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Apple Support for the win! I originally bought the SD season pass for Agent Carter, thinking it would be good enough. No, it is not good enough. I want to see their little faces in glorious HD! Besides, it's terrible for vidding.

.... So I bought the HD season pass too. There is no way to upgrade from SD to HD (much googling convinced me of this) but some people said they'd emailed Apple and gotten the SD refunded if they bought the HD. And it worked! I was thinking at most, I'd only get half of it back, since we're already 4 episodes into the season, but they said they'd refund the whole thing, so YAY. \o/

On the ever-popular Agent Carter topic, cut for mild season two spoilers, a link to some advance spoilers, and my ongoing OT3 obsessionCollapse )

ETA: Also, via Tumblr ... donut shaped planet! (Not a real planet, I hasten to add. A theoretical planet. But still cool.)

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Sunday morning random

After figuring out some Final Cut issues, I'm remastering my "Another Tonight" Agent Carter vid from scratch, with MUCH nicer footage and audio. It's taking forever, in part because I've never done a clip-by-clip vid remaster before, but also because the HD footage takes SO. MUCH. LONGER. to render. OMG. It's about a minute per second of video. And if you've ever used Final Cut, then you know that you have to render clips in order to accurately cut and time them. So basically I have to render a longer version first, then trim it, then sometimes render it again if I drag another clip into its space or do any edits to it. But I'm persisting because it's soooo pretty. After this one I'd like to remaster the "One More Night" one from last year, if I'm not completely sick of vidding by then ...

Other Peggy Carter stuff -- It turns out there's a full version of the Peggy interview that appeared in fragments in Winter Soldier; it's from the MCU boxed set extras. Lots of extra Peggy-ish goodness! The extended scene also includes a longer version of the part in which she talks about the rescue of her husband. According to this faux interview it was in Russia in 1945, which would eliminate any male character who's been introduced on the show so far (not that the show's writers are necessarily using extended sources as canon, or for that matter that who Peggy marries is really that important at the present time; I know the show's TPTB have been somewhat disgruntled/nonplused that the fandom latched onto "who does Peggy marry" as the main thing they want to know about). Anyway, I enjoyed watching it and I thought Atwell did a really nice job with the older version of the character.

And now I should turn off the Internet for awhile and go write my book like a grownup.

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Writing about writing ... instead of actually writing. But I figured out a plot problem today and the solution was interesting, so I decided to make a post about it.

There was this interesting post about the "mid-book slump", i.e. writing middles of books, at [personal profile] marthawells today. This isn't quite what she was talking about, but it got me thinking along similar lines.

On my current novel (poker players on a cruise ship) I've been stuck for days on a particular chapter. There are two things I wanted to happen in it, during the Big Game that is currently taking place: a supporting character is accused of cheating, and the protagonist runs into somebody he hasn't seen since he was a child.

And I just couldn't get it to work. I'd written part of each scene, and they were just lying there, flat. I could've just slammed out something terrible and moved on to the next bit, but these scenes were going to influence the details of the next one, so I felt like I had to get them nailed down before I could move on.

What I realized was that I could switch around the order of the scenes -- instead of the current "meeting, then cheating", I could make it "cheating, then meeting" and have the childhood-friend meeting result directly from that character's attention being drawn by the altercation that came out of the cheating accusation. The problem, I think, is that in the original version, the two scenes just happened, as opposed to one being directly caused by the other. Which meant they both had equal weight to the reader, so there was this stuttery "event! -- then relax -- then event!" thing happening.

Okay, the only way these "drawn in 20 seconds on my Wacom" graphics could be worse would be if I'd figured out how to do them in ASCII, but ...

Sometimes you'll run into stories where the plotting basically has this choppy staccato feeling, like this:


You get it in chaptered WIP fanfics a lot, for example. A thing happens ... and then another thing ... and then another thing. Each of them might be an interesting thing by itself, but after awhile it starts to feel very self-similar and dull, because it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. There might even be a plot progression happening (for example, the main character finds a clue, then another clue, then yet another, and now they have enough clues to put the mystery together) but the scenes still feel repetitive because the emotional stress and plot tension is roughly the same in each one.

As opposed to the first thing directly leading to the second thing, and the second thing causing the third thing, which feels more like this:


... because it's subconsciously cranking up the plot tension on each iteration. #2 couldn't have happened without #1, which in turn causes #3, etc.

Which, when you see the graphic, is basic plotting 101, right? Like this. But it's hard to see it in practice, when you've got a number of different events plotted out that are supposed to happen, and the connections between them might not be obvious. You might have to create those connections, especially if you're shifting back and forth between different storylines, which is what I was doing here. And it helped me a lot to stop thinking, as I had been, "how can I make this scene happen, and this other scene happen" and instead start thinking in terms of, "I have these two scenes happening together in the same chapter; how can I make one of them directly result in the other?"

It doesn't even have to be a big, important connection. This definitely wasn't. But it made the whole thing feel like a unified whole, instead of some different things that just happened to occur in the same chapter.

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Winter Sunlight

what have I done

For the first time ever, I didn't sign up for an h/c bingo card last year (too much to doooo!) so I decided to do the February mini-challenge, where they give you a square of 4 prompts (one is a wildcard) and you have to do a fic that incorporates ALL of them.


WILD CARD orphans
panic attacks confession in desperate situation

It's the "orphans" part that really throws a monkey wrench into things, because the last two go together really well, and I can of course insert anything I want into the wildcard slot. But. Orphans.

(Though, come to think of it, I can think of a possible way around that one ...)

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Infinite Squee


Festivids is live! Here's the masterlist. This year, for the first time ever, I have a vid in it -- I picked up a pinch hit. Anyone want to venture a guess which one? (Some of you aren't allowed to guess. You know who you are.)

Anyway, you should check out the vids! There are lots of lovely vids for many different shows and movies and even a couple of comics.

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Everything is Carter

... in my brain right now.

I posted a bit of meta over on Tumblr comparing two similar-yet-different scenes in 1x05 and 2x03, which I'm not reposting here because there are images and I'm lazy. However, if you have comments, feel free to make them here if you like, since tumblr is ... tumblr.

I also ran across a neat piece of tumblr meta: costuming choices in Agent Carter 2x03 (includes links for earlier posts in the series, which are also well worth reading). It's really thoughtful and interesting! I think a couple of the OP's conclusions might be reaching a bit, but there is also a lot of nuance in the costume color choices that are too consistent not to be significant, that I never noticed. So that's fun.

I'm crossing my fingers so hard that this season doesn't end up doing anything that's going to throw me for a loop in a bad kind of way. Because it might? And I can even think of some really specific, plausible things it might do that would throw me out just that little extra bit. Killing any of the main characters, say. But right now, as weird as it feels to say this so early into the season, I really do feel, as I did last season, that this is my favorite show ever ... and, oddly, without containing a bunch of the narrative tropes that I go for. Like, say, White Collar, or the Winter Soldier movie, are the sort of thing that, while they may have surprised me at the time, are blindingly obvious in retrospect. In various subsets, they've got the Platonic ideals of All My Things. Whereas Agent Carter kind of ... doesn't, in any particularly obvious way, and yet I'm still getting that same "written FOR ME" feeling from it this season as I did last season. It's not really the pieces; it's the package.

(If this were a show that were out in its entirety, rather than a new show, I think there actually are a couple of things I'd spoil myself for. Sadly that is not an option, so I must remain in suspense. :D)

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Agent Carter episodes 2x01-2x02

Okay, finally a proper post about the new episodes ... well, no, not a proper post at all; a flaily post laden with belabored bullet points and fueled by two large glasses of merlot. There were going to be a bunch of screencaps as well, but I ran out of steam (and wine). I'll save the pretty for a future post.

All the spoilers obviouslyCollapse )

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Star Wars

Misc fandom things

The new prompt at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is Escape:

Escaping from a backwards desert planet? From a lifetime's conditioning in the First Order? From a cell, or a repressive social role, or a crashing spaceship?

Fic, art, etc. fills are all welcome. A new prompt will go up each Friday evening. Here are last week's fills (and someone let me know they were working on another one; I'll add it when it's up).

On a different topic, I watched the second episode of Second Chance, the new show with Tim DeKay. (I would've watched the first one, but Fox didn't have it up.) TIM, THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU. Actually, it's not as bad as I was expecting -- it's actually not bad at all, but it's kind of formulaic. I don't think I'd keep watching if not for TDK, but since he is in it and the show isn't half bad, I will probably catch another couple of episodes and see how it develops. I have watched worse things for actors I liked.

A couple of not-really-spoilery thoughts:Collapse )

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Agent Carter vid: Hello season 2!

My show is back! ... and here's a happy vid to celebrate. (Not exactly what I was planning on doing today, but, well ...) Footage from the first two episodes of season two; there are spoilers, obviously, but I've tried to avoid the really major ones, so there's not a whole lot in this vid that you couldn't already infer from previews and advance articles.

Song: There Will Never Be Another Tonight
Artist: Bryan Adams
Vidder: Sholio
Fandom: Agent Carter Season 2
Summary: Make a little magic, raise some hell. They're back, and making trouble in LA!

Download: MP4 (88 Mb) | DIVX (30 Mb)

Embed and lyrics under cutCollapse )

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I am ONE SLEEP away from new episodes of Agent Carter!

(Well, maybe two sleeps, since iTunes tends to get the files up really late, especially when you're starting a subscription for a new series. BUT.)

Speaking of which, I wrote a fic for [community profile] fan_flashworks's current challenge, "On the Outside":

Outliers (Agent Carter, 3200 words, gen ... ish)
Maybe soulmarks mean whatever you want them to mean.

As noted in the notes, I finally wrote a soulmark AU and it's the world's gennest soulmark AU ... OOPS. But there are still some pairings in it. Kinda. This one is going to be so hard to tag when I finally put it on AO3. I'll repost it properly here when the exclusive period at [community profile] fan_flashworks runs out.

Also, most people have already found these via my fandom stocking post, but the other night I did something I've been meaning to do for a while, and created several files on AO3 for fics bits that are too short or incomplete to post on their own.

Agent Carter scraps - this presently contains, I think, all or at least most of the AC fic bits that have been posted in various places (from Fandom Stocking, [personal profile] such_heights' Kissing Fest last year, and tumblr)

MCU scraps - has this year's Fandom Stocking, the Kissing Fest one, and a bit more.

White Collar scraps - has this year's Fandom Stocking so far, and that's it. I know there's a lot more out there though.

Stargate Atlantis scraps - oh god, this is going to take FOREVER. Has this year's Fandom Stocking so far.


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Christmas cookies red-green

Fandom Stocking <3

I really meant to do a post about this earlier; how has it been more than a week since the stockings went live already?

I was thoroughly delighted with my stocking this year; it was great and you are all invited over to check out my stuff. :D I got fic, art, wallpapers, icons, recs, and holiday greetings; it's all absolutely wonderful and I had so much fun going through it. THANK YOU! ♥

Here's what I wrote!

Longer fics:

Stars to Guide You Home (Star Wars Episode VII, Rey, gen, 3600 wds)
Rey gets migraines. Back in the desert she used to just put up with them.

Reap the Whirlwind (Jessica Jones, Jessica/Trish, 1200 wds)
Jessica's running, again. But this time Trish won't let her.

Typical Day at the Office (White Collar, Neal & Peter, gen, 1800 wds)
Neal gets thrown through a plate-glass window.

Midnight Visitor (White Collar; Peter & Elizabeth & Neal; 1900 wds)
Missing scene for 2x08, after Peter is poisoned.

