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What I'm into: Dark Matter

No spoilers past mid season three, please! I'm not caught up yet!

So here's the other thing that's eaten my heart/brain/soul over the last week or two: Dark Matter


What is it? It's a 3-season Syfy spaceship show, by some of the same people who did Stargate. All of it is streaming on Netflix.

What's it about? Six people -- seven counting the ship's android -- wake up on a spaceship without their memories. Evidence suggests one of them is a traitor. Further evidence suggests they're part of a galactic conflict they can't even remember. They have to figure out who they are and who they can trust before their pasts catch up with them. Basically this turns into found-family on a spaceship, as it does. (Also, to make it less confusing if I end up making more posts about this show, most of the main characters have numbers for names, because they don't know their real names for awhile and adopt numbers as shorthand.)

Why is it awesome/why might I want to try it? FOUND FAMILY ON A SPACESHIP. I've really missed having a spaceship show in my life, and this one hits my team-love buttons like few things have since Stargate.

It’s got femslash, slash, and het potential. It’s got a ton of interesting character relationships, including kid-mentor ones and sometimes-enemies learning to trust each other (”Stop saving my life. … Now you’re just doing it on purpose”) and a relationship that’s a lot like Janeway/Seven of Nine in which one is a woman of color. It’s got canon h/c and teaminess and all the sci-fi tropes (e.g. the characters meet their evil alternate universe doubles, trapped on a prison world, taken over by mind-control goo, on a spaceship fulla zombies, time loops, etc). It has redemption arcs and snark and themes about the meaning of life/what it means to have a soul and characters running around doing action stuff in long coats and leather jackets while rock music plays in the background. It's got several Stargate actors in recurring roles, including David Hewlett playing a character who is basically Rodney McKay as a seedy fixer, and Evil Elizabeth Weir.

It has a female Asian captain, a cast that (depending on the cast makeup from season to season) is frequently at least half female and less than half white, and multiple recurring female villains for your foe-yay needs. Plus a number of different characters being incredibly hot in black leather, and actually some pretty cool sci-fi worldbuilding, such as travel-via-cloning in which instantaneous intergalactic travel is accomplished by animating a disposable clone of yourself in a different location, and a galactic milieu with a higher-than-I'm-used-to level of background multiculturalism; they really do a pretty good job of making this feel like a plausible hundreds-of-years-in-the-future Earth-colonized galaxy, at least I think so.

It also contains an episode that has managed to make the coveted "[personal profile] sholio's All-Time Favorite H/C Episodes" list. :D (Er, this list does not exist in reality. But now I think it's a list I should make. And post.)

What might turn me off? There are some questionable writing/casting choices (my least favorite of these is that one of the main characters is basically Space Samurai from Space Samurai Planet, and he doesn't really have a whole lot of characterization other than that). In general, since it's by the same people who did SGA and Stargate Universe, it unsurprisingly shares some writing weaknesses with earlier Stargate shows. I'm watching it with my husband and I get the impression that the handwavy science and occasionally WTF plot resolutions are driving him crazy on a regular basis. I personally could not care less because I am there for FOUND FAMILY IN SPACE, but ymmv.

Also, it got unexpectedly cancelled after season three. I suspect (though I don't know for sure, since I'm not there yet) that it's going to end on a forever-unresolved cliffhanger.

Anything else? Based on what I remember from the last time I posted about Dark Matter when I watched the first season, there are people following me who dislike Three. Which is fine, but keep that to yourself around here, please, because Three is AWESOME and no one can tell me different. :D (Although it's tough to pick a real favorite; as of season three, I think the entire cast is my favorite. It's one of those shows.)

ETA: If you haven't watched the show, beware of spoilers up to early season three in the comments!

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I think maybe I gave up before it really kicked off, but I didn't make it to the end of Season 1. Maybe one day I'll give it a go again, as it wasn't bad, just something wasn't clicking for me at the time. Still, glad it makes you happy!

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I totally get that! If it helps, I didn't really fall for it until season two. But I can see how it might not be someone's cup of tea. :)
I agree with you, it's got lovely 'found family' tropes and the characters are intersting, but the overall plotting and writing has some wobbles. I watched season one and did enjoy it, but I didn't really like where things were going in the second season and dropped out after the first or second episode. Killjoys is meeting my spaceship-related needs, so I've not felt ultra-motivated to get back into Dark Matter, and with the somewhat craptastic cancellation I doubt I ever will.
Makes sense to me! I have Killjoys on my to-watch list, but in my case Dark Matter got there first, heh. But yeah, Killjoys looks fun too!
I'll see how it pens out for you - if the enjoyment factor overides the frustrations over the way they left things dangeling at the end, i might reconsider and give it another try...
I think I didn't like Three for a while, so I might be one of the people you remember not liking him! But he totally won me over! I was quite surprised to realize it had happened. His relationship with Five, and then with Sarah. And he has grown more than any other character!
He's changed SO MUCH!! I didn't like him in the first few episodes either. Now he's such a darling little ray of emotionally supportive, trigger-happy sunshine. It's hard to believe he's the same character, except we've seen him get here, and all his character growth made sense - it just ended up in a place I don't think I would have ever expected when I was watching season one.
Speaking of Three, we just watched the episode where he apologizes to Android for being a jerk to her (and being a dick about androids in general). AWWWWW. I did start liking him quite a bit in late season one, but I never would've believed that I would end up loving him as much as I do now.