what passes for an outline is basically just some scribbled notes on upcoming scenes and basically where I want the book to go. Effectively the blurb is my outline. I've been doing it since I sold a couple of books to Dreamspinner, at which point I discovered that they ask you to write your own blurb. I wasn't that great at it, but it soon occurred to me that if I wrote the blurb and then used that as, effectively, my outline, it might work really well. And it does.

This isn't necessarily going to be the final version of the blurb or even the one that's used (especially not if you trad publish). But the thing about a book blurb is that, in 2-4 paragraphs, it nails down all the major aspects of the book: who the main character(s) are, what the main conflict is, where it's set and what's interesting about it. And it does it in the most compelling, "hook-ish" possible way. It doesn't describe all the twists and turns along the way, or the ending, but the thing about writing the blurb first is that it gives me a "best parts" version of the characters and plot to focus on. And if the blurb doesn't sound compelling -- if it's hard to put my finger on the conflict, if I struggle to describe one or both characters using a few snappy adjectives, if I'm not sure if I would read the book I'm describing ... then it's back to the drawing board 'til I get a version I'm happy with.

Basically I want a blurb that would make ME want to read the book. Looking at a few dozen blurbs on Amazon in the genre I'm writing in can often be helpful at figuring out what kinds of blurbs draw me in -- which ones describe the plot setup in ways I find compelling, what kind of character dynamics are a draw for me if reduced to their component elements, etc.

I don't always do it at the exact beginning, but if I don't, I usually wish I had. Actually, one of the books I'm working on right now -- Metal Dragon -- is up to about 20K with only a few random fragments of blurb, and I've gotten lost in mid-book flounder. Writing a blurb for it is going to be one of my getting-back-on-track activities, because I think it might help me pinpoint any basic trouble spots in my plot and character setup.

I suspect it might work a lot less well for something that's less formulaic than the romances I'm currently writing. That being said, though, a lot of writing books advise that you should be able to write a one-sentence "pitch" of your plot, and I think of this as kind of the same thing.

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Avatar-upbeat attitude

H/C bingo postage stamp square

I decided to try the February amnesty challenge at [community profile] hc_bingo (a 2x2 block of prompts; you have to use all of them in one fanwork) and got ... this.

near death experience
first transformation

It would be fantastic if not for that "first transformation" square, which kicks it firmly into AU territory for everything I currently want to write for. :/ I mean it's not like I can't see how you'd get a fic out of that; actually that set of prompts lends itself beautifully to a particular kind of plot. I'm just not quite seeing how to get a fic I actually want to write out of it ...

ETA: The brilliant [personal profile] trobadora suggested the transformation could be metaphorical, which gave me all kinds of ideas. Hmmmmmm ...

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Winter Sunlight

I think we've achieved Peak Dog

While making a sandwich, I accidentally dropped a bit of ham, probably a quarter inch across. The dog was like MY MOMENT HAS COME and was there before I could do anything about it (he doesn't get table scraps, so normally what goes on atop the counters is a foreign mystery to him, and he doesn't have a good idea of what people food tastes like).

... so ham was obviously a revelation, and he has been. Licking. The entire kitchen floor. For the last half hour. Every inch of it. Just in case something equally amazing is lurking in some previously unlicked corner.

At some point in this process I think he forgot why he was licking the floor and started looking kind of anxious about it, like he wasn't sure if he still wanted to lick the floor, but he couldn't stop? Because the floor needed to be licked? So then it was anxious panting interspersed with more floor-licking, until I finally had enough and made him go outside.

Well, I needed an excuse to mop anyway.

The cat watched this entire thing from a few feet away with an expression that it is amusing to interpret as "Do you see what I have to put up with, DO YOU SEE??" but was probably more like "This is literally the only interesting thing that's happening in the entire house, what even is my life."

... In other news, it's -30F and Orion pointed out that it's one hundred degrees colder outside than inside, and now I find myself strangely mind-boggled by that. The modern world is an amazing place.

