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SGA Season 5 spoiler

I've generally been avoiding spoilers as much as possible, but I decided to read this interview with Rachel Luttrell (warning: spoilers!) and wanted to squee about one thing in the interview.

Teyla keeps the baby!

I'm thrilled to death by that. I was just about 100% positive that they were going to use the Michael plot to neatly remove the baby and the dilemma associated with it, either by killing it or, more likely, having Michael take it and Teyla spend the rest of the season in obsessed "hunting for my child" mode. However, I was desperately hoping that we'd get to see Teyla dealing with being a single mom and from the sound of the interview, that is exactly what we're going to have!

Yay! :D

I was really very happy, overall, with how the pregnancy was dealt with -- I had a few quibbles at the end, but all in all, what we got from the show in season 4 was just what I wanted: rather than a magical pregnancy that was swept under the rug, we got to see Teyla dealing in a fairly realistic way with the changes in her life and its effect on her relationships with the people around her. It wasn't perfect, but given the show's track record for dealing with female characters, I was seriously impressed, in a good way. And if we really do get Single!Mom!Teyla! next season, I'll be happier yet!

SingleMom!Teyla thrills me to death! I love the idea of her balancing out her roles and responsibilities, as well as finally getting a look at how Atlantis will operate as a city without only adults around.

I also can't wait to see how the baby's three "uncles" deal with him. I foresee Ronon being Mr. Mom, Rodney fumbling along but figuring it out, and John holding up his "nephew" with a confused and panicked look on his face as if someone were threatening to hug him.
Hee! This is gonna be so fun! :D I don't want to get up my hopes TOO high, but they did a nice job in S4 of giving us little scenes with Teyla and her "brothers" ... I'm really hoping for more of the same with Teyla and Baby.

and John holding up his "nephew" with a confused and panicked look on his face as if someone were threatening to hug him.

*dies* XD
I think her dealing with being a single mom will be cool, but I'll pull my hair out if they use the baby as another 'victim' model that tends to happen to children on Sci-fi.

It'd be cool to see how she balances trying to be on the team and motherhood and how her team mates interact with creating a larger family structure. It could be a very cool thing!
Yeah, it definitely will be interesting to see what they do with it. Obviously, there are only so many things you can do with small children in a sci-fi series (at least, the sort of sci-fi that's on TV -- personally I think there's lots of untapped potential for "domestic" scenes in sci-fi, but network execs don't seem to see it that way).
You know, it hadn't occurred to me at all that this wouldn't be the status quo...I guess I just assumed the baby would stay on Atlantis. I would have been very disappointed if this wasn't true!!

Rachel looks wonderful in that picture! It took me a while to see that that really was the actress playing Teyla!
She's so pretty with her natural hair, isn't she? I really love reading Rachel's interviews and comment snippets -- she just comes off as such an incredibly nice person.
Very relieved to hear that confirmed! Hoping we do get to see the boys and how they react to baby!!

I know! I'm hoping that we'll get at least one or two nice scenes with the "family".
I'm hoping the writers will explore a little bit about the impact of having a child in Atlantis again (we only saw the Athosian children in a couple episodes in S1). I don't think Teyla will be wanting for babysitters!

I think the reactions/interactions will also have a greater veracity given that most of the principle cast have had kids in the past year in RL.
I am curious to find out how they're going to handle it. Of course, there's no guarantee the child will stay on Atlantis (it makes perfect sense to me that it would ultimately end up in the care of the Athosians, rather than being kept on Atlantis) but at least they aren't summarily sweeping it under the rug, and I'm pleased about that. At the very least, even if the show doesn't address it much, the fic potential is huge!
This is how I'm leaning...that she keeps the baby but at some point and time she allows the Athosians with Atlantis being such a dangeorus place I think, but it would be cool to see her reach such a choice--if that is how it goes.

Again its b/c I'm not a fna of kids on shows, mainly b/c they are never doen right.
I have mixed feelings about the baby spoiler. On the one hand I'm very glad that they're not just sweeping it all under the rug and reset to zero - on the other hand, I'm really not fond of kids in shows. :( really will depend on how it's handled.

I'm still wondering what's happening to Kanaan? You mentioned Teyla being a single mom - do we know for sure yet that Kanaan will be out of the picture? I mean, I'm pretty sure he's a dead man, but I hadn't seen that confirmed.
Guess we'll find out. :)

I like what she said at the end -

"For me, it’s always been about learning a little bit more about who she is and her people and how that ties her into this galaxy. I just feel that there’s so much that Teyla knows about this place. There are some storylines there."

I agree with her - I'd like to see that on the show. Not just her Wraith gene being focused on but her knowledge base as someone native to the Pegasus galaxy.
I admit, I figured that both Kanaan and the baby were goners, simply because "that's the way it works" in Stargate.

And I'm certainly relieved that the baby is going to stick around - at least for a while. I want some scenes with Teyla, the baby, and her team-mates, if not being ridiculously cute over the baby, then being cutely uncomfortable but very protective of the baby.

And I want a reunion scene. A good reunion scene.
I've got mixed feelings. I'm rather, um, opinionated about baby care, and I can just see myself ignoring the A plot & the B plot and sitting here seething about "that #($)*# pacifier" or whatever.

And if I see a bottle when there's a perfectly good boob available? You might hear me from Boston.
I really have hopes that we see at least a little of the baby and a few scenes that deal with the scenario because, I've heard/read many month ago that the script authors wanted one of the main cast becoming the parent of a baby anyway, even before they learned of RL's pregnancy. So, the idea of "a kid in Atlantis" apparently wasn't just the "outfall" of RL's pregnancy (= "problem that has to be solved") but an idea that was already in the authors' heads before. Which gives me hope that they actually want to do *something* with a baby for at least a few eps. Personally I consider it a lucky coincidence that RL became pregnant "just at the right time", so to speak, to take the decision of who would end up becoming a parent more or less out of the authors' hands. *G*

Otherwise we would perhaps ended up with one of the guys as a father and I find *Teyla* getting pregnant so much more interesting/problematic than one of the males becoming a dad with the classic "Mommy cares for the kid, Daddy goes to work (= fights replicators and/or the Wraith)" scenario in the end.
Wheeee!!! That is indeed the best spoiler I've heard yet! ^_^ In terms of allowing Teyla's personality and motivations to shine through, her pregnancy was one of the best things that's happened to the team thus far, and I've been just pining to see the follow-through (and, like you, convinced I was going to be gypped out of it)! Oh, team Uncle! How I long to see your heartwarming ridiculousness and fierce defensiveness!!! =D That kid is going to have the best four parents a fangirl could wish to watch!
I too am thrilled about no magic babies! I hope it works well because I really love Teyla going on missions with the team (oh how i've missed that).

>It wasn't perfect

well..of course not. What would be perfect? You know what I mean? There's just a way to deal with it, for every mom.
This... really makes me much happier than news about fictional characters should. I mean. Really. I'm doing the bouncy-grinning thing and wanting to go eeeee~! and flail at the world in general in excitement over this SUPER-COOL development. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that they're doing it this way - doing it right. Like you, I'd resigned myself to S5 being all about The Missing Baby, and now... the baby will be non-missing? I still have a few worries about how they will deal with that, but if they get Teyla back, and they get the baby back... I was excited about S5 before this (of course!), but I think that excitement just doubled. WAH, don't wanna wait so long for new season to begin~!

(I whine because I care? *g*)

Thanks for brining the happy news!