DarkMatter-Two & Three

Dark Matter 3x11

There is only so slowly I can watch this show; sooner or later it's all gonna be gone. ;__;

So of course they give me a glorious and completely unexpected H/C episode right before the end. MY HEART. MY FEELINGS. WHYYYYYYY

Three and Six and the CLUTCHING and FACE-PETTING and I can't even with this episode already and then there's presumed-dead for Two and now I'm facedown in a puddle of feels

In not entirely unrelated news I finally really get why so many people ship Three/Six. Though I am also fine with Two/Six, Three/Two, and Three/Two/Six. Much as with Legends of Tomorrow*, I ship EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. I ship the whole ship. (Except Five. But every single one of Five's friendships with the rest of the crew are glorious, so.)

*Although on LoT, I don't really have any preferred ships, per se. With Dark Matter, I definitely have a few I like best, but I can also ship or friendship them in every conceivable combination, with the above exception. There aren't too many shows I feel that way about. But they all love each other so muuuch~~~!

Evil team is back next episode! \o/

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Yes! Great H/C episode! Lots of "awwws," with a heck of a surprise at the end! I complained about all the coincidences, but I enjoyed pretty much every minute.