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Winter-snowy trees

It's always in the cold when things break

The power went out yesterday evening, with the outside temperature at -27F (that's -33C). It was, for awhile, cozy and quiet - we read for awhile by an LED lantern (while the dog paced anxiously because Things Are Terrible and Why Are The Humans Doing Nothing) and then decided it might be a good idea to take a drive and find out if it was just us. Since our neighbor died a few years back, we're the only ones on our road, which means it would be good to know if we should call it in or if it was the whole area.

But it was the whole area -- the whole valley, the whole north of town. Eerie to see everything completely and totally dark, the roadsides and the hills. We drove down to the crossroads a mile from us, where normally there's an all-night gas station and a weigh station and some street lights, now just pitch blackness, and turned around to come back. Presumably they knew about it and were working as hard as they could to get it back on, with that many people out of power in these bitterly cold temperatures.

Meanwhile the temperature in the house was dropping, from 70 to 63 in about 2 hours, so we discussed emergency heating solutions. There are only two things in the entire system that need power to keep the house warm: the electrical parts on the boiler (which is oil fueled, but needs electricity to start up), and the pump that circulates hot water in the house. Orion already has a battery backup for the pump; it's just a large car battery in the crawl space that can run it for a few hours if need be (in theory; we've never tried it). The boiler is harder, and it's outside. We didn't previously have a battery backup for the boiler because it ran on coal and was (almost) completely non-electric. Last summer we switched to an oil heater which is VASTLY better in EVERY way (no more buckets of coal! no more filth and mess! no more having to go outside 5 times a day in -40 weather and get up in the middle of the night to feed it!) ... but it needs electricity to run.

We have a very old car with no functional heater and really, no functional anything, but the engine still runs, and last fall Orion parked it near the boiler in the thought that we could run the boiler off the car's alternator. The problem we hadn't thought of until last night is that there is no way we would be able to start a cold car at -27. Nothing will start in this weather if it doesn't have its engine block/battery heater plugged in for awhile first ... which you can't do with no electricity! Orion said he thinks he can warm it up with a flamethrower (this is what I'm married to, I'm just saying), but his flamethrower is not currently working because he used up all the propane in his portable propane tank trying to set a pile of wet brush on fire last fall.


One reason, in fact, why I wanted to drive around in the Subaru a little bit before bed was to start it up and warm it up so we would still be able to start it later if we needed to. There's no way it would start after being outside all night, but we set the alarm for 3 a.m. because it should still start after about 4 hours (that's probably getting close to the top of how long you can leave a car outside at 30 below and still be able to get it started), so we could run it again and (Orion thinks) use alligator clips to hook the battery into the boiler's electrical system.

... but we didn't have to, because the power clicked on about an hour later. Go GVEA! \o/ (Golden Valley Electric; Fairbanks is isolated enough that it has its own local power plant and utility company.) In about 3.5 hours the temperature had fallen to around 60 in the house, so it wasn't even really that uncomfortable; we had just gone to bed.

But it did really drive home how quickly you lose heat at -30. I mean, we were never in any sort of danger; even if our car-based emergency heating solution failed, we could easily have driven to town and gotten warm, as long as we were vigilant about not leaving the car un-run for so long that it wouldn't start. (There's also a car in the garage, and theoretically you can still open the garage door by hand without power, but again, we're not completely confident about that, especially since the garage door has a tendency to freeze shut in this weather.) The gas cookstove still works without power (though you need to hand-light the burners) and we usually keep a filled 5-gallon can of water on hand, since there's no way to get water into the house without power to run the well pump and we've had outages as long as 8-12 hours before. But never when it was this cold; this would have been basically the worst-case scenario if it'd lasted overnight or longer.

Technically we have an emergency generator -- new, in the box, in the attic. But generators come with their own set of problems: once they're set up, they have to have gas and oil in them (and you can't just leave that sitting around for years or it won't work when you need it to), they need to be kept dry and warm enough to start up, etc. A generator that'd been sitting outside at -27 would have been as hard to start as the car. We talked about maybe building a generator shed next summer and getting the whole thing set up and wired in. So far, in the going-on-15 years we've lived out here, we have never had a power outage long enough that we'd have needed it. But last night would have been, if it'd lasted a few hours longer. So. It does get you thinking. A lot of people have wood stoves, not as their main source of heat but as a backup, for precisely this reason.

