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The stockening begins: My Fandom Stocking is up! My eventual list of requested fandoms this year: Agent Carter, Iron Fist, Defenders, Punisher, Stranger Things, Trollhunters, Alliance-Union, Black Panther. Should you wish to treat me, you can leave treats in comments to that post (there'll also be an AO3 collection where you can submit longer treats, though it looks like it's not up yet atm; link to come).

You can still sign up 'til Dec. 15!

Another thing that seems to be going strong right now: commentfic memes! This is a DW thing that never really made the jump to Tumblr because the format just doesn't really support it (not that Tumblr doesn't have promptfic aplenty, and it's great, but this particular thing with a bunch of people leaving prompts for anyone to answer doesn't really translate format-wise). Here are the ones I'm currently participating in:

Three Sentence Ficathon
Middle-Aged Ships Comment Ficathon

Things I've written for the Three-Sentence Ficathon so far (yes, I failed at 3 sentences on the 2nd one, but the rules say that's okay XD):
Arrowverse, Oliver/Barry, stranded without powers
Thor & Loki, bodyswap

Go and leave prompts for any of my fandoms! :DDD (Or any fandom I'm not into, obviously. But I'd love to have more options to write!)

If there are any fandoms you particularly want prompts for at either of these, let me know and I'll leave you some if I'm familiar enough with it to come up with anything.

Also, prompt claiming is open at [community profile] smallfandomfest (a no-pressure ficathon similar to the above except that the prompts are on a spreadsheet and must be explicitly claimed).

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Dragon!Danny snippets

I've largely stopped crossposting my fic here, but I'm going to try to make more of an effort to crosspost stuff here from Tumblr (and vice versa, linking more of my DW stuff from Tumblr) so ... I've actually written quite a bit of Iron Fist fanfic, most of which is on AO3, but there was a discussion on the Iron Fist Discord yesterday about an AU in which Danny is an actual dragon, which resulted in me writing a number of snippets of it, posted here on Tumblr (and under the cut).

This is set in kind of a nebulous post-Defenders/IF-S2-ish timeframe, but isn't spoilery for anything in particular.

It also made me think about how Defenders would've gone if Danny could turn into a dragon, which for one thing would've made it much harder for anyone to get the drop on him let alone tie him to a chair, but I was also thinking what the Hand might've wanted him for would be far more dire - riffing off the dragon-bones thing in canon, what if they wanted him to obtain immortality from the physical properties of his dragon body? Basically they want to capture and vivisect him. D: (There's nothing like that under the cut. This is pure fluff.)

Dragon!Danny snippets of a longer fic I'm not writingCollapse )

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Trollhunters: here there be spoilers

I think this show is best watched unspoiled (if you are a person who enjoys watching things unspoiled), because some of the character arcs and plot twists are just so delightful. That being said, I would love to talk about it, so here's a spoilery discussion post.

Spoilery, disjointed nattering under the cutCollapse )

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I realized I've only been talking about this show on Tumblr and haven't made a proper post about it here yet! [personal profile] aqwt101 recced to to me last year. I bounced off the first couple of episodes the first time I tried, because it's very little-kiddish at first (although visually beautiful), but it turns out to be SO GOOD by the end. Like [personal profile] aqwt101 said, by season 3 it doesn't even feel like a kid's show at all.

What is it? 3-season CGI animated show on Netflix, produced by Guillermo del Toro, now complete but the first in a trilogy of 3 different shows set in the same town and sharing some of the same characters. Therefore, it has an ending, but leaves a lot of loose ends for the next show to pick up.

What's it about? It is, in the beginning at least, a "team of plucky kids vs. monsters" action/quest show. A secret (and gorgeously animated) world of trolls exists underground, side by side with the human world. The protagonist, Jim, is a high school student who picks up a magic amulet that turns him into the Trollhunter, who is the trolls' Chosen One. A human has never done it before and no one (least of all Jim) knows how to deal with having a human as their warrior-avatar. His mission is to hunt down threats to the troll world, while trying to hide his secret second life from his mom/teachers/etc, with the help of his friends. Eventually an ever wider pool of characters get involved.

