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Navel-gazing about fanfic timelines

We're now 3 years out from the Agent Carter cancellation, and I have written A LOT for it, mostly post-S2 continuation stories, and I'm starting to run into the problem of feeling like I've already "been there, done that" when it comes to writing new takes on all the major post-canon stuff (the shooting at the end of S2, the founding of SHIELD, etc). It feels like, whenever I go to write something new, I'm essentially having to reinvent the wheel in order to tell the story I want to tell - e.g. I have to go through describing some of the same things in order to get to the new stuff. And yes, I realize that springboarding off an existing story is always possible, but I have stories all along the several years post-S2, none of which are in continuity with each other. I would love to have an actual continuity for this and be able to just jump into that anywhere and write new stories in it.

So then with Iron Fist, I'm in exactly the same position as with AC - a fairly short-lived show that is now cancelled and ended with a number of unanswered questions and jumping-off points for fanfic. So THIS time I decided that I'd do what I wished I'd done with AC and put the stories in continuity with each other.

... so now I have a bunch of new problems. XD

All of this is going under a cut because it's spoilery for the end of S2 and also generally navel-gazey.

RamblingCollapse )

Not really sure what the point is of all of this, if anything. I'm mostly just thinking out loud while trying to figure out which stories actually work with this continuity and which ones don't.

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Chocolate Box reveals

Authors are now revealed, and here is what I wrote for Chocolate Box - assignments, pinch hits, and treats. Spectacularly unsurprising in all cases, I suspect. XD

Stranger Things

Night Patrol (6000 wds, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
By March or so, the patrols were getting pretty well organized. There was an actual, honest-to-God signup sheet, stuck to Mrs. Byers' fridge with a smiley rainbow magnet and decorated with stickers by the kids. (Or: Monsters are hunted, and Steve starts figuring some things out.)

Iron Fist

Steady Gun Hand (6600 wds, Danny & Ward)
Infected bullet wounds and heart to heart talks while hiding out from gangsters in Indonesia: just another day on the Rand-Meachum road trip of self-discovery.

Challenge Accepted (770 wds, Misty/Colleen)
Misty doesn't have THE Iron Fist, but she has AN iron fist. (LOL, I feel as if I should mention that despite the summary, no actual fisting occurs. It's about arm wrestling.)


Three Times Lucky (1100 wds, Defenders team gen)
There is no such thing as luck, no such thing as magic fish, and Jessica wants a refund for this day.

Sweetest Thing (600 wds, Defenders team gen)
It's Jessica who accidentally introduces Danny to the concept of half-off post-holiday chocolate sales.

Agent Carter

Apple of His Eye (950 wds, Peggy/Daniel)
A little snippet of post-canon life in L.A.

The Punisher

Tech Support (800 wds, Frank & David)
David is the Punisher's tech support. That's okay. It's fine.

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Magi made me do it

I got into a conversation with [personal profile] magistrate about gen A/B/O and ... *cough* I woke up this morning with the worldbuilding for an entire Iron Fist A/B/O AU in my head and I kind of tripped and fell on my keyboard and wrote it.

Beta Run, the 3000 words of gen Iron Fist A/B/O that literally no one asked for. (An AU retelling of seasons 1 & 2; it runs through the end of season 2.)

I guess I can check another item off my fanfic bucket list.

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Chocolate Box recs

Some things I have enjoyed from the Chocolate Box collection:


One Thing Leads To Another (Stranger Things, 6700 wds, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Excellent OT3 get-together fic with a nice solid monster-hunting plot and great h/c.

5 Letters didn't address to Jonathan Byers (+ 1 Steve did sign) (Stranger Things, 1600 wds, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Really lovely little epistolary fic with a great Steve voice. Another cool thing is that, in 20+ years of reading fanfic, this is the first one I can remember in which the summary is actually a necessary part of the fic.

What Remains (Gattaca, 1000 wds, gen, Irene & Jerome)
I am always here for Gattaca fixits and this is great. I love the sardonic Jerome voice.

Dear Dad... I'm Seeing Green, He's Seeing Red (MASH, 2800 wds, gen)
St. Patrick's Day at the 4077th. This is great; it reads just like an episode.

Couples (Person of Interest, 660 wds, Reese/Shaw)
This isn't a fandom I read much and it's REALLY not a pairing I would normally read, but I clicked on it because of the intriguing "Platonic Sex" tag to find out what that was all about, and I really liked it. Excellent use of the undercover-as-a-couple trope!

Sisters (Shadows of the Apt, 700 wds, Che & Tynisa)
Sweet pre-series fic with a great sense of canon worldbuilding and sisterhood.

June in Paris (White Collar, 3700 wds, Neal & June)
Post-canon, Neal runs into June in Paris. This is really lovely.