So that was our little adventure. And this morning it's still -24. Bleh. But at least there's power and the house is warm.

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Infinite Squee

Vid: Supergirl - C'Mon (Kara/Querl)

Who's got a new ship? Oh yeah. Me.

Title: C'Mon
Artist: Panic! At the Disco (with fun.)
Fandom: Supergirl
Spoilers: for 3x10
Summary: May we stay lost on our way home. A 3x10 episode vid with a Kara/Querl slant. (Though it can also simply read as new friendship.)

On Ao3: Here
On Tumblr: Here


Download: MP4 (61 Mb zipped) | DivX (47 Mb zipped)
Subtitles: Download here

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

Supergirl - C'MonCollapse )

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Infinite Squee


As part of the Snowflake Challenge, [personal profile] naye invited everyone to share something that's making them happy right now. What's making me happy this week? Supergirl! Surprisingly!

I actually had dropped the show at the end of last season (maybe temporarily, maybe with an option on going back to it eventually) but then they brought in my favorite character from my favorite subset of the comics and OMG. ♥____♥ I love it so much I'm making a vid (which will probably be up later today).

One of the main reasons, maybe the big reason, why I've been a comics fan my whole life actually goes aaaalllll the way back to the late 1970s. My mom saved a big stack of comics that she was into when she was a kid, a bunch of old 1950s and 1960s comics -- Classics Illustrated, sci-fi comics, Batman, Superboy, the Legion of Superheroes -- and I basically learned to read from those. I loved them all, but I had a particular fondness for the LSH ones. And my favorite character, maybe the first fictional character I had a fan-crush on, was Brainiac 5.

Which is not a surprise - I mean, super-smart, competent, sarcastic iconoclast out to atone for his family's past? How is this not going to be catnip for me? Even for 5-year-old me, apparently. I didn't keep up with the LSH comics over the years; I would occasionally buy an issue here and there, and I have a vague idea of some of the storylines, but Brainy was one of those characters that I still loved but mostly didn't like what they'd done with him in pretty much any storyline in which he was featured. I also wasn't that crazy about most of the non-comics adaptations of him over the years.

SUPERGIRL, though. Supergirl managed to not only bring in my favorite character but they did it in a way that somehow merged everything I liked about him when I was a kid with a bunch of my narrative kinks now. He's been in exactly one episode so far, and it was love at first sight.

Spoilers for this week's episode under the cutCollapse )

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Winter Sunlight

Misc. linkage

I just found something cool - an online tool that you can type the names of any two cities into, and it'll tell you how far apart they are on the Earth's surface, and how long a nonstop flight between them would take.

On a completely and utterly different topic, this isn't one of my normal reading fandoms at all, but I recently stumbled across 8K of amazing X-Men (movieverse) Erik/Charles CRACK in which the X-Men are crabs living in a tidal rock pool and it has to be shared.

"Fuck off, Lehnsherr," the mantis shrimp said rudely.

Erik's pincers twitched in annoyance. The mantis shrimps were distant cousins, but if it were up to him, he'd prefer believing that Logan was a completely different species entirely. He didn't see why that would be so unreasonable - the things didn't even have the decency to have proper pincers, they had javelins for appendages. Erik had once watched Logan spear a passing squid with a lightning-fast movement, and had promptly decided that, much like decorator crabs, mantis shrimps were not to be trusted.

It's nice to know that SGA wasn't the only fandom prone to utterly cracky AUs.

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Whaleverse-Rodney working

An AU of an AU

Back in the dawn of time (i.e. 2008), [personal profile] naye and I teamed up for SGA Big Bang and co-wrote 85K of magic/urban-fantasy AU, with telepathic whales and winged Ronon and John as an elf.

It's on AO3 if you want to read it: A Clear and Different Light.

[personal profile] naye was talking about it just recently at her journal (posts here and here) and this led to talking about the version of it that almost happened. Originally we had planned to cross over this 'verse with the canon 'verse, but when we hit that point in the plot (about 50K in) we started writing it, got about 7K into the crossover part, and realized that (for a number of reasons) it wasn't going to work; this was not the story that we wanted to tell, and the plot had to go a different way instead.