Why is it awesome/why might I want to try it? I posted a list of enticements on Tumblr, which I'll just replicate here:
• Gorgeous CGI animation.
• Excellent voice acting (including, among others, Kelsey Grammar, Mark Hamill, Anton Yelchin, Anjelica Huston, Clancy Brown, and Tatiana Maslany)
• With Guillermo del Toro involved, you may expect that "monsters are people too"/"everyone deserves love no matter how monstrous" is going to be a major theme, and it definitely is.
• A bilingual Latina heroine played by a Latina voice actress
• Villain redemption arcs. So many villain redemption arcs. Nicely layered characters in general.
• Badass female characters (who admittedly don’t get to badass much in the first few episodes, but this part gets much better later on)
• No love triangles! (There are a few passing hints in that direction, but it never really develops as more than mild jealousy for an episode.)
• Characters named things like AAARGGGHH!! and NotEnrique (because he's definitely not Enrique. It makes sense in context).
• Flesh-eating garden gnomes.
• The humor is really, genuinely funny (for the most part) and sometimes very dark. Some of the episodes are flat-out hilarious. And then it'll do a sudden 180 turn into angst and heartfelt feels.
• Surprisingly dark plots involving things like mind control, genuinely creepy spirit-world stuff, and character deaths.
• Cool worldbuilding and good plotting.

Basically it’s a really cool show that turned out to be way more awesome than I thought it was going to be from the standard-kids-show tone of the first couple episodes. The character interactions are wonderful and I love how even the villains' storylines are layered and interesting. It started to remind me a lot of Gargoyles as it went along.

What might turn me off? Some of the show's humor relies on stereotyping more than I'd like. Details under cut: Slight spoilers, mostly cutting for those who don't want squee spoiledCollapse )

Anything else? Come watch it so we can talk about! I also requested it in fandom-stocking and other people who request it might get treats from me.

No spoilers in comments, please! A spoilery discussion post is forthcoming.

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December posting meme - sound off!

With Tumblr being more Tumblr than usual lately, I'm currently telling people on Tumblr about Dreamwidth, and one of the offputting things about Dreamwidth (for people used to Tumblr) is that it moves much more slowly than Tumblr does and it can be tough to find new people to follow. But December is a better-than-usual time for new people to check out DW, because the December posting meme means it's more active than usual! (I also pointed people to [personal profile] snickfic's friending meme.)

So, if you're doing the December meme, posting things unlocked, and might be open to having new people stop by to read your entries, raise a hand in the comments? If you're still taking questions and would be open to taking them from people outside your circle, please feel free to link to that post as well.

ETA: As per some discussion in the comments, if you post locked but are open to adding new people if asked, please feel free to comment and say so as well.

You can also link this around if you like. Let's face it, a central listing of December-posting-meme blogs is a general good thing for everybody!

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(no subject)

Cripes, woke up to the news that a 7.0 earthquake in Anchorage collapsed freeway ramps, damaged a bunch of buildings and gas lines, brought traffic to a standstill during morning rush hour, and triggered tsunami warnings all over the coast. We didn't even feel it here (though according to Facebook some people did; it was right before Orion's alarm went off and we slept right through it) - we're about 350 miles away. Just in case you saw "Major earthquake in Alaska!" on the headlines and got worried about me! And it also looks like nobody was killed or (that I've heard so far) even injured. Still, the Anchorage area has a lot of infrastructure damage, UAA is closed for the day and they're asking people (in Anchorage, not here) to stay off the roads if possible, since some of them are closed and they're still assessing damage.

Just another day on the Ring of Fire, I guess.

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Help me figure out how to organize my Kindle(s)

I don't know how to keep my Kindle tidy. HALP. How do other people do this?

I've had an old-timey Kindle for a number of years now, and recently treated myself to a new Paperwhite. I didn't realize it wouldn't port over my folders when I downloaded my stuff from the Amazon cloud, so now everything is a giant pile of books, and it also didn't get my fanfic (but I didn't expect it to). I'm also still kind of using the old one and not terribly consistent about which Kindle I send stuff to when I buy a new book, so at this point my old and new Kindle are BOTH hopeless messes.