Shorter ficlets:

Peggy and Jarvis - Jarvis fixing her up after a mission gone wrong (Agent Carter)
Peggy and Angie Christmas fic (Agent Carter)
Rodney taking apart Ronon's blaster (Stargate Atlantis)
Neal picking Peter's pocket (White Collar)
Steve, Bucky, and Natasha get a house together (MCU, set after AoU)

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Star Wars-Han

Star Wars fic: Snowball's Chance on Hoth

Look at me not writing Star Wars fic LIKE A BOSS. Also, I will make a proper fandom stocking post soon, I swear! It was lovely and I got lovely stuff and I wrote a lot of things, and I need to make a roundup post for it. But meanwhile ...

Title: Snowball's Chance on Hoth
Fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
Word Count: 1600
Pairing: Gen
Warnings: None
Summary: Luke meets snow. For the Strange New World challenge at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme. (Prompt link here.)
Note: This is only drawing on movie canon, so not compliant with any extended canon sources. Snow as described herein is totally based on our utterly un-snowball-able Fairbanks snow.

Snowball"s Chance on HothCollapse )

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Star Wars

Announcing Star Wars Flashmeme!

I made a thing!

[community profile] starwarsflashmeme is a new flashfic community based on [community profile] mcuflashmeme (which is also new; you should check it out!). Invented by [personal profile] dira, flashmemes are a blend of kinkmemes and old-style flashfic communities -- each week there will be a new prompt, and everyone has a week to post commentfic of any length in the comments to the entry, in response to the prompt. Your fic can also be posted on tumblr, AO3, etc, and linked from the comments. Art fills, or other media, are also great.

The first week's prompt is Strange New World.

Come! Write! Enjoy! :D!

And feel free to link to it and spread the word.

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Winter Sunlight

Chocolate Box request letter

Dear [community profile] chocolateboxcomm writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! :) I'm sure I will like whatever you write!

My requests in my signup were fairly detailed, so I don't have much to add here. The requests are also repeated below the cuts.

General likes/dislikes:

Things I like: Fluff (with or without angst), hurt/comfort, cuddling, characters hanging out together, missing scenes, friendship, action, AUs (either the "turn left at canon" or the total AU, bookstore/Wild West/IN SPAAACE type), worldbuilding. Given the short length of the Chocolate Box fic minimum, snippets or scenes from what would normally be a longer story are quite welcome -- like, if you want to write me 300 words of AU scene-setting, that's totally fine!

Things I don't like: deathfic, PWP, crossovers, breaking up canon pairings.

Specific fandoms:

Agent CarterCollapse )

White CollarCollapse )

Star Wars MoviesCollapse )

Thank you again for writing something for me! :)

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Christmas cookies red-green

Fandom Stocking 2: The Stockening

Well, after getting off to an extremely slow start (I didn't do anything until after the first of the year) I made a big last-minute push to write things for people's stockings and I have now filled eight of them! As usual, there are a bunch I haven't managed to get to ... so if you're someone I have friended and we share at least one fandom, I probably have your stocking open in a tab right now and am staring at it guiltily. It's not you, it's me!

(ETA: I just saw that the mod announced that [community profile] fandom_stocking reveals won't be until Friday evening, so there are a couple of extra days for stocking stuffing!)

I also really need to do my signup for Chocolate Box ([community profile] chocolateboxcomm), because they close tomorrow! It's a relationship-focused fic exchange that only has a 300-word minimum, so it ought to be super easy and they have a ton of different options (both gen and ship) in the tagset.

Other random stuff: I still vastly prefer LJ/DW to Tumblr, but I have really been wanting one particular tumblr feature on LJ lately, namely the "J" key, which skips to the next post. People are typically good about cutting long posts, but especially with blog feeds, there's a lot of scrolling. I've gotten so used to it that I keep hitting "J" and then wondering why nothing seems to be happening. IS MY KEYBOARD BROKEN? No, dumbass, the problem is that you aren't on tumblr.

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