Winter Sunlight

Translated fics, and the state of me

aqwt101 has translated a handful more of my fics into Russian (links are to the translations, but if you click on those, there is a link back to the originals):

Red is the Color of the End of the World (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Not Entirely Black and White (White Collar/Carnivale crossover):

Fight Me (White Collar):

In other news, I have been absolutely sucktastic lately at answering comments and participating in the discussions that I started, and I do want to apologize for that! I suppose you guys are used to it by now, since I've never exactly been a ninja master at prompt, timely comment replies, but I still feel bad when people leave me long, thoughtful comments and I don't answer them! It's been worse than usual lately, and at this point I'm basically declaring comment-answering amnesty because I'm just getting further behind. Sorry! I do read and enjoy all of your comments though. :)

The reason for my general absence from LJ is nothing bad, just that I've been busy lately. Our short summer is always a whirlwind of outdoor activities and visitors. This upcoming week, I'll have more houseguests and will be quite busy as well. I'm enjoying all of this, but I'm also kind of looking forward to August, which will be much mellower and more routine.

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It's great you're having fics translated into Russian!! :)

Don't worry about non-replies, it doesn't bother me at all! And it sounds like your summer is very busy atm!!

The fic will be posted today ... looks like I'm finally admitting that I'm playing in a new fandom!! Though I don't want to lose all my SGA ties and still intend to play there a little!!
Thank you! :) I always feel terribly guilty, especially when people leave me long thoughtful comments full of useful and interesting information and I ... don't actually answer them. On the other hand, this is is a general trend with me, so I expect it doesn't come as a terrible shock to anyone. *g*