My biggest problem with organizing stuff on Kindle is that you can't nest folders, unless they've added that functionality on the new one. I really, really want to be able to have a top-level Fanfic folder, and then sort it by fandom. (The problem with fanfic, that you don't have with books, is that you actually have an important sorting metric other than title and author. I don't just want all my fic in a big heap, especially when fanfic titles/authors are super unhelpful half the time anyway. I want to be able to look at just the fic for a particular fandom, and delete fic for old fandoms that I will likely never read again.)

I also would like to be able to sort my books in a finer-grained kind of way than just "all the books" or even (as I did on my old Kindle) sorted by genre. Like I want to have a folder of favorites, and unread books, and books to toss if I'm running out of space.

On top of that, I don't want folders to take over my view, so that newly bought books still show up on the front page. This was why I limited my number of folders on the old Kindle to just a few (and cursed the inability to nest folders on a regular basis).

So can I do any of this? Are there secrets to Kindle book sorting more advanced than folders? Is there some way to sync/back it up to my computer while I'm at it?

How do you organize yours?

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F/F Friday: Chicken Run, by Alma Fritchley

Cozy mysteries about a lesbian chicken farmer in rural Yorkshire? Sign me up, please!

I stumbled across Chicken Run, by Alma Fritchley, somewhat randomly in the library this week while looking for something else. (Our library shelves everything together rather than separating books by genre, which tends to lead to serendipitous discoveries like this one.) I'd never heard of it; apparently it's the first of a series from the 1990s and I remember that the library had the next couple, so I'll be back for those too.

The actual mystery part of the plot is like 5% of the book randomly shoehorned into the last chapter, made all the more wtf because it's actually like a major mystery/action plot Cut for a couple of light spoilers, no clues about whodunnitCollapse ) that just sort of drops in and out of what is otherwise a sweetly charming book with romance and humor that meanders between rural Yorkshire and the Manchester gay scene (which the author clearly knows inside and out; you know, there are a lot of books with queer pairings that could be easily have been written by authors who are gay or straight, but this book is CLEARLY written by an author who is using her own life as partial inspiration or at least as research).

Which is actually a big part of the draw for me! I love a strong sense of place in books, and this book has a fantastic sense of place along with a delightful narrative voice, charming characters, and an engaging romance between the butch farmer heroine, Letty, and the local small-town librarian that entwines with Letty's complicated relationship with her ex. (I gotta say, of the various F/F genre romance I've picked up off Amazon lately, none of it struck me as particularly hot, at least in terms of things I personally find hot. This book, on the other hand, I found incredibly hot even though the sex scenes aren't particularly explicit. Just Letty's description of her love interest's legs, say, really got to me. I think the fact that the protagonists are both mature women in their 30s/40s was helpful with this.)

If I have any caveats at all about this book, it's that it's very 1990s-gay-scene in some ways (the protagonist has Firm Views on things like femme lesbians and bisexual women married to men, for example) but it didn't really bother me in context; it all felt of a piece with the narrative voice and ambiance. YMMV, though.

This book made me think of [personal profile] rachelmanija's post awhile back about not enough picnics in books. This is a book composed almost entirely of picnics, with characters who are delightful enough to follow along to every picnic. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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Narrative relationship continuity

This is a terrible subject line, but I can't think of a better one that describes this concept.

[personal profile] sheron and I had a conversation about this awhile back, and I meant to write it up into a post, then forgot about it for awhile, but I was thinking about that conversation tonight and figured I'd go ahead and do that before I forget it all completely.

We were talking about how satisfying it is when serial-type fiction (TV shows, books, movies in a series) have the characters referring to each other or thinking about each other when the other one is not actually involved in the current storyline, or is elsewhere. Like, it's satisfying and happymaking all out of proportion to the actual amount of screentime it gets. Just a few offhand references can make it feel like the other character is present when they're actually not - it gives a tremendous amount of relationship continuity and emotional "weight", I guess, to the relationship, by suggesting that the characters think about each other even when they're not present.

We were kicking around the idea that this is actually one reason why fans sometimes come away shipping something completely different than the narrative actually wanted them to ship, or feeling like certain pairings just "have no chemistry". And it's really easy to do by accident if you're largely focused on the plot, I think, because some character relationships are more tightly plot-connected than others, so you have to keep referring back to them in the characters' thoughts and having that relationship come up in the narrative - whereas some of the side relationships don't necessarily have that, so if the writers don't make the effort to keep them in mind, they just sort of ... vanish except when the other person is onscreen.

