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I don't mind ... you know ... talking about thoughtful thoughts you might have, but if you really hated it, I'd really rather not talk about that? Because I loved it and I am absolutely delighted to see where this season goes.

(And while I really am happy with wherever the show goes ship-wise, I gotta say that the way things are going so far, I really don't think the Daniel/Peggy shippers are going to be sad. I would be FINE if they ended up with other people! But the first two episodes are about as Peggy/Daniel-shippy as they could possibly be considering they're both seeing other people right now, and I am also quite happily on the SS PeggySous, SO THAT IS ALSO EXCELLENT. But also I love that Peggy and Violet get along, and that Violet is very nice, and Wilkes* is nice, and NOW I'M BACK TO I JUST LOVE EVERYONE.)

*Wilkes is totally not [spoiler], I am just going on record here.

Spoilers are fair game in comments, but please, nothing about previews, future publicity shots, etc, as I am carefully avoiding all of that.

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And even better? The show runners clearly listened. Clearly they were saying: you want people of color? Boom, here is a main character that is black and is treated as completely and utterly normal for the first, oh, 30 minutes you see him except oh wait! Here's a bar where Peggy is clearly odd man out and we'll make a joke! AND THEN let's introduce the racism that was aplenty there and how Peggy is awesome and doesn't even get it and NEEDS A HOBBY PUNCHING RACISTS THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA YES.

I. I was not expecting that sort of response. And some people could, rightly, argue it's still a token response, but. I don't really think it is, personally. I think they listened and said ok, how do we do this without making it a thing in the story, which'll just make the whole thing worse? Which they didn't. Dr. Handsome and Charming who is almost definitely yes not [spoiler] was AMAZEBALLS and I am so so happy about it.

Plus, you know. The entire rest of the show. Peggy being awesome! Ana being the PERFECT foil for both her husband and Peggy herself! Even if she does sound Scottish still (weirdly the actress is Danish, and yet). Jarvis himself being amazing as per.


This show makes me so god damned happy.
Yes! It IS still true that the show is mostly white, though with most of the characters being regulars from the first season, there isn't really any way around that. But it is WORLDS better than the first season, and it's really fabulous that they weren't dismissive about the concerns viewers had.

It also helps that Wilkes is ADORABLE. Actually everyone is adorable. Can't wait for the next episodes!
I loved it too! I was so happy with all the saturated colors and marvelous new characters. And as ever, I forgot just how perfectly Haley Atwell plays Peggy - all steady gazes and unflinching honesty, wry amusement, and utterly able to take care of herself. Jarvis was, as ever, a delight, and I love his wife!

I have no idea where they're going with Dottie's crush on Peggy, but I'm intrigued.
Oh man, the show is soooo pretty this season! Old cast is great; new cast is great; EVERYBODY IS GREAT.

And haha, yeah, I was not expecting the show to open up with Dottie in custody, let alone that she's gone full-on Single White Female on Peggy. I am really intrigued to see how this develops. :D
Wilkes better not be [spoiler], or I'm not going to be a happy camper.


I really hope Dottie shows up again soon. I'm slowly falling in love with Bridget Regan.

Violet is Aurora from Once Upon a Time, for anyone wondering why she looks familiar (I know I was).

Thompson continues to be a douchebag. I am not surprised.

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I truly don't think he is! I got the impression he was a more major character than that. I am, however, expecting him to have developed some kind of superpower when he comes back. :D (Though I don't mind if he doesn't, as long as we DO get him back.)

Everyone is so awesome and CUTE! :D Wilkes and Ana are adorable, and I had forgotten how completely darling Sousa is, especially since he's happier this season, and therefore a little bouncier than he (mostly) was when things were going so miserably for him last season. ("Who's that clown?" still makes me laugh. It's such a Sousa line too.)

... oh, and thank you for the info on Violet; she was terribly familiar and I couldn't figure out where I knew her from!
I LOVED IT!! It's all there, the action, the humour, the interesting plots and characters (love Wilkes!) - now with added flamingo!! :D :D

Peggy's reaction to the customisations on Howard's car made me lol (is that a mirror?)!! Though the 'sock on doorknob' one did come in useful, you've got to admit!! And Jarvis, admitting to be bored and wanting to chauffeur Peggy around to get in on the action! His wife is great too, so glad we finally get to meet her!

So, how long before Dotty escapes the FBI? One episode, two?!
Yessss, it's SO good -- cute and funny and exciting! :D The modifications to Howard's car were great. I'd seen that in the previews (yes I did watch some previews XD) and thought it was a badass spy car. Nooooo ... it's a sex car. XD Also, did you notice that Howard has enormous portraits of himself on the walls of his mansion?

There is NO WAY the FBI is going to hang onto Dottie. Or, I should say, I got the distinct impression that after Peggy left, Dottie could have escaped anytime and she was simply hanging around in custody because she wanted to be there. Which bodes very ill for the future.
I thought it was *awesome! But then Wilkes! Oh! Oh! And Dottie was absolutely creepy as Peggy's doppleganger... and Whitney Frost! And Zero Matter! And.... :D
Yes! So many great things, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where the season goes; I love all the dominos that have been set up, and the show is wonderfully funny and fun too.
I looooved it. And Wilkes is definitely not [spoiler], though I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back... changed.... (hopefully not in an evil way. I'm thinking a superhero way, right? Ok, probably not.)

