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Dark Matter: all the spoilers

We finished Dark Matter tonight!


You know, honestly, KNOWING that the series was going to end on a probably-eternal cliffhanger, that actually wasn't as bad as I was afraid of. I think the end of season two would've been much worse, because the characters were all split up, with every group thinking the others had probably died and no clear idea of how any of them had survived. In this case, most of them are either together or know the others are all right -- well, with the one OBVIOUS exception, but if there ever was a character who died in a "we not only never found the body but could bring him back in literally any time and place of our choosing" ... yeah. I would be heartbroken if I thought he was actually dead, but he's so incredibly easy to revive that there's no way they weren't planning on bringing him back in season four (I assume).

So yeah, that actually was very far from the worst of all possible cliffhangers, even based on the spoilers I knew. I knew Six died (and this was way less devastating and final than some of the possibilities I'd imagined). I actually got the impression somewhere that their AU doubles died, so I'm completely delighted that AU!Portia and AU!Boone are still around. Ryo didn't revert back to Four, but now that he's lost (almost) everything and is working with the crew again, there's the potential for a really interesting redemption arc there.

We also got more answers to various questions than I was expecting. We have at least some idea of how Five's sister would have tied into the whole thing (does EVERYONE have to be connected to EVERYONE ELSE, though???) and we got some follow-up on what the Android Liberation Army has planned. We found out Three's big dark secret re: Sarah, which again was not quite as terrible as some of the things I'd imagined, at least from the perspective of still liking them as a ship (e.g. I was awfully worried it was going to be something like him putting her in stasis because she tried to turn him in, or him attacking/trying to rape her -- I would've noped out HARD on something like that, even though Boone isn't Three) ... but god, his reaction ripped my heart out. Thank God for clone amnesia. I hope he never finds out again. Or at least, if he does have to find out again, I hope Sarah's the one he finds out from, assuming she already knew and forgave him for it. (I guess basically I don't really want her to have to carry that around and him to not know if she already knows? But I also don't want him to tear himself up inside because of a crime committed by someone who really isn't him anymore. And if she does know, she chose not to tell him, so that was obviously the choice she made on that.)

Two's daughter is the one dangling loose end that we never found out more about ...

But yeah, I think I'm just relieved that the end of the season didn't leave me with anything that was absolutely killing me not to see happen next (which season two definitely would have). Don't get me wrong, I'm still desperate to see more of these characters, and terribly sad that we don't have a season four to look forward to. But I'm not that enthused about the "fighting other-dimensional body snatchers" plot that it looked like would've been the main arc of season four, so it didn't leave me with as much of a dangling feeling as I was afraid of.


ETA: God I love Truffault. I'm so glad she's still alive. In general, this show has some of the best female antagonists in sci-fi. I didn't love a lot of the Ishida arc this season, but I really did love that Misaki didn't suffer a going-crazy plotline (a la Azula in A:tLA) or give Ryo an "out" because of being in love with him; she was a cold hard bitch to the end, and got to die in a kickass fight scene.

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