Shoe Size (White Collar, 500 wds, Peter & Neal)
Adorable season-one-era friendship fic; this could totally be a missing scene for canon.

sky blues (One Piece, 2300 wds, Luffy & Vivi)
Sense8 AU for One Piece, with Luffy & Vivi as children. This is unbearably cute. <3


Waiting for Rescue (DS9, Jadzia/Kira)
This is really pretty and also h/c-riffic.

it's all been done (Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale)
I can't believe the amount of detail in this. It's gorgeous.

A Lesson in the Folly Library (Rivers of London, Abigail & Varvara)
I love how this suggests a larger story and is full of interesting details.


Humans of New York Series - Spider-Man (MCU, gen, Spider-Man)
I wasn't sure whether to put this under fic or art because it's essentially both. The author absolutely nailed the HONY style, and it's full of little in-jokes I don't want to spoil because they're so hilarious and cute. (If you're an SGA fan, check out some of the names on the posts ...)

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Relevant to some of you, I'm sure

New exchange: [community profile] hurtcomfortex, a multifandom h/c exchange, now taking tag nominations. You nominate character relationships and specify which character you want to be hurt, and then freeform tags for scenarios like "Concussion", "Enduring Pain to Protect Another", "Mistakenly Believes the Other is Dead", "Gunshot Wounds", etc.

I wasn't going to sign up for anything else before SSR Confidential but ... yeah, I'm all over this.

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Agent Carter Valentines and Chocolate Box

Agent Carter Valentines and Chocolate Box both released this week and I lucked out. MY GIFTS ARE AMAZING.

If This Room Was Burning by [ profile] glorious_spoon (Agent Carter, 10K, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Peggy, Daniel, and Jack are retrieving canisters containing another one of Howard's stolen experiments when they get trapped in a cave in, and one of the canisters is breached. Problem is, Howard was a little less than forthcoming about what exactly was in them...

Absolutely wonderful pollen P/J/D get-together fic (minus any actual sex, it's more like h/c pollen) with hurt/comforty dubcon cuddling!! This COULD NOT POSSIBLY be more relevant to my interests.

true north by anonymous (Agent Carter, 10K, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Jack's a suspicious soul at heart. He doesn't trust anyone, least of all himself.

Yes, I got TWO long P/D/J get-together stories, and both of them are delightful: well written and plotty and wonderfully characterized and idtastic. This one is incredibly hurt/comforty with Jack being tortured literally and emotionally, and ALSO about as relevant to my interests as it is possible to get. ♥

Look After You by anonymous (Punisher, 3500 wds, Leo & Frank gen)
Leo knows only two people who got their wisdom teeth out before her, and Mom said no way did it hurt as much as everyone tells you it will, and Dad said no, it really didn’t, but, uh, he wasn’t chewing anything harder than mashed potatoes for almost three weeks afterward.

This is SO GOOD, perfectly bittersweet and richly characterized and full of subtle, well-chosen details. Leo's narrative voice is fantastic.

Post by anonymous (Banshee, 300 wds, Carrie Hopewell + ensemble)
She has no reason to think he’ll receive any mail she sends to the PO Box scrawled across the back of the otherwise-blank postcard from Truth or Consequences, NM. No reason to expect that, even if he is living in the desert and checking his mail, he has any interest in pictures from the Banshee Elementary Penny Carnival.

I GOT A BANSHEE FIC! This was so delightful and unexpected, and it's a glorious little gem of post-canon perfection, beautifully capturing the fabric of life in Banshee and Carrie's place in it.

I loved every single one of these. I just want to cuddle them and enjoy them. Everyone else should read them too. ♥_____♥

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Ooh shiny!

[Multifandom friendship fest]

Multifandom friendship fest for Valentine's Day! Gen friendship fic FTW?? I need to think of some prompts ... :D

ETA: I have finished the section of my novel I wanted to edit today (♬ this is the book that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends ♪), so let's see if I can knock out a Chocolate Box treat or two before the deadline!

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Just out of curiosity ...

I remember there was a meme-type thing going around a long time ago on this general premise, though perhaps phrased a bit differently ... but if you could get me to write anything at all, what would it be? Like, a fandom I'm not (still?) into, a pairing I don't normally write, tropes that aren't my usual thing -- or maybe an even more indulgent version of something I do write, or that epic 300K post-Agent Carter fic that addresses all the plot points in the series finale, or whatever.

Let's say you could commission me to write anything at all. I'm not looking for prompts because this is likely to be things I probably wouldn't write. I'm just curious. :D And procrastinating.

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Predictable? Me?

After making the previous gen tropes post, it occurs to me that, not in all cases, but in a lot of them, you can probably accurately identify things I'm going to fall for by the number of those top-10 tropes they have ...

Agent Carter: 8
GotG: 9
Iron Fist: 9
Stranger Things: 8
Heavy Time/Hellburner: 8

(Taking a generous definition of some of these tropes in some cases ...)

... Though I tried to do Dark Matter and my brain broke at how to apply any of these, between the amnesia stuff and the fact that they're basically ALL antagonists in various ways, at least until the found-family stuff starts to kick in. It also works better on longer works than shorter ones, because shoehorning all of these into, say, a single 2-hour movie is tough.

But yeah. I also frequently find myself gravitating towards new things to watch/read based on various combinations of these things, so it's not like it's a tremendous coincidence that I keep finding them. I guess it's good to know what you like ...?

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Trope meme: no-romance version

[personal profile] trobadora found a no-romance/all-gen version of the other trope sorting meme (I did the "short" version; didn't try the long one), which is even more fun -- and more accurate for me than the other one, though you'll notice a handful of suspicious similarities ...

All of the top 10 are ride-or-die narrative kinks for me (mostly in no particular order, though Found Family probably DOES belong at the top):

1 Found Family
2 Antagonist Turned Weird Uncle/Antihero/Reluctant Part of the Hero Group
2 Childhood Friends Reunited
4 Casefic
4 Sleepovers/Stuck In A Tent Together/Bed Sharing
4 Bonding Through Adversity
7 The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend
7 Platonic Cuddling/Hand-Holding/Skinship
9 Mentor Fic
9 Antagonist Saves Hero ('nobody is allowed to kill you but me'/'I still need you around for my grand plan')

That's the top 10; continued under cutCollapse )

So yeah, this one's more accurate than the other one, I'd say! And breaks down quite well into sections that consist of "things that you could use for bait in a [personal profile] sholio trap / things that will entice me in a summary if everything else looks good / things that are NOPE".

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Trope sorting meme

Seen at [personal profile] snickfic! You can sort yourself here.

The incredibly (well, mostly) unsurprising results:

1 Found Families
2 Amnesia Fic
2 Hurt/Comfort
4 And They Were Roommates!
5 Vampires/Werewolves AU
6 Daemons
6 Polyamory
6 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Loop
6 Snowed-In Cabin/Isolated Together For Extended Period of Time
10 Body Swapping

Continues under the cutCollapse )

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Writing minifics

One thing I've been doing quite a lot of, over the last few years, is writing vignettes for prompts, usually on Tumblr (which is well suited to it) but occasionally here on DW as well. It's interesting because these usually aren't complete stories (if they do end up feeling like a complete story, I'll generally post them on AO3), and yet, there is technique to making them feel complete even when they are clearly just a small scene from something longer. Because it's not just a random scene that starts in some random place and stops equally randomly. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end; there's a little bit of scene-setting at the beginning, there's some sort of point to it (even if it's just a joke), and then it ends on a note that feels like, if not an actual ending, then ... punctuation, I guess. It doesn't just stop; there's a little bit of a "pop" at the end there.

Not that I always succeed at this. But this Agent Carter one I posted last night is a good example, I think, of a minific that I'm really happy with; it's clearly a scene from something longer -- it's not complete enough to post on AO3 as a story -- but it's enjoyable to read on its own and doesn't feel unfinished. At least I don't think so.

It's fun. I think this is part of why I keep doing it -- well, that and I love the prompt inspiration and really enjoy writing things for people. But it is an art form of its own, a little bit apart from the skill and technique of writing a fully developed story.

(I need to do a roundup post for last year's ficlets. I kinda meant to do that and then January got away from me and now it's February, help.)

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Vid: Iron Fist - Ward Meachum - Carry On

Festivid #2! In an incredibly unsubtle plot twist, the Iron Fist/Ward vid not for me was by me.

Title: Carry On
Fandom: Iron Fist
Artist: .fun
Content notes: visuals of drug/alcohol abuse, needles (briefly), violence
Summary: Ward Meachum and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad life.

Streaming: (password: ward)
Download: Download 124 Mb MP4 (zipped)
Tumblr: here

Embed under the cutCollapse )

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Vid: MacGyver - Workin' for a Livin' (Festivids)

Festivid #1 - my actual assignment! This was why I was asking for fun, bouncy pop songs a little while back (I have gone back and unlocked that post; once I found my song, I locked it down to be sneaky). I'll put up another post in a little while on making this, because this show was my Big Thing when I was a teenager, and while I've rewatched episodes here and there over the last couple of decades, I hadn't actually sat down and watched this much of it since the 80s. It was a lot of fun.

Title: Workin' for a Livin'
Fandom: MacGyver
Artist: Huey Lewis & the News
Content notes: Contains scenes with flashing/flickering lights.
Summary: Someone give this man a vacation already.