And it doesn't even have to be much! Like, Sheron used the example of Steve/Sharon in Civil War - I don't dislike that pairing, but I agree with her that it would've given that relationship a lot more weight if we'd had a few instances of the two of them thinking about or referencing each other when they're not in the same scene together - like Steve stopping to consider the effect that him going on the run might have on Sharon, or a brief scene with her getting a text message letting her know he's okay at the end. It can be absolutely miniscule - just 10 seconds or 20 seconds here or there. The thing is that not having it in there might be part of why so many people came away feeling cold towards that relationship - because it gives the subconscious impression that they're just not that important in each other's lives.

It's not even necessarily romantic - I mean, it doesn't have to be. If someone is important to you, platonically or otherwise, you tend to do that kind of thing ALL THE TIME in real life. You think about your friend; you see things that remind you of your friend; you think "oh, so & so would like this" or you're reminded of an in-joke or something you once did together. In fiction, a little goes a long way, so it doesn't take much to give the impression that the characters' relationship extends beyond their actual scenes together onscreen. If you have 2 hours of a movie, then you really only need a couple of instances of that sort of thing to cement the idea that the two characters are important in each other's lives.

And if you DO get that with some relationships (even if it's literally just because they are both important in the plot and you have to keep having the two of them reference what the other one is up to) and you DON'T get that with others, it's going to leave a subconscious impression that some of the relationships are more important in the characters' lives than others, even if there are actually legit plot reasons why some of them have to be referenced more often. It STILL gives that impression (and might actually be a giveaway that the writers haven't necessarily thought through some of the characters' roles in the story to the point where they ought to have).

The OTHER thing we talked about in the same conversation, which also ties into the above, is how much the characters appear to care about the effect that their actions have on specific people around them, things like: will this make Character X view me differently? Will this hurt Character X? And this is another place where you can end up running headlong into unintentional consequences with the characters' relative importance in the narrative, or even the relative fraught-ness of the relationships. For example: if your character spends a lot of time thinking about their rival (getting stronger! trying to beat them!) but they're happy and secure in their relationship with their love interest so they rarely have to think or worry about it, you're going to end up giving the overall impression that their connection to their rival is actually more emotionally charged than the romantic one! (See also: one possible reason why people so often ship enemies/rivals/uneasy-allies over best friends, e.g. Harry/Draco vs. Harry/Ron, or Derek/Stiles vs. Scott/Stiles.

I kinda hate bringing up too many specific examples because I know some people are going to disagree - we're all watching different shows, etc - but since Sheron and I are both in Agent Carter fandom, we talked fairly extensively about Peggy & Angie vs. Peggy & the guys at the SSR. I'll just go ahead and put this under a cut because it's getting long and is also kind of spoilery for AC.

The rest of it - some season 1 & 2 spoilers for Agent CarterCollapse )

That being said, there's also a certain confirmation bias with this kind of thing. I think you tend to notice those offhand mentions more when you're already invested in the relationship. And especially if you are invested, it's like a lovely little Easter egg, and it makes the relationships feel so much deeper and the world so much richer. (I love how Hambly does this in the Ben January books, for example. Ben thinks about his friends a lot when they're not around. The overall impression is that he's a guy who really gets attached to people, and it makes the other characters feel present even in books in which they don't appear.) I think if you never have characters do this, they come across cold - which might be what you're going for, but might not be. And if you only have them do it with certain other characters, it's going to seem like they spend more time thinking about those characters than anybody else, even if it's literally because it's a murder mystery and they're wondering if the other character committed the murder, but it'll STILL come across that way a little bit if it's not balanced by other instances of thinking/worrying about other people in their lives.

I never considered this at all before having that conversation with Sheron, and now I think about it a lot, in my own writing as well.

tl;dr - enhance your characters' relationships by have your characters think about the other one when they're not onstage!


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I'm heading for a blackout on my h/c bingo card

LOOK AT THIS THING. Iron Fist has been really helpful for this - for some reason this fandom has made me go head-over-heels for self-indulgent h/c. (Since I kinda seem to have stopped cross-posting fic, I need to make a post listing out everything I've written for it so far. The longest fic I've written in the fandom to date is 10K of unexpectedly angsty/feelsy crack in which I turned Ward into a potted cactus, which is entirely [personal profile] sheron's fault. I should note, for those currently watching, that most of what I've written so far has season 2 spoilers.)

