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Internet, answer me a thing

What does "soft" mean, in the slangy sense that it's used on Tumblr? Sometimes capitalized, sometimes not. I've picked up a sense that it's used to indicate the opposite of edgy, basically, with a sort of vaguely fetishy connotation? a little like "sweet" in Lolita subculture? but ... idk, so tell me, internets.

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SSR Confidential 2017 planning posts are up

Planning post on Dreamwidth | Planning post on LJ | Tumblr post

Basically these are just asking for input on this year's schedule (tagset nominations in early March, signups in late March, fics due in early June - similar to last year) and a couple of potential rule changes.

On a completely other topic, I was in the school supplies aisle last night looking for a 2-pocket folder (this kind of thing) to replace the falling-apart one I've been using since middle school and don't really like anyway. Don't they have pretty ones anymore?? Do you guys remember all the different fashion folders we used to be able to get, with unicorns or cats or butterflies or whatever? Are those not a thing anymore? It was all solid-colored folders with a tiny handful of sports-themed ones. I wanted unicorns, dammit. :P They didn't even have very many colors. At least I was able to find a purple one.

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Happy things

Chocolate Box is live! I didn't officially participate, but I picked up two pinch hits. See if you can guess which ones.

For Valentine's Day (Friendship Day in Finland), a multi-fandom friendship commentfic fest (art also welcome). Go leave some prompts! ♥ I really would like to write something sweet and simple to get my head out of the gloom spiral it's been stuck in lately, so prompts for Agent Carter, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or White Collar might have a pretty good chance of getting something written for them. Just saying.

The Google doodle for Valentine's is A PANGOLIN DATING GAME. (Sort of.) You roll your little pangolin and collect items to bake a cake, sing a song, etc. for your pangolin sweetie. There are also adorable little pangolin courting animations, all involving pangolins of unspecific/neutral gender, because pangolins.

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Also, just for the record

With the present state of the world being what it is, I should not be allowed to read about apocalypses.

It doesn't even have to be an apocalypse that's likely to happen! The book in question was about a comet hitting the Earth and everyone wandering around trying to survive in the ensuing nuclear winter. Apparently my hindbrain REALLY DID NOT LIKE THAT, because I finished reading it last night in bed and then ended up having to get up for two hours and do relaxing things on the Internet to calm down enough to sleep.

So, right. No apocalypses for me right now.

I really enjoyed the book, though - On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis. It's YA with an autistic protagonist (written by an autistic author) and, as apocalypses go, it's not at all grimdark. A lot of bad stuff happens because, well, apocalypse (and if animal harm/animal death is an issue for you, be aware that a subplot includes pets being put to sleep), but overall it's an optimistic book about people pulling together and trying to help each other and rebuild society.

All the scenes of people wandering around in a dark, flooded wasteland trying to find enough food to survive were apparently traumatic in a way my brain couldn't quite deal with right now, though.

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Autumn-frosted leaf

Progress on my February sketch-a-day page

So this is how that's looking:


There are starting to be a few rough pencil lines to keep me oriented on how things connect up (where the lines on the standing stones go, the rest of the fox, and that kind of thing). They're very light, but you can see them a little bit in the picture. The design is still mostly in my head, though.

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Winter Sunlight

(no subject)

I requested a February amnesty card at hc_bingo -- you get a postage stamp of four prompts (one of them a wildcard space) and have to use them all in one story. It was this, incidentally, that gave me the Peter werewolf 'verse a few years ago.

This one, though:

WILD CARD mistaken identity
imprisonment orphans

That's a tricky bunch of prompts. I'm actually very tempted to write this one as non-fanfic, because I can easily think of various ways to do an origfic version ("orphans" and "mistaken identity" go together beautifully) but it just doesn't really seem to fit any of the fandoms I'm currently writing in.

Note to myself: [community profile] fan_flashworks' current prompt is "Party", and I really want to write something for that! I've been uninspired by their recent prompts, but this one looks fun.

Need to finish my Chocolate Box exchange fic first, though.

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Winter Sunlight

Art-a-Day: February (day 3)


Here's how my February art-a-day is going! I decided to do a wilderness scene with standing stones, on the general principle that it would have lots of interesting textures and if things don't match up properly, I can put a convenient bush over the awkward joining bits. XD (I'm already slightly concerned about that cliff in the foreground ...)

An unrelated thing that I haven't managed to shoehorn into a previous post: the best thing I've done for my mental health and productivity the last couple of weeks is to make a personal rule that all browser windows must be closed before I go to bed. It's working out so well that I think it's going to be a permanent habit. (It's pretty close to an established habit already.) For a long time I've had a bad habit of opening a bunch of tabs and letting them age while I try to compose comments or decide whether to reblog things or read articles I meant to read. If something is REALLY important and I don't get to it by late evening, I can bookmark it or c&p the URL into a text doc, but that extra step of engagement really makes me think, "... am I actually going back to this? Is it worth it?" I thought it would be harder to nuke all those windows at the end of the day than it's actually turned out to be. If it's not important enough to comment on, read, or reblog within a few hours, it's probably not something I'm going to regret never coming back to.

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Avatar-upbeat attitude

Happy things: art-a-day!

Discovered via [personal profile] goss, this looks fun: Monthly Art-A-Day (or sketch-a-day), an artistic advent-calendar-style project of [personal profile] darthneko's which they are kindly making available to everyone by sharing the templates. The link explains how it works, and here is the February template (from the Deviantart page, if you click "download" instead of saving the image you'll get a higher quality one - at least that's what I found).

I made a blueline version for myself and [personal profile] darthneko gave me permission to share it, so here's a mini preview and if you click on it, you'll get the full-sized one, which you can download:


Basically you print it out, fill in the boxes day by day according to their numbers (so you don't just start at the top and move to the right, you'll be jumping around), and have a finished art piece at the end. I strongly suspect I am going to end up with a weird-looking inked mess, but I'm looking forward to trying it! :D You can see a very lovely finished example at [personal profile] darthneko's journal.

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Winter Sunlight

oh ... no

I had a realization today about the POTUS. It's kind of awful -- maybe not the worst kind of awful, more like MASSIVE FACEPALM awful, but it explains so much. And it means the last week's trash fire of executive orders is not going to stop. It's just going to keep going on until he manages to horrify enough people to get impeached, basically.

Politics - also longCollapse )

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Legends of Tomorrow-Sara

Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

My shows are back! \o/

... Both on the same night now, too, which is going to be a bit weird. I would prefer to have them spread out instead. But they are BACK!

Flash 3x10:

Spoilers for FlashCollapse )

Legends of Tomorrow 2x09:

Spoilers for Legends of TomorrowCollapse )

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Kismet-Frank threat

A somewhat delayed "about me" post :D

Hi, new people following me from the DW friending meme! And people who have followed/friended me in the last couple of years in general. For one reason and another, it's taken me this long to write an intro post, and I don't think I ever did one the last time I did a friending meme at all.

So - hi! I'm [personal profile] sholio/sholio, or Layla. I live in Alaska, and I'm a graphic designer, artist, and writer. I used to mainly do freelance graphic design, but over the last couple of years I've transitioned to writing for a living, and I do that full-time now. I write het paranormal romance as Lauren Esker (also on Facebook and on Amazon). I've written a few M/M books in the past as Layla M. Wier (that pen name is basically retired at this point, though), and I'm planning on launching a new pen name this summer for fantasy and sci-fi that's not really romance as such, but tends to feature LGBTQ+ characters and pairings. I haven't settled on that name yet. I also write ultra-commercial erotica-laced het romance as part of a group pen name, which I'm not naming because we're trying to preserve the polite fiction that we are a single person (a la the way kids' series like Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden are written by a number of writers working under the same name) but I'm happy to tell people what it is if you ask in a PM or on a non-public post. I just don't want to give it out in public.

Feel free to PM me or email me at laureneskerwriter at gmail if you would like to try any of my books. I'm happy to hand them out to flist people for free. :D Lauren's website also has a couple of free stories, with more to come.

I used to be active in the small press comics scene, and I've been doing a weekly sci-fi webcomic called Kismet since 2002 (give or take a few years' hiatus in the middle there). It's all online for free. The first book, Hunter's Moon, is archived at my website and the current book, Sun-Cutter, updates every Monday and is about 160 pages so far. (It's on Tumblr, so you can follow it there, but the nav buttons don't work on mobile. There is a partial archive at my website, along with some short side comics. These are only partly archived because my other archive site went down and I haven't gotten around to finishing getting them up at my site yet. I really should do that ....) Anyway, the Kismet comic also has a Patreon where I post sketchbook pages, development art, glimpses of upcoming stuff and so forth, and a Tumblr sideblog for similar content and page announcements, [ profile] kismetcity, which I really need to do more with.

(Kismet is what the icon on this post is from.)

So that's the pro stuff! But you're probably here for the fan stuff! My fanfic is all on AO3, except for most of the Stargate stuff from 2006-2008, which can be found on my old website and will be on AO3 ... uh ... eventually? On Tumblr, I'm [ profile] laylainalaska/[ profile] sholiofic - the first is for reblogs and gifs and general chatting with people; the second is for fic and fic announcements, where I also periodically solicit prompts for whatever fandoms I'm in at the moment. I tend to be a fannish serial monogamist - although right now, unusually for me, I seem to have two main ones, Agent Carter and The Flash (and the DC universe shows in general), and I'm still kinda dipping in and out of White Collar and a few other side fandoms. I mod collarcorner (White Collar gen prompt community) and also run SSR Confidential, an Agent Carter fanworks exchange that will have its signups in March.

So basically what you're going to get around here is a lot of fan squee about whatever I'm into at the moment (Flash and Legends of Tomorrow come back on Tuesday, eeeeee!!), fic, and intermittent chatter about writing/comics/my life/etc. Due to current events, there may also be more politics around here than there used to be, but I'll put it behind a cut.

And that's me! It's really great seeing so much renewed activity around here, and I'm going to try to be more active on DW/LJ in 2017. (HOW IS IT 2017 ALREADY, WHAT.) I'm looking forward to chatting with you all, whether you're just stopping in or have been here for years. :D

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Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

The Song Remains the Same (Agent Carter WiP)

Today is More Joy Day! (Among other things, but we needn't go into that.)

I don't have anything special prepared, but I decided today would be a good day to post the first chapter of the long Agent Carter amnesiafic wip I've been working on, based on a prompt from [personal profile] muccamukk with aiding, abetting, and cheerleading by [personal profile] sheron. I don't have a regular posting schedule, but I'm close enough to finished that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I'll put up chapters every so often as I get them finalized. It's probably going to be about 60K when it's done, give or take a bit.

The Song Remains the Same (9210 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/8
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
Characters: Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa
Additional Tags: Amnesia, Relationship Discussions, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending
Summary: After a lab accident, Peggy wakes up in 1948, with no memories of anything since early 1946.

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Legends of Tomorrow-Sara

Fandomly things

Well, this is a fest that sounds like exactly my kind of thing and probably relevant to some of your interests as well: Cuddles for Comfort 2017. (Tumblr post for reblogging purposes.) There are no signups and it's not an exchange. You just write cuddlefic - gen, ship, or any point in between - and post it to the collection.

Speaking of cuddles, hugs, and similar things: the current status of the hug fest I mentioned awhile back is - waiting until I have time to run it. I suggested it when I did because I was going to be down for a week or so due to surgery; I do think postponing it was the right decision (I certainly wrote a lot more for Fandom Stocking than I would've been able to if I'd been running a commentfic fest at the same time) but now all of that is over and done, I'm in the "scrambling to catch up" phase of my professional life. So the hug fest is on hold until I have both time and inclination to put together something like that. Watch this space for details, and write cuddle fic in the meantime. :D

SSR Confidential, the Agent Carter fic exchange, will definitely run again in 2017. I'm planning a similar schedule to last year (signups in March, fic due in June). I'll post an updated schedule and rules to [community profile] ssrconfidential/ ssrconfidential probably sometime in early February.

Things I'm currently signed up for: I picked up a pinch hit for Chocolate Box (deadline Feb. 7) and I'm also signed up for a Harrison Wells ficathon thing that's due next week for Flash fandom, which is turning out to be SO HARD TO WRITE, omg.

Flash is the hardest fandom to write in, s2g. I was complaining at sheron about this earlier, and I think it has to do with several factors, one of which is that the whole experience of writing for the show feels to me a lot more like writing for old-school shounen anime fandoms than for most of the more down-to-earth live-action western fandoms I've been working in lately, and I've moved out of that headspace almost completely. Not to mention that the amount of continuity and continual plot/cast change between episodes makes it very difficult to find a place to make a fic fit, especially a plotty one. (I suspect I would probably be having this problem in Agent Carter, too, if it weren't a closed canon - I think the only reason why I've been able to write as much for it as I have is because there aren't new episodes. Almost everything I've written for it has been set between seasons, not during seasons, for that exact reason.) So Flash has that problem combined with, as Sheron pointed out, the problem that the characters are largely static - with a few exceptions*, they don't really change, in the same way characters on an episodic TV show usually don't ... except it's not an episodic show, and plotwise, the status quo changes constantly. It's just a really hard combination of factors to pull off fic for.

*Such as Harry. I think this is what makes Harry's arc stand out so much, because he really does change a lot as a character, and then he leaves the show once his arc is complete. As opposed to, say, Barry or Joe or Iris, who are basically the same people in mid-season three that they were at the start of season one.

(SO excited for Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to come back next week, though. *bounces* I really missed having a show to look forward to every week.)

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Fandom stocking reveals!

My stocking is full of lovely things! Fic, icons, recipes, pretty pictures, vid recs, and lots more. <3

Here are the fics I wrote. First, on AO3:

Avalanche Country (Agent Carter, 9200 wds, Peggy + Jack + Daniel gen; Jack and Peggy are caught in an avalanche while on a mission.)
Droid Soul (Star Wars TFA, 800 wds, Poe + BB-8, daemon AU; Poe's daemon settles as a droid.)
Glass Walls (Legends of Tomorrow, 5100 wds, Rip + ensemble; Rip is gone, except he's not. A slightly AU take on the first half of season two.)
Sea Change (Legends of Tomorrow, 1500 wds, Mick/Ray; It happens in the middle of a firefight, because of course it does.)
Afterwards (Legends of Tomorrow, 1400 wds, Mick/Ray, explicit; Some missions end better than others.)
til human voices wake us (Captain America, 2100 wds, Steve/Bucky/Natasha OT3-ish gen-ish; Bucky is roused out of cryo in Wakanda; Steve and Natasha are there for him.)
Housewarming (The Flash, 700 wds, Iris/Barry; Iris wants to make her new place with Barry feel like a home.)
The Firestorm Wives Club (The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow, 1300 wds, Caitlin + Clarissa Stein; Sometimes you need to talk to someone who understands.)
Getting Out (White Collar, 1300 wds, Peter + Neal + ensemble; Rescuing Neal is only the first step.)

And then in individual stockings:

Once Upon a Time ficlet - Regina + Henry
Steerswoman character study - Rowan + Bel
Forever Knight ