Christmas ornament

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

Fandom stocking signup time! (What, were you expecting something else? XD)

Signups and instructions are here! I am currently finalizing my signup; this year I'm not going to wait until the last minute, dangit.

Oh by the way, I forgot to say this earlier, but thank you so much to everyone who left me comments on the love meme. ♥ Not having done this before, I'm not sure if there is an etiquette to it (do you answer them? politely ignore them like one is supposed to do with book reviews?) but they made my day brighter; thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

In other news, today I was invited to a creative writing class on campus to talk to undergrads about my romance self-publishing adventures. They also had another local author who is a trad-published fantasy writer, so basically we had an hour-long mini-panel in which we talked about traditional vs. self-publishing and the students asked us questions. Their questions were excellent, and they were interested and curious, and the other panelist was very courteous about taking turns switching back and forth on taking questions with me and not talking over me (actually, if anything, I had to be careful not to talk over the top of him). All in all, it was a great experience, and the instructor is having us and a couple of other local authors come back to do the same for her graduate students in the spring.

And then I had Thai food and watched more of the Flash with ellenmillion, and was gifted a painting by a 4-year-old who very politely signed it for me. She also "helped" me brush the snow off my car, which was really more like I was brushing the snow off the car with her (literally; she was sort of like a wiggly snow brush extension) but a good time was had by all, at least judging from the giggling.

With the snow coming down like crazy outside, and December having inexplicably arrived, I'm starting to feel some holiday feels, a little bit? I need to put up some decorations around here.

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Winter Sunlight

(no subject)

Wow, Supergirl is certainly a massive nostalgia trip.

The first comics I remember reading as a small child -- the comics that first got me hooked on comics, basically -- were my mom's old Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes/etc. comics from the 1950s. I tend to go more for Marvel than DC in general, but I still like the LSH and have several of the collected volumes around here. And, oh, this feels right, plus the special effects are good enough that it makes everything really come alive. The result is a direct punch to the nostalgia centers of my brain. The Fortress of Solitude, omgggggg. I will definitely be watching more of this. :D

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Tonight begins the big crossover with all of DC's shows. By now I'm caught up on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and I've seen enough of Arrow via Flash crossover eps to at least know who the characters are and what's generally going on with them, but I haven't seen any Supergirl at all. I was going to at least watch the first episode before watching the crossover ep, but, well, that didn't happen. Somehow I will endure. (I'm not actually THAT worried about spoilers with these shows from watching them out of order, at least in part because they spoil each other rampantly with all the crossover characters anyway.)

Speaking of which, I finally got around to watching the Arrow half of the 2-parter with Shayera/Kendra and Carter, and I have only one small thing to say: kinda spoilery but not muchCollapse )

Legends of Tomorrow: hmmmmm. SpoilersCollapse )

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Speculating on Flash

I rewatched the first two episodes of Flash season 3 with ellenmillion today, over fish tacos from a local takeout place, and that was super fun. Looking forward to doing more episodes next week. :D

Meanwhile, I'm having Thoughts about where the season is going. It's fun to be up to date on a currently-running show with lots of plot threads to speculate about! Under the cut is some plot speculation, with spoilers for Flash up to 3x06.

Spoiler cutCollapse )

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Flash vid: Long Live

Title: Long Live
Artist: Taylor Swift
Show: The Flash
Clips/spoilers: up to 3x05
Summary: I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you. Team vid.

If you haven't actually seen the show at all, I don't think it'll be that spoilery (I didn't include anything that's terribly and obviously spoilery out of context, I don't think).

Downloads: At the Vimeo link. More download links this evening.

Embed and lyrics under cut.

Long LiveCollapse )

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WhiteCollar-Hard Sell Peter Neal

And now a brief White Collar interlude

The Fall Fest at collarcorner (patterned after Fandom Stocking) is done and all the gifts are revealed! You can check it out at the LJ community or the AO3 community (note: the AO3 collection doesn't have everything; most of the shorter ficlets, art, etc are at the LJ community posts only).

