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Wednesdaily - Muse Fusion recap, Sketch Fest #50, Sea Monster Month Looms!

Inbox: 43. Oops.

I'm not feeling appreciably better - still sneezy/snotty/stuffy and sort of worn out. But I did get out of the house and go grocery shopping, and we played outside for a while because it's GORGEOUS, and such days are not to squander. Because we are sick, I indulged the inevitable request to 'Watch Frohen' and we had deli fried chicken for lunch. I got the Muse Fusion wrap-up post and poll finished - and emailed everyone about prizes. A little more work than I thought it would be, but the Muse Fusion was a rousing success. Very happy with how it turned out. :) We'll do it again, but not every month!

I need to tackle Sketch Fest things next - Sketch Fest #50 is THIS WEEKEND, and it should be great fun. It will be 72 hours instead of our usual 48!

Also prepping for Sea Monster month, which is creeping up fast! Next Thursday starts the most monstery month for Torn World, and I've got lots to share with you. :)



I've had a weirdly unproductive and jittery day, which I now want to count as a bad day but at least it's better than the bad days I had a month ago so that's good. So I thought I'd at least post something here because I'm always planning to do it more.

NHL playoffs have started! I told myself I wouldn't watch games until round 3 except elimination games because I need the sleep, and then I watched game 2 of the Pens-Jackets series anyway. The game went to second OT and the Pens lost. Whatever, it was fun, but I'm probably not going to do it again soon. Hopefully. We'll see. Next game is today, I already know that I'll wake up early just to check the result on my phone, so I should go to bed early.
It's weird, I go from being extremely invested and watching tons of videos and reading articles etc. on some days to just looking at results and stats on others. I probably do that with all my fandoms but don't notice that much because there isn't so much canon.
Speaking of, I hope the Red Wings can win at least one more game against the Bruins, same with the Stars against the Ducks, that the Blues win the series against Chicago (injuries :( ), and that Rangers/Flyers goes to 7 games.
I also want the Pens to win, of course, MAF to outplay Bobrovsky, Sid and Geno and Kuni to score to shut up the stupid critics, and Maatta to get a goal just because. I like CBJ, they have a lot of good & adorable players on their team - there was an article last year literally describing some of them as puppies, as Atkinson is just cute, and a good player, too. Sorry, but try again next year.

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Going out, doing things

This is such a packed week for us, and I'm a little worried about things like just how exhausted I will be come Sunday, and also: socialization. HOW DOES IT WORK? With actual people I've never snuggled met?

We shall see tomorrow!

Also, a short breakdown of the week:

Monday - wake up in Sweden at 5 am, early breakfast, airport, go home, collapse.
Tuesday - try to adjust to being back to work, then Zipcar adventuring to the Homebase.
Wednesday - two workshops instead of normal work, then first ever level 2 yoga class.
Thursday - one workshop and then catch up on work until late, then off to a gamer meetup.
Friday - actual day of work then home and clear the living room of all furniture.
Saturday - laminate living room (!!!!!).
Sunday - SLEEEEP (plus we really should go climbing as the wall will be reset).

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Then tomorrow there's a SOCIAL EVENT and I am a bit nervous already. Like I said - I just don't have any real handle on how to interact with people I don't know in a pub?! But they will be friendly post-doc nerds, so hopefully just the kind of people we will want to hang out more with, and maybe - fingers crossed! - even start some kind of gaming group with? I haven't had a good old tabletop RP session in something unbelievable like seven years or so. And I haven't played board games regularly in just as long. O_o Wow. How did that happen? I remember when gaming was literally my only sort of social activity/fun time/hangout/life.


So yeah. That's happening! I will try my best to be an actual social person and hopefully there will be some folks there that we can strike up some kind of friendship with because we literally don't have any friends outside of work/language exchange at all here and we've lived in this town for a year and a half and that's kind of ... oops. (I think we just got distracted by having each other. ♥) Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comment count there: comment count unavailable


There is a Dog Cleverly Hidden in This Picture!

Can you find her?

Look closely!

Don’t give up!


May 2014 Big Idea Slots All Filled

The headline says it. I believe I’ve contacted all outstanding queries, but in case I missed yours, here’s your notification. Moving on to June now.

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1.09 – Bad Judgment
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Interesting or cute pics and gifs

Been trawling the net as usual and saved up some interesting or cute photos and gifs.

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Day Seventeen

Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio
I don't listen to music radio stations enough to answer this, so I'll take a page out of dimity_blue's book and choose a song that I remember being played a lot when I was younger.

My lasting memory of this music video is the flying saxophonist!

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And Now, Rebuttals

And, now, for your information and consideration: People who disagree with me and think I am very, very wrong with regard to my thoughts on the Hugos this year:

Shweta Narayan

Arachne Jericho

Rose Lemberg

Kate Nepveu

You may find that you agree with them more than me. In which case: Agree with them more than me. As I’ve noted before, I could be wrong.

The only thing I would note is that I’ve not ever said people must read everything up for consideration for the Hugo. If you find you can’t, for whatever reason, then don’t, and (I think this follows) I would suggest leaving it off the final ballot entirely. Likewise, if you read it but can’t separate it out from the author, that’s life, and that’s okay. I think it’s worth trying, but a) it’s not always possible, b) no one’s obliged to agree that this is the best course of action.

In any event, take a look at what these folks have to say. They’re worth the read.


Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday to niamaea! I hope you had a good one!

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