I blacked out a card once before, back in my White Collar days, but I didn't finish it 'til the amnesty period, so it didn't really count. This time, I'm going to slide in easily under the deadline - I have just four squares left to go!

Card under the cutCollapse )

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Vid: Iron Fist - Brothers & Sisters (Big Bright World)

I actually made this back at the end of October for Iron Fist Week on Tumblr, but I never crossposted it here!

One of the reasons, I think, why I latched onto Iron Fist as hard as I did is because of the heavy focus on sibling interactions, and in particular on what I can only describe as unrequited sibling-hood between (mostly) unrelated characters -- "I really want to be your sibling! Do you feel the same way? Will you let me?" You just don't get that in fictional relationships much. Basically it's a show that puts as much plot time and complicated feels into family and surrogate-family relationships as most shows do into romance. (And they're also explicitly described in the show as a family - an extremely conflicted family, but still a family, even though most of the members aren't each other's blood relatives.)

So I made a vid about it. Spoilers for both seasons.

Title: Brothers & Sisters (Big Bright World)
Fandom: Iron Fist
Spoilers/Seasons: highly spoilery for both seasons
Summary: Magnify the best inside me. A vid about the unrequited (and occasionally requited) sibling relationships of Iron Fist.
Download: Download 30 Mb MP4 here | Download 140 Mb MP4 here
Tumblr: Posted here

Embed and lyrics under the cutCollapse )

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The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

I just finished reading an absolutely lovely book that I picked up recently on a Kindle sale! Sadly it is back to full price now, but I loved it so much that I will probably end up buying a hard-copy version.

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker is somewhere between urban fantasy and magical realism, a lyrical novel about two magical creatures hiding in the shadows of a (mostly, though not entirely) nonmagical world in turn-of-the-previous-century New York City.

(I'm going to refer to them both by their descriptions, as the book does, rather than names. They both adopt human names to blend in, but don't think of themselves that way.)

The Golem was made from clay to be a wife, intended to be nothing but a mindless automaton, but her creator gave her curiosity and then her husband's premature death leaves her masterless and forces her to learn who she is with no one telling her what to do.

The Jinni is a capricious creature of fire and air, trapped in a lamp for over a thousand years and released into the modern (well, circa-1900) world under the geas of an iron armband that prevents him from using his powers and traps him in a human body. How and why this happened to him, he doesn't remember, though unraveling that mystery is one of the plot threads.

Neither of them needs to sleep, and both are desperately lonely and bored in a city where they must constantly hide their true natures and pretend to be human, so eventually they end up inadvertently seeking out the one person they don't have to hide from.

But the book isn't just about them; it's also about the people they're surrounded by, in two vividly drawn early-1900s immigrant neighborhoods in New York -- the Golem's Jewish neighborhood and the Jinni's neighborhood of Syrian immigrants a few streets over. Essentially this is a book about two people who aren't human, and will never be completely human (their essential nature makes it impossible) becoming a little bit more human by interacting with the people around them, from whom they are forever separated but still connected to -- and the people they're connected to, an entire web of human connections: unwanted and chosen, healing and destructive.

I think the best way I could describe this book is that it reminds me of a best-parts version of Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale. It's got that book's evocative sense of place, compelling emotions, likable (but weird) characters, meditations on death and immortality, and general feeling of magic hiding in the corners of everyday life ... while being significantly less batshit.

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Another slightly random thing I like about Banshee

I really love the way that the visuals in the opening credits change every episode. It took me awhile to notice that, and then I started watching closely for it, because it's (usually? always? only sometimes?) related to the episode in some way. But not everything changes, only some of it! It's really interesting and I can't think of another show that does that.

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(no subject)

Hat tip to [personal profile] umadoshi for linking to [community profile] smallfandomfest, now taking prompt submissions and "fandom pimping" signups for their current round! I used to follow them on LJ back in the day; I didn't know they were on DW.

Pimping post signup | Prompt submission post/instructions | List of available prompts

.... brb, submitting Iron Fist and Defenders prompts at lightning speed. xD

(Prompt submissions are open 'til Nov. 21. "Small fandom" defined as less than 2000 fics on AO3.)

