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Spoilery Dark Matter discussion post through 3x07

So the comments to the previous pimping/recruiting post are getting steadily more spoilery, and even as a spoilerphobe myself, I'm basically THE WORST at not talking about spoilers with people I'm trying to recruit into a thing (I told [personal profile] rachelmanija something about the show in email last night that I really wish I'd kept my mouth shut about), so let's do a post for ALL THE SPOILERS.

... well. Some of the spoilers. The thing is, I haven't seen past 3x07 yet - the Six-focused one. I've slowed way down on my watching speed because the last few episodes of season three are ALL WE'LL EVER HAVE *cries* and I want to make it last. So I would really like to remain unspoiled as possible. Under the cut are the things I particularly want to be unspoiled about (cut because the questions themselves are spoilers for season three):

• How the Three/Sarah situation works itself out. The latest thing I've seen with them is Two going in VR to meet virtual!Sarah, and Three mentioning that Ryo hinted at some big dark secret in his past, followed by Sarah's weird reaction to that. So obviously there's something huge there, and I really don't want to know 'til it happens!
• How the Ryo/Four situation is resolved (or not resolved). I don't care about anything ELSE about Ryo's storyline in particular; I just would like to be surprised about whether we get Four back or Ryo becomes an ally or whatever.
• Who dies/doesn't die at the end of the season, and generally what situation we're left with forever.

And anything else that happens after 3x07 if possible, but I wanted to mention those specifically as topics to be careful of while we're discussing.

But other than that, let's talk about ALL THE SPOILER THINGS!

Let's talk about how amazing Android is, and how perfect her actress is, and how 2x10 with Android breaking herself out of her perfect VR world to save her friends, while they all think she's evil, made me cry!!

Let's talk about Three holding Five's hand in the woods and putting his jacket around her and my 50 billion feels about them!!!

Let's talk about about the Raza crew's fascinating, conflicted relationship with Truffeault (sp?) as a shades-of-gray ally-sometimes-antagonist and how her quizzical eyebrow-quirking at them this season is starting to convey increasingly desperate flavors of "WTF have I gotten myself into".

Let's talk about how I didn't really have any ships in particular for this show until Three kissed Two on the forehead in the time loop episode and thanked her for believing in him, and then suddenly, bam, 180-degree turn into Sudden Shipper Feelings because it really hammered home how much they've both come to love and trust each other, and how they're friends now, and I'm totally fine with them just being friends forever, but my unexpected shipper feels sure did get a workout there.

... and for that matter, NOTHING I thought in season one was going to happen shipwise has happened. Which is a good thing; the show has been, for the most part, incredibly light on actual romance, and it's been pretty awesome. Who would have expected they'd kill off the one character I thought had bulletproof plot armor, the central protagonist white dude? Do we miss One? How much do we miss One? (I actually do kinda miss him now that I'm rewatching season one, but I still think the show is more interesting and less predictable without him.)

Speaking of predictable, let's talk about how Space Japan is the most boring thing in the history of boring things and why couldn't they give Four a better storyline this season?! Does anyone in Space Japan even have a freaking hobby or interest other than stabbing things?

So yeah, bring out your spoilers. :D

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YES! I don't miss one. I don't like Space Japan.

But I love Android, Two, Three, and Five, in that order. I love Six because Five loves him, really (his actor seems to have somewhat limited range). I love how surprised I've been by so many developments. I love how the characters have grown.

Part of my insists that Mallozzi will manage to get it picked up somewhere else, because I can't accept that I'll never see any more.
Yessss, the order might be slightly different for me, but those are my favorite characters too!

This show delights me. I am so sad that I just fell in love with it only to find out that it might be gone. I can't bring myself to believe that it won't get picked up, too - the alternative is just too tragic.