I wrote the following gifts:

Sweet Escape - Elizabeth takes over Neal's bakery after his "death."

Wings So Bright - Neal wingfic, also for my h/c bingo "wings" square. Neal's favorite memory from his early childhood was going flying with his mother; he didn't yet know that no one else could see her wings.

Happy Paws - Having found out that the FBI agent chasing him has a puppy, Neal can't resist trying to make friends with it.

Three Restaurants - Three times Sara and Peter had lunch or dinner together, from pre- to post-series.

Harvest Moon - Alex character study.

Untitled Peter & Neal ficlet for the prompt "near miss."

And I also have some great stuff in my treat basket - art, fics, a fic cover and more!

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A few Flash fic recs

I haven't read a whole lot in this fandom so far, but here are a few fics I've found and enjoyed. Most take place in season two, and all are gen.

First of all, I recommend [ profile] icarus_chained. I've also enjoyed a lot of their LoT and MCU fic, and they write great Flash fic as well -- introspective character stuff, usually with h/c. I'm still working my way through their Flash stories, but here are my favorites so far:

Circling the Wagons - 2x22 tag, with tired collapsing and protective dads and platonic bed-sharing. Apparently this is a fandom in which I just want basically all the cuddling and family-bonding warmth.

Once More Unto - Cisco's thoughts on Harry. Sweet character study. Set at some indeterminate point in late season two when they're all about to die for the umpteenth time.

Other fics:

Mirror, Mirror - early season two Iris POV, including Iris bonding with Linda Park, and her outside POV on Harry.

Retreat - late-season-two era team does a team-bonding retreat out in the countryside. Very cute and fluffy.

Turnover - Harry teaches Barry to run faster by trying to improve his basic running form instead of using gimmicks as the show does. Adorable team bonding ensues. (Nitpicker's note: some recurring grammatical errors.)

The Blanket Fort - Jesse is feeling lonely on Earth-1, so Cisco helps her make a blanket fort. Just as adorable as it sounds, especially when Harry and Caitlin get involved.

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Still enjoying The Flash a lot

The Flash is totally my happy place right now. It's utterly ridiculous, but it's just such a gloriously sweet show, and a breath of fresh air in a landscape of grimdark superhero and action shows. The characters are such darling little rays of sunshine. They hug! They talk out their feelings! They hang out in each other's space and cohabit and have family holidays together! The main character is an emotional over-sharer who plays peacemaker with his friends and adores being a superhero in a bouncy-puppy kind of way. The only member of the group who doesn't start out as a sweet-natured, huggy ray of sunshine is a grim, gun-toting lone wolf who BECOMES a ray of sunshine (a snarky ray of sunshine, and somewhat against his will) after the rest of these darlings adopt him.

It's just the sweetest show, it really is. There are group hugs, characters having Friendship Talks, and some of the healthiest parent-child relationships I can remember seeing recently on TV. (For anyone who bounced off season one BECAUSE of the parent-child relationships, that gets a lot better later, and so does the romantic angst once they stop trying to do a love triangle with endless pining.)

I had a lot of trouble getting into season one, so for me, the show takes off in season two. If you also bounced off early season one, as I did, I can suggest alternate episodes to start with!

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Winter Sunlight

Oh, and a brief political note

I still plan to keep my LJ/DW and my main tumblr a largely politics-free space (quite frankly because I need somewhere to get away from it all), but like many of us, I have a whole bucketload of feelings about the election, so I've created a tumblr sideblog for it: decidingmoments. At this point I don't know how active it'll be - right now it's mainly just reblogging stuff I happen to run across that seems useful, interesting, cathartic, or makes me feel better - but feel free to follow or not, as you like.

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The Flash - mostly caught up

I haven't watched 3x05 yet (and still haven't watched most of season one) but otherwise I'm caught up. And, oh, this show. I mean, the plots can be so terrible ... But it's not nearly as bad as LoT, and the character stuff is just pushing my buttons all over the place. I love it. For the past couple of days, this show has been my coping mechanism and happy place.

