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Dark Matter 3x10

I was reasonably okay with the show being cancelled until we started to get into the last few episodes of season three. And now it's killing me. AAAAAUUUUGHHH.

This episode really didn't help with that. So many feels! So much fascinating plot stuff that we're NEVER GETTING ANY FOLLOWUP ON!


I really thought she was a goner when the GA showed up and started bombarding the android facility. I figured it was going to cut the power mid-transfer or something, and everything would be even more tragic than it was anyway. BUT NO. I do have a bad feeling that's the last time we're going to see her this season or ever. At least she's alive!

Husband: They only made one copy??? Why don't they have her backed up on the ship?
Me: *smothers him with a cat*

It's a good point, though.

But yeah, I currently ship Three/Sarah like burning. I suspect she's the sort of character and it's the sort of low-drama het pairing that fandom doesn't like, so there's probably zero fic for them, but they're just so sweet. I really, truly thought they were setting us up for some kind of horrible reveal about something he doesn't remember about their relationship (e.g. that she's a GA agent who was actually sent to kill him, that he did something awful to her, etc) since everything we know about their past is just from things she's told him, but they seem to be genuinely devoted to each other, and idk ... like Two said in this episode, I just want them to get a happy ending.

And Two!!! It was pretty obvious after 3x01 that she's canonically bisexual, but I wasn't expecting it to be confirmed this hardcore. I spent about half the episode being all "noooo" about the reveals about Android and Two's past being tied together so closely, but I was okay with it by the end. I just don't really like that thing some shows do where every character's past is full of a million backstory coincidences and ~shocking reveals~ (I blame Lost) and I feel like this show could easily get there. But this was all right. We found out more about why Android is the way she is, and more about Two/Portia/Rebecca.

And the scenes with Android and Six, and Android and Three, were so lovely, reassuring her that she's unique and loved and wanted. ♥ (Three apologized to her! And her opinion of him really matters to him! MY HEART. And Six's speech about how flaws make us who we are was so lovely.)

Zoie Palmer: still amazing.

I do wonder how Android got the way she is in the Evil Mirrorverse, since their version of the Raza doesn't seem to have Five/Emily on board. Maybe she did sneak on board but they only kept her around as long as she was useful and then carried through with one of the various threats their evil versions made against her in the main 'verse - spaced, sold into slavery, etc? Poor Mirrorverse Emily. Or maybe she just escaped.

I'm starting to think if the show had gotten a full five seasons that Two's endgame ship might be an f/f one. Which makes me EVEN SADDER.

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I KNOW! I was convinced the whole episode that Sarah was gone so that Three could have even more guilt.

I am still waiting for news from Mallozzi. I may be waiting the rest of my life. Oh, and I'm not checking, because I can't deal with disappointment, so you have to tell me if he takes the show elsewhere successfully.

I didn't realize how much I cared until I learned it was cancelled.
I didn't realize how much I cared until I learned it was cancelled.

GAH I KNOW. I mean, in my case I didn't actually care up until a week or two ago (oh sweet innocent Sholio of early October '17) but I already knew back in season two that the show was cancelled, and I figured it was probably better to be forewarned, and it wouldn't be that bad since I had three whole seasons to enjoy, right?


I've slowed down to a crawl on the end of season three because I don't want to finish it and say goodbye to these characters.