Streaming: (password: macgyver)
Download: Download 64 Mb MP4 (zipped)
Tumblr: here

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Fandom things that are making me happy (a list of squee)

1. [personal profile] sheron wrote me a late Fandom Stocking fic and it is WARD AND A CORGI PUPPY and I'm dead from adorable. ♥

2. This Agent Carter thread by [personal profile] booksarelife at the Three Sentence Ficathon, which is delightfully and gloriously Team SSR. (Peggy would totally do this just to prove to Jack that she's right and he's wrong.)

3. An ongoing discussion about Iron Fist with [personal profile] sovay (spoilers through the end of season 2) that's a lovely opportunity to revisit all the happiness the show gave me the first time around.

4. Two Iron Fist gifsets I made recently on Tumblr: Ward big-brothering Danny and Colleen and Ward.

5. [community profile] hc_bingo is doing their 4-square "postage stamp" cards for February (request one here!) and I got a very inspiring one.

6. I'm currently taking prompts on Tumblr for Iron Fist, Agent Carter, or Stranger Things if anyone wants to put one in my askbox! (Anon is turned on, if you don't have a tumblr account.)

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Heads up re: Gofundme

So here's something you should know if you use Gofundme: they can charge a credit card, then decide ~for reasons~ to refund the card and take the money away weeks later. Which I now know because when I went to check my end-of-month credit card statement, it looked ... not as expected ... and trying to track down what was wrong, I eventually figured out that all the charges I'd placed on various fundraisers on Gofundme this month had been reversed at the end of the month and re-credited to me for NO REASON.

I contacted Gofundme about it, and the answer I got was that this usually happens when they're unable to verify that a transaction is not fraudulent, and I need to send them a scan of my ID and a link to a realname social media account such as Facebook to prove that I'm me.

First of all, what the actual hell. Especially since I've been donating to them just fine for years.

Second, wow, way to fuck over the people I donated to! Even if I get them to start accepting donations from me again, this doesn't automatically restore the donations I made; I'd have to go back and find those fundraisers and donate again.

So basically, yeah, that sure is a thing that happened, and something you should be aware of if you use Gofundme on either the donation or the fundraiser end. Just because the card has been processed and the donation credited to the fundraiser total doesn't mean the money is guaranteed, even if (as in my case), there is absolutely nothing hinky and no reason why it shouldn't go through.

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Festivids recs

I don't know if this is a particularly good Festivids year or if I'm just in a particularly vid-watching mood, but I ended up wanting to rec most of the ones that I opened in tabs in my first exploration of the archive, even the ones for shows/movies I've never seen (of which there are several below). I am looking forward to getting a chance to download a number of these when the anon period is over! In addition to my wonderful gift, I also loved:

Don't Stop Me Now - Blues Brothers
Is this not the perfect song for this movie?? So much fun!

smile (the worst is yet to come) - Dead Like Me
This is just SO pretty and so gorgeously edited, a perfect match for the show's hopeful/bittersweet tone.

All Star - The Good Place
If there is a more perfect Jason song, I can't think what it is.

May the Living be Dead (In Our Wake) - The Princess Bride
Vidding Princess Bride to Flogging Molly = pure brilliance, the perfect match for the movie's medieval-yet-irreverent tone.

Old Time Rock and Roll - That Thing You Do
I have no clue what this movie even is, but this vid is delightful anyway.

Woo Hoo! - Archer
I can't believe this vidder gave me this much enjoyment from a vid about a show I haven't seen set to a song with no lyrics except "Woo hoo!" The editing on this one is incredible.

Elevation - The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
The show looks total crazypants and the vid is delightful!

am I only dreaming? - Glow
Gorgeous F/F vid to another show I don't know, but it looks so sweet and pretty!

Doodle Song - George of the Jungle
Silly and wonderful and fun.

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Festivids 2018/2019 is live with 79 vids in a bunch of rarely-vidded fandoms - and I am completely over the moon about my gift!

Say Amen (Saturday Night) (Iron Fist, Ward character study)
IT'S SO GOOOOOD. Great song choice, great editing, and while I am sure I would've been delighted with anything I asked for, if I could've said "out of all my requests, this is the one I want most", that WOULD be the one I wanted most, so I am just ♥ ♥ ♥.

*showers it with hearts*

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(no subject)

Alliance Rising is out now (\o/). This would be considerably more squeeful, I think, if I hadn't just read most of Alliance-Union, and a number of the books for the first time ever, over the last year, so the impact of getting a new book in the series isn't as great as it would otherwise be, but still, NEW ALLIANCE-UNION, and it wasn't until a certain character shows up that I realized ... Kinda spoilerish but only for the first 20 pages and one thing in FINITY'S ENDCollapse )

Can someone more Alliance-Union-savvy help me figure out where this book takes place relative to Heavy Time/Hellburner? The timeline is not helping me a lot. When exactly did the war break out? I think it might be about 20 years earlier ... does that sound about right?

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