[personal profile] schneefink asked if she could see the alt-version, which we never actually posted anywhere, so rather than posting in [personal profile] naye's comments, I'm posting it here. This goes AU from the existing AU in Chapter 8, in which Rodney and Jeannie are constructing a gate to try to find Rodney's missing teammates. Originally it was going to have a very different outcome.

7K of 2008-era alternate universe SGA under the cutCollapse )

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Fandom Stocking

The stockings are live! Mine is here, and I'm completely delighted with everything I got, including the delightful icon I'm using on this post, a fantastic AU in which Peggy takes the SSR Chief job instead of Daniel by [personal profile] sheron, a darling GotG Christmas story by [personal profile] opalmatrix, and a snippet of a Fallen London/Agent Carter crossover by [personal profile] frith_in_thorns (in which Peggy has a mushroom hat and Jack is a Devil, because of course he is). Also book recs, pictures, greetings, and lots of lovely stuff. ♥

As usual, I didn't manage to treat everyone I wanted to, but I did sign up as a needy-stocking-filler, so I ended up writing quite a bit anyway! This year I wrote:

[Agent Carter] Ladyhawke AU [also on Tumblr]
[Stargate Atlantis] Rodney and Teyla are buried in an avalanche
[White Collar] Neal's first Christmas post-prison and Kate
[Ant-Man] Cassie and her giant pet ant

[Stranger Things] The kids give Steve a walkie-talkie of his own for Christmas
[Stranger Things] Kali has her own special Christmas ritual
[Stranger Things] Joyce/Hopper at Thanksgiving
[Stranger Things] The kids teach Steve to play D&D

[Dark Matter] Clothes-sharing for the win. Hey, it's a small ship. (Two/Three plus other pairings)
[Dark Matter] Two has a wardrobe malfunction (Two/Three)

All are gen unless other pairings are noted. Since they're all pretty short this year, I'll probably end up reposting them on Tumblr (and some are on AO3). I'll add the Tumblr links when they're up.

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Christmas cookies red-green

Yuletide reveals

Yuletide reveals are out! Despite not being signed up for it, I decided to try to write a treat for everyone who requested Stranger Things and a sholio-compatible combination of characters, since this is certainly the last year it’ll be eligible. (Yuletide is a small-fandoms-only exchange, and the fandom has exploded since S2 came out.) I didn’t manage to do that, but I did write a bucketload of Steve/Nancy/Jonathan (and one that’s just Steve & the kids fluffy gen), and I’m really happy with how all of these turned out!

caroling, caroling through the snow (2300 words, gen, Steve + the kids)
The Hawkins Middle School AV club gets a holiday fundraising idea, and Steve is just along for the ride. (Literally.)

Let’s Stop the World (5300 words, pre-Steve/Nancy/Jonathan with some Steve/Nancy, but really mostly friendship)
It was supposed to just be a study session. Steve’s failing algebra. Jonathan’s acing it. And Jonathan could use a little extra money from after-school tutoring. But somehow it turned into more. (Or: AU in which Steve and Jonathan become friends before the start of season 1, and everything is different.)

Elf on the Shelf (1000 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Nancy has a holiday job at the mall. Now if she can just stop everyone she knows from finding out. Especially two of them in particular.

Home for the Holidays (3400 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan, futurefic)
When a blizzard prevents the three from going home for Christmas, they have to make their own Christmas in their new apartment, terrible tree and nonfunctional oven and everything.

Ghostbusters R Us (3100 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Steve’s college dorm has a ghost. They fought a Demogorgon together, right? Ghosts shouldn’t be too much trouble.

And then there was one I wrote that actually ISN’T Stranger Things! Street Justice is an early-90s buddy cop show, and I picked up the request of a magic/urban-fantasy AU as a treat for one of the pinch hitters. I haven’t actually seen the show since it aired on TV the first time, so I watched some clips on Youtube to refresh my memory on the character voices and relationships, and now I kinda want to watch the show again.

Caged Lightning (Street Justice, 1800 words, gen)
Adam’s never seen anyone use magic like Grady does. He’s never seen anyone fight like Grady does either. Magic AU.