The thing I really enjoyed about the show, though, is how many women characters there were. Bad guys! Good guys! Love interests! Not love interests! Having conversations about surfing! It was amazing.

Also, I need a gif of the receptionist reaching out and yoinking the plate of cookies out from under the noses of everyone else, because that... that is me.
It's not just you; I am 100% convinced that Wilkes is a) coming back, and b) coming back with superpowers. :D Time will tell, I guess!

And yes, this show just delights me so thoroughly on so many levels. The surfing conversation! So many fun, funny, or delightful little touches. ("Who's that clown?" still makes me giggle.)

JACK'S PLOT THOUGH. D: I don't think anything he's done so far this season is OOC, and the worst part is that you can see every step of how he got there. Fingers crossed so hard that he's eventually going to come to a turning point, though. Or at least manage not to end up fully on Team Bad Guy. I am pretty sure Evil Senator Guy's "offer" is ... really not as positive as Jack took it to be, more like "we are going to string you along and eventually use you as a fall guy".
YESSSSS. As much as I really was on board with a non-Peggy/Daniel endgame pairing (and still would be, if they eventually go that way) the Peggy/Daniel was laid on with a trowel in the first two episodes. At this point I will be really surprised if it doesn't go that way eventually. Also, I had halfway forgotten what an utter delight Sousa is. "Who's that clown?" omg. And flirting with the secretary so Peggy can sneak around her! In spite of the uncertainty of the Peggy situation, he seems SO much happier and more confident than he was last season, now that he's valued and respected and in charge. AUUUUGH I LOVE EVERYBODY ON THIS SHOW. ♥ The new characters are great, the old characters are still great, the show is so cute and funny and exciting and IS IT NEXT TUESDAY YET. :D :D :D
I don't have anything to add, just, we watched the second half of the premiere tonight and everyone is so awesome and adorable - they've come back stronger than ever and the only problem with it is having to wait for more!

(it's extra entertaining after seeing all the random sing-offs and whatnot Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy were getting up to...Hayley is so absolutely ridiculous that I almost forget how she is as Peggy when she's actually acting, which she really does quite wonderfully. Also speaking of acting, the lady villain actually did a pretty convincing imitation of '40s movie acting style, hammed up a bit but pretty convincing!)

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the only problem with it is having to wait for more!

I'm going to diiiieeeee between episodes. XD Having two to start off with ... it spoiled me ...

And, heh, yes, Hayley is SO different from Peggy -- it's like night and day!
I'm so glad this show is back!! Even if it broke up my quietly pining Peggy/Sousa ship wah! I mean, I can handwave things into them getting together someday, but it would require Violet to die or something which DO NOT WANT. She's so sweet. But my shipper heart. I just can't ship them if Sousa breaks Violet's heart, or if he's "faking" it with her, or something underhanded like that. The whole point of Sousa is that he's a wonderful guy with a good heart, and I just can't see him going back to Peggy if he's involved with Violet. That would turn a nice guy into a Nice Guy, which no. I can't see the show doing that to his characterization either. Clearly, Violet must be a secret agent who will break HIS heart. And if the show doesn't do it, there will be fic!

I don't really have any feelings about the scientist guy. He complained every moment of the day, which made me tune him out for every romantic scene he had with Peggy. Also when they danced and kissed I couldn't help feeling kind of betrayed on Steve's behalf, even though as far as Peggy is concerned he's dead and gone, duh. But I guess that actually works out, because now I can have a "rebound" guy before the real ship with Sousa. (What, I'm a shameless shipper). That said, I don't think the scientist is gone, that would be a big waste of a character and the actor who was great. They can't just introduce a character like that and wipe him out. He'll be back.

I kind of like what they're doing with Jack back in NY...Having him be even more of a weasel than we thought he was feels perfectly in character. (As will the one time he'll briefly rise above it at some point, I'm sure.) I just really want them all to be in the same place, playing off each other. I love the dynamics when those three are together.

The actress lady seemed interesting too. I hope they do something great with her and not have her be a minor character.

Not really looking forward to Dotty hurting Peggy more :( But I am super excited to see how things go in this season. So far it's been wonderful.
I really don't think Daniel would just drop Violet now that Peggy's back in the picture, and I don't think he was leading her on; I agree that he's too nice a guy to do that. I think he thought he was over Peggy, and genuinely had/has feelings for Violet, but now he's realized he still has feelings for Peggy and she's back and he's kind of going AUGH and stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Honestly, the most likely way I see it going right now (assuming things do go in a Peggy/Daniel direction) is to have Violet be the one to step back, or for Violet and Daniel to make the decision that it's just not working out together. Unless she really does turn out to be a double agent! But ... that feels too easy, almost (even if the angst would be nice). Right now I'm thinking Daniel's going to go ahead and try with Violet, because he doesn't want to hurt her and Peggy seems to have moved on anyway, but Violet's going to decide that things don't seem to be working out, that he's still hung up on Peggy, and that they'd both be happier apart than together.

I did really like that neither Peggy nor Daniel seem to be jealous of the other's new love interest. There was maybe a liiiittle bit of a negative reaction (Peggy: sad and regretful when she first sees Daniel and Violet together; Daniel, not quite as okay with Jason as he might be if Jason wasn't CLEARLY into Peggy) but both of them are handling it like grownups and that's great.