On the topic of small fandoms (microscopic in this case), Orion and I have been watching a show called Banshee lately, which is utterly BATSHIT. I don't even know what to say about this show, although I'm really loving it; it's a cops & cons show set in small-town Pennsylvania in the middle of Amish country. The protagonist is a thief/ex-con who cons his way into being the sheriff of a small town (basically he impersonates a dead guy, the new sheriff that no one in town has met), so then he's solving crimes with the group of cops/deputies while also running heists with his old crew.

And it's just a completely nutzoid show. There is no level of OTT that is too OTT. My favorite characters on this show include:

• A drag queen hacker who kills people a lot.
• A former neo-Nazi trying to atone for his past, but still covered in white power tattoos (played by the guy who plays Ward on Iron Fist; he's really great in this, and also completely ripped - though something of a guilty pleasure, for obvious reasons)
• A suburban mom who moonlights as a vigilante and dresses up for her vigilante evenings by putting on raccoon-eyes mascara, which became a running joke with me and Orion ("Don't mess with her, she's wearing the murder mascara!")

This is a show in which you never actually learn the main character's real name (every time he starts to tell someone, he gets interrupted/ the show cuts away to something else); there's an episode in which an Amish crime lord and a gang of heavily armed Native American radicals have a shootout in the middle of downtown that leaves probably like 40 people dead; a cop blows up a drug dealer's van full of bales of drugs with a rocket launcher and no one seems to notice; a ring of Satanists are kidnapping random victims from around town and sacrificing them to Satan in midnight ceremonies. There's a whole episode told almost entirely in bodycam/security camera footage and radio communications between the characters (which was really cool, honestly). There's a shootout in a strip club, an episode that consists mostly of the main character getting tortured in/trying to escape from a speeding semi trailer full of drug dealers, and Eliza Dushku playing a crack-smoking FBI agent (literal actual crack, not a metaphor) who is probably the least convincing FBI agent I have ever seen on TV.

The murder rate in this town has got to be like 1 per 10 people.

The show finished running in 2015-ish so it's complete in 4 (relatively short) seasons. It's a Cinemax show so it's definitely R-rated; there's graphic sex, graphic violence, etc. The first two seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime. I ended up skipping straight through the first couple of seasons and starting later, because I couldn't get engaged with the first couple of episodes (the main character is still not that engaging to me, though I love the ensemble), and found myself absolutely loving it once the cast really started to click. I loved the ending too. Now I'm catching up with the earlier eps that I skipped over the first time, which are a lot more fun now that I'm already invested in the characters.

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Well, that's honestly pretty neat

In our local elections back in October, Fairbanks elected Alaska's first transgender and intersex politicians (a trans woman and an intersex person who uses gender neutral pronouns) to the city and borough councils, and I had literally no idea. It didn't even make the news; they just reported the winners and that was that.

It's actually a pretty cool article about our town. While Alaska is a very red state (our statewide elections on Tuesday went pretty much as expected - Republicans all the way down) and Fairbanks is well known statewide as the most conservative of our minimal number of cities (compared to Anchorage and Juneau), I think this points out how conservativism in Alaska doesn't really track with what Americans commonly think of as the Lower 48 version and in particular, Fairbanks is .... Like, I know that we are not some kind of utopia, but we really do have a lot of live-and-let-live tolerance on an individual level if not a political level. More than you'd think from how we tend to vote in national elections. Like the article says:

Although Fairbanks doesn’t have a full-time gay bar or a yearly Pride parade, the LGBTQ community commands the largest contingent at Golden Days, an annual march celebrating the city’s founding in 1903. Drag queens pass out candy to kids alongside an enormous 30-foot rainbow flag.

One of the reasons I love being in Fairbanks is that we’re a part of the community,” said Ottersten, who moved to the city three years ago. “LGBTQ people don’t have bars up here not because we couldn’t but because we don’t feel the need.”

“Every bar is our bar,” they added.