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Christmas cocoa

New Year's resolutions

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me holiday cards! ♥ I got another batch of them in the mail today ... probably the last ones (the overseas ones). They all look lovely above my desk and I'll probably leave them up for awhile, because I was gone for the last half of December so I didn't really get to enjoy them until now!

New Year's ... I don't exactly do resolutions as such, but it's more like, I make plans, and I came up with something last year that I'm going to keep doing this year. The year before that, I actually got one of my self-improvement ideas to stick by doing a couple of specific things, which I'll get to in a minute, and last year I couldn't decide what I had strong enough feelings about to focus on for the entire year, so I decided to pick one thing each month and do it all month, and then if I liked it enough to keep doing it, I would. This actually turned out to be a great idea, because it meant I got to try out different habits and find out if they worked with my lifestyle -- a month is not a terribly long commitment, and I also gave myself permission to drop it if I wasn't having fun (I only made it about a week and a half into "paint every day" and not even that far into "exercise every day before breakfast", for example). On the other hand, a few of them, like closing all my browser tabs at the end of every day or my current writing schedule, are things that worked out so well I've just added them to my standard routine.

Basically, the way I'm doing these is that it's not just anything, it's got to be something I can make a habit out of. Supposedly a month is how long it takes for a habit to "set". (Or, I've discovered, it's enough time to give a habit a try and find out it's not going to work.) So it's got to be either something I do every day, or something I do regularly enough that I can establish it as a habit (e.g. my writing schedule starts on Monday and goes 'til I've written through my weekly word count goal, which apparently was regular enough to work; the clock starts over every Monday).

So it's got to be concrete enough to be able to be turned into a habit - not just "learn some French", but "spend 20 minutes after breakfast every day doing French practice on Duolingo". It's got to be something relatively sane - I was going to say "easy", but my writing schedule is actually pretty tough; it is, however, something that I knew from past experience I could do without straining myself too much (I don't think it would've worked if I'd started out with "write 10,000 words a day", even though I'm theoretically capable of it). It's got to be something that doesn't break anything I like in my existing schedule; that's why the exercise one didn't take, because I like to wake up gradually, eat breakfast while checking my email and social media first thing in the morning, and trying to not do that didn't work (I might try again with a mid-morning workout after I finish my first writing session, which I think would work better for me). I've also got to give myself a few built-in "outs" so I can skip some days without breaking my habit; it's important to build a few days off into the design of whatever it is.

This month's habit is just "get up early and do a writing session in the morning." With the option of sleeping in a day or two a week if I want to. Mainly I'd like to stop sleeping in quite so much and be more productive in the morning. So we'll see how that goes.

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Chess piece oh noes

Help help, I'm old

I have a pretty little lamp in my "reading nook" where the couch and a bookcase are. This morning my pretty lamp fizzled and died.

Oh no, I thought, what's wrong? Is it broken? I flipped up the lampshade and ... oh.

Incandescent bulb.


Remember when we used to do this all the time? Lamps fizzling out and having their bulbs replaced was just ... a thing. You had to do it every year or two for every single light fixture you owned.

Now it's going to be one of those things that the next generation of adults don't even know about.


(I mean, yes, non-incandescent light bulbs don't last forever either, but it's not a "constantly buying lightbulbs" kind of thing like it used to be.)

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Christmas ornament

Fandom Stocking: The Stockening is upon us!

Fandom stockings are here!

My stocking is up!
Fandoms: Agent Carter, Stranger Things, Dark Matter, Guardians of the Galaxy, One Punch Man

AO3 collection | Intro post & rules | Sign up post ('til Dec. 15)

If you haven't done this before, basically you fill out the form at the signup post with your fandoms and favorite ships/characters and likes/dislikes. And you "fill" stockings by posting fic snippets or art or whatever else they requested, which are screened and will be revealed in early January. You do not need to sign up to "fill" stockings or vice versa. You can look at my Fandom Stocking tag to see what I've done in the past. I first did this in ... 2009, I think? Something like that? Long before I was consistently using tags on my journal, anyway. So ... awhile. :D

I'm also reccing Stranger Things fanart at [community profile] fanart_recs this month and last month - here's the tag.

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