I don't really see this becoming a major fandom for me. My heart still belongs to Agent Carter, and also a brief dip into the fanfic is making me think that there isn't a whole lot out there to suit the particular things I want to read, and quite possibly a whole world of DNW - I've heard about the unpleasantness of the fandom's ship wars even from tangentially associated superhero fandoms without having seen an episode.

But, oh, these characters. I'm pretty sure the S2-to-early-S3 plot gave me very nearly everything I wanted (except more h/c, always more h/c).

Spoilers welcome in comments! I basically love everyone now, except for the bad guys (including Eobard Thawne, sorry fandom -- looking at the fic tells me he's popular, but for me he's somewhere between "love to hate" and "basically just hate"). EVERYONE ELSE THOUGH. ♥

ETA: Oh wait - recs! Please rec me anything good! I want to find some good vids! [personal profile] xparrot already rec'd one, and I've been poking around Youtube - anyone seen anything good? I would also like to find gen fic, especially Harry-centric with Jesse or team (I already found one author who looks VERY promising and has also written some good LoT and Avengers stuff).

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Infinite Squee

I'm watching The Flash and I have FEELS

I bounced off season one of The Flash a couple of times, for various reasons. But I finally made it to season two (admittedly with a bit of selective storyline skipping) and season two is SOO GOOOOD. Or at least idtastically satisfying.

I'm up to 2x12, "Fast Lane".

A few spoilersCollapse )

Please no spoilers beyond 2x12!

Also please someone tell me that I have useful things tomorrow and don't need to spend the whole day marathoning Flash episodes on Netflix.

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Avengers-Peggy smile

This looks like fun!

Via [personal profile] veleda_k:

Give me a character, and I'll tell you:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

The usual disclaimer applies: I have a tendency to start these and not finish them, so don't take it personally if your comment isn't answered! Characters from any fandom I'm at least sort of familiar with are welcome.

(The original meme was "one or more characters", but I'm capping it at one per comment to make it easier on myself.)

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Winter Sunlight

(no subject)

I'm running a White Collar fall fest over at collarcorner, basically doing it Fandom Stocking style. People have "treat baskets" and ficcers/writers/etc put treats in them -- screened, to be revealed on Nov. 14. I think I'll leave the treat basket request post open until Halloween, and then close it. So you can still get a basket if you want to! And fill requests! We could really use more people filling requests (although, at this point, everyone has at least one thing in their basket). You don't have to have a basket to fill requests, or vice versa. There's a community for posting anything longer or more complex than a brief commentfic.

Also, it's a gen comm, so all requests and treats must be gen.

... in other news, we now have snow, and I'm sleepy and I don't want to write anything. Blergh.

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Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

Recent fic roundup

In my July fic prompt call, [personal profile] muccamukk gave me a brilliant (and diabolical) prompt for established Peggy/Jack/Daniel in which one of them loses their memory and forgets everything since early season one. I went with Peggy, and I usually offer to write 100 words when I do these, but I am now 20K into this thing and it just won't quit. Anyway, I've posted a few brief teaser snippets on Tumblr: first snippet, second snippet, third snippet. In case this is relevant to anyone's interests. :D

I've posted a few things on AO3 lately that I forgot to crosspost/link here:

Too Close for Comfort (Agent Carter)
Peggy + Jack gen bed-sharing fic.

Worth a Thousand Words (White Collar)
Short fic from a Tumblr prompt in which Neal has laryngitis.

Riding the Rails (White Collar)
This was a Fandom Stocking AU in which Peter is the con and Neal is the FBI agent, but now there's another little installment with con!Peter on the tracking anklet. (For a prompt by lov_pb, I think?)

I also wrote a couple of ficlets for this commentfic meme:

Christmases, Peggy/Jack/Daniel, for the prompt Any poly grouping: okay but WHOSE FAMILY gets [culturally significant family holiday] when?
Ant-Man ficlet for the prompt Scott Lang takes his daughter trick-or-treating

And this one is not mine, just a rec, but I ran across this adorable fanart of my Agent Carter babies a little while back, and right now I have it open in a tab because it makes me happy. (There is so little fanart of them!)

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