(FWIW, it makes a good politico soundbite but a) that's not precisely why gay bars exist, and b) I do have a vague recollection that we actually did have a gay bar here in the early 2000s but it didn't last very long. I think we're just not big enough of a town to have the clientele to support one. Anchorage has a couple. That being said, Fairbanks is a pretty chill place and I remember going to things like drag shows and Rocky Horror and the like at local bars back in the 90s and never really feeling like it was in any way unusual that we had those things as a redneck-ish small town in a rather backlashy sort of time.)

Oh, and also:

“I like to joke that it wasn’t a queer person who got in their airboat one winter and drove it up onto the street to a strip bar,” they [Ottersen] claimed. “We’re not the weirdest people in town. We’re just not that big a deal in the ultimate scheme of things.”

I have also just learned that Alaska was the first place to vote down an anti-trans bathroom bill in a popular vote earlier this year, down in Anchorage. I remember all of that going on, but I didn't know it was a national first.

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Winter Sunlight

Things I wrote this year for Trick or Treat

Reveals are here, but since Ao3 is still having trouble, if you wrote/drew something in the collection that hasn't been revealed yet, you can force it to reveal by editing to take it out of the collection, save, and then edit again to put it back in. (If it's your actual assignment you can skip the second step because it automatically puts it back in. If you do need to edit it back in, type "trickortreatex2018" into the collection box; it won't autofill.)

Anyway, I wrote 6 things!

In Plain Sight (White Collar)
Mozzie helps Theo with his Halloween costume. This will certainly end well.

A quick treat I wrote after seeing a request for a WC Halloween story. I haven't written WC in ages and it was fun to revisit it.

Echo Echo (Defenders)
The Defenders, post-Snap.

I really wanted to treat Defendersverse requests, since I got really into it during the Trick or Treat writing period! This recipient said they liked ghosts and apocalypses, they wanted post-IW fic for Defenders, and they didn't mind if it was dark or sad. (Though really I think this is more hopeful than anything.) So this is a ghost-story version where the dusted characters stick around as ghosts. I had fun fitting the style of each section to the general style/tone of canon and the characters' canonical relationships, so Matt is like "GHOSTS DON'T EXIST, THIS ISN'T HAPPENING" while his ghosts chase him around the city trying to get him to eat a goddamn sandwich, etc. (Takes place after all current Defendersverse series and therefore contains spoilers for all of them. I wrote it before DD3 but it turns out to be compliant with it, go figure.)

All The Way Down (Alliance-Union)
Downbelow Station missing scene/tag. When the Norway pulled out of Pell at the climax, her riderships were left behind. This is what happened to one of them.

My actual assignment. I was delighted to be matched to [personal profile] chomiji and get to write the Hellburner characters again. This is something I've been thinking about ever since reading Downbelow Station and thinking about the Hellburner characters piloting one of its riderships and getting left behind. Canon actually contradicts this slightly, which I didn't realize 'til I'd written most of this - but oh well, I guess it's a slight AU.

Flowers for the Dead, Chocolate for the Living (Alliance-Union)
Halloween in space.

And then [personal profile] chomiji ended up on the treatless list, so I decided to use one of their actual prompts this time (because they give great prompts!) and write the Hellburner characters encountering Halloween (or more like an outer-space mash-up of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos).

Sanctuary (Punisher)
The Liebermans get a late-night visitor.

A not-so-anonymous-as-it-might-have-been treat for [personal profile] rachelmanija.

Soul Survivors (Benjamin January)
Ben still has a scar, a pale twist of flesh on the inside of his arm.

Another treat for someone on the treatless list. They listed soulmate AUs as something they like, so I thought about that in context of the Ben January books (which are set in the antebellum South) and came to what I guess is the second most depressing possible conclusion about soulmates in a world with hereditary chattel slavery. That being said, I don't think this fic itself is depressing at all, I mean, no less so than canon; I tried to get that bittersweet-hopeful tone that canon does so well. (I still wish I'd been able to come up with a less punny title for a story this serious, but that's the title that decided to stick.)

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Winter Sunlight


Someone wrote me a last-minute Alliance-Union treat in [community profile] trickortreatex, picking up my ridiculous crack prompt about the Hellburner crew in an AU where they're all office workers, and it is hilarious and adorable and completely in character and basically PERFECT. ♥ ♥ ♥

Technical Services
"I'm not IT, I'm a developer, why don't you ever- what did you do to this thing, moonbeam?"


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