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I posted an announcement over on my little-used realname blog (and on Tumblr) that I'm restarting my Kismet webcomic again. Not 'til August because I still have quite a bit of work to do, and June-July are going to be really busy for me; August, however, should be pretty mellow and give me lots of time to focus on it. Anyway, you'll be hearing lots more about it in the months to come, I'm sure. :D I also created a Kismet tumblr; I'll be reblogging basically everything from there to my main tumblr, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a designated Kismet tumblr so people can follow it without having to wade through the MCU gifsplosion that my other Tumblr has become.

On the topic of fannish stuff, avengersgen has a currently running promptfic round that is quite active (almost 200 comments so far!) so go check it out if you're looking for more LJ-based activity in this fandom.

Two upcoming Avengers-related fic exchanges that I ran across announcements for: Star Spangled Exchange (Steve-related), and Marvel POC Fanworks Exchange (characters of color in the MCU; fic or art).

FK Ficfest is taking signups again! This Forever Knight fic exchange is run by [personal profile] brightknightie and I really enjoyed it the year I played; it's fun and low-key ficathon in a small, pleasant fandom. Sadly I always seem to have too many obligations to participate (but I'm thinking about it).

Vague spoilers for the upcoming, last season of White Collar at this link. I ... don't know how to feel about that piece of information. Good? Bad? I am ambivalent.

Thanks to clicking on today's Google doodle, I discovered Mary Anning, who I'd never heard of, a working-class female fossil hunter in the early 19th century with a fascinating life story.

I think there were other things I wanted to link to, but I can't remember what ...

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Re: White Collar -- okay, that's not so much a vague spoiler as a "could be anything could be everything" ;) But "it was really the only way we could end the show" somehow doesn't sound like it's gonna be the happily ever after I'd hope for. Sounds more like Neal going back to the life of crime and Peter trying to catch him again, kind of like "that's how it all started, that's how it ends" (just as an example. There are actually a lot of ways that are "really the only way [they] could end the show".)
Personally, I'm hoping for an ending like the season 3 finale only with a happy ending of course (i.e. Neal goes free but continues working together with Peter and they both have fun together, doing what they're best at, catching criminals for a long, long time to come). But that ending doesn't really fit the adjectives "fun and fitting", so I don't think that's what they're going for. I really want Peter and Neal to stay together, though, and not Neal free, but off in Europe somewhere living under a new identity (even if it's one Peter knows about and/or helped him create) while Peter continues on in NY without Neal.
Yeah, it could mean literally anything. I think my worst-case scenario (but all too likely given the show's adherence to the status quo) is that they "reset" everything -- that is, Neal somehow gets years tacked onto his sentence, so rather than being free, he's on the anklet with Peter more or less indefinitely. And unfortunately, that quote really makes it sound a LOT like it's going in some kind of direction along those lines .... either that, or Neal going back to a life of crime, because one thing that's been clear when Matt talks about his character in interviews is that he sees Neal as inherently "bad" (at least when it comes to lawbreaking).

.... I dunno. My ideal ending, I guess, would be Neal off the anklet and continuing to work as a consultant for the FBI, but by his own choice rather than under threat of a prison sentence. Personally I'd also be happy with Neal off doing his own thing somewhere, as long as there's an implication that he and Peter stay in touch, but I'd rather Neal stay in New York and still have some sort of professional association with the FBI. It's important to me, though, that it should be voluntary; I really want some kind of Neal-gets-off-the-anklet scene in the finale, and an indication of what he does afterwards.

Okay, I just thought of one other gloomy scenario; this is something I've been worried about for awhile, based upon something Jeff Eastin said in an interview a long time ago about his idea for the last episode of the show. [Spoiler (click to open)]He said that he envisioned the last scene in the entire show would be Neal flipping a coin to stay or go. This means that I've had a worry in the back of my head for a long time that we'll actually never find out -- that the show will close on Neal making his decision but stop before it actually makes it. Now, a lot can happen over the years, and this was an interview that he gave back in season one. It's also possible that he was just throwing something out there to yank people's chains (and I've definitely seen Eastin troll the fandom in other interviews, so it's possible). Still, it worries me.
Of course I meant that Neal should stay voluntarily (that's what I meant with the season 3 finale. That was him making that decision for himself, when he realized that he has a good life in NY and told Peter that whatever happens, he will "step off that elevator Monday morning and go to work"). So I totally agree that I wouldn't want Neal to be forced to stay. But to be honest, I don't think they will end it by adding more years to his sentence (that would definitely not be a "fun ending" -- "fitting" maybe, but not "fun"). I think we will see Neal free at the end of the show, but the question is whether he's free legally or not. And I really want him to be legally free and not on the run again or presumed dead or something.

Actually, your other worst case scenario isn't that bad in my opinion. It's a pretty crappy ending, granted, but I'd still prefer and open ending to a sad ending. With an open ending, I could imagine that he will stay and everything will be fine. But if he really does go back to the life of crime and Peter and Neal won't ever see each other again (unless Peter has to once again put the cuffs on Neal) -- that would be a worse ending for me.
Ohhhh, I thought you meant Neal going on the run in the season three finale. XD That makes more sense.

As a general across-the-board "rule", I hate completely open endings. If I wanted to have to make up the ending, I would have written the damn thing myself! .... that said, Neal going back to a life of crime and Peter chasing him would be a TERRIBLE ending, or at least terribly depressing, although I can see it as a plausible one.

(I think White Collar is perhaps the only thing I'm seriously fannish about in which my favorite characters are terrible for each other. XD As a normal thing, I tend to fall in love with characters and teams of people who make each other better. Peter and Neal, on the other hand, are kinda ... locked in this downward death spiral that's inevitably going to destroy one or both of them. I think that's why I really need Neal to have more personal autonomy at the end; I think their overall dynamic would probably be healthier if both of them have the option of backing out at any time, or just taking a break from each other, without serious consequences. As it stands, they literally can't -- Neal can only choose between prison or going on the run, while Peter has the equally unappealing option of sending his friend back to prison and that's pretty much it. If walking away was actually an option for them, I think they might be less destructive to each other ...)

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Yeah, at this point could be anything, but “wild idea” means something unexpected, which makes me pretty nervous…

I agree, Neal free and deciding to stay in NY and continue working with Peter would be a perfect finale. (maybe doing something art-related in parallel, too). For several seasons I was pretty sure that it’s where it all going, but sadly after S5 I feel it’s pretty much out of the window. Still, I would hate if show ends with Neal back in the life of the crime, or on the run again as after S3… I was not a fan of the ending S5 hinted (Neal off-anklet but he and Peter parting ways), either. I would gladly prefer an open ending to any of this. I just really don’t like “the end of the era” finales – I don’t want their partnership and all they’ve been through to become a closed chapter after the finale.
I know I’m in total minority, but I won’t mind the ending that is not “the Ending” at all, like if the show was cancelled abruptly, without planning the final season: just a regular episode with Peter & Neal taking down bad guys and standing together - a promise of lot more adventures to imagine.
That sounds nice :) An ending that feels like and ending but with possibilities for the future. I love those :D

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Yes, exactly, my ideal ending (which is apparently what lots of Collars want) doesn't fit the "wild idea" and "fun ending" thing he mentioned, so that's probably not what we're going to get. I always thought it was the most logical ending though if they wanted to go for a happy end. -- If the show had ended after season 3, I'm sure that's what they would have done because that's exactly what happened until, of course, everything had to go to hell so that they could have a cliffhanger for the next season. I'm not fond of the "end of an era" type finales, either, but that's what a lot of TV shows go for.

I originally thought that season 6 would be about Neal's sentence coming to an end (somehow Peter manages to pull some strings or what). And even if Neal had to serve out the rest of his sentence on the anklet -- that can't be much more than a few months at this point, so what's his problem anyway? He'd be free soon enough anyway.
But now I'm thinking maybe they really can't get Neal free the legal way after all, and Peter has to help him get his freedom another way (this "he fakes his death" idea comes to mind which I had already guessed as a season cliffhanger for season 5; and that might classify as a "wild idea" and Neal would have his freedom, only he and Peter wouldn't be able to stay in contact, which is of course exactly what I don't want to happen).

But eh, it's a little bit early to worry about what the series finale will look like, since we might still have about 8 months or so left to wait anyway.
Mary Anning is so fantastic :D I love her to bits. We used to go on day trips a lot to Lyme Regis a lot when I was a child (and find fossils!), and there's loads about her everywhere there.

Maaaaybe I'll go take a look at the gen promptmeme. *pokes the MCU fandom nervously*

And good luck with Kismet! :) :)
I can't believe I've never heard of her! Her life story is AMAZING. :D :D

It's actually a pretty decent fandom so far -- I mean, it's huuuuuge, and it has VERY wanky parts (ANYTHING TO DO WITH GRANT WARD OH GAWWWWD), but I seem to be managing to avoid most of them. XD The gen prompt meme is basically styled after collarcorner and it's run by two people from WC fandom (imbecamiel and nefhiriel). I had forgotten how relaxing it can be to hang out in a fandom that's large enough to have distinct neighborhoods, and so many different hangout spots that you can wander around 'til you find one that's nice.
I've heard of May Anning, but only because she was featured on a British show I was watching a while back - don't ask me which show, I've forgotten! I think it was some sort of 'travelling round the country' thing! :)

As for White Collar, I don't know what to make of it. I, like many fans, want Neal to be free but still working/liasing with the FBI in some way. Of course, we could end up with Neal setting up some sort of security consultation company with Peter and El - now, where have I come across that idea before? Oh, yeah, a future fic that someone wrote!! :D

I really hope they don't send Neal back to being a criminal on the run with Peter chasing him, or keep him on the anklet indefinitely, or leave us to decide his future! Please let it be a good ending that the fans will love, not something that is depressing or open-ended!
re: the WC news. I think I read somewhere that MB had a novel in him! But I do remember him saying in an interview or a Q&A type thing that he hoped that the anklet never goes, so. Ominous.
If I weren't so utterly pathetic about keeping up with friends' journals, I would've thanked you earlier for the avengersgen shoutout. Thank you! *bounces* It's great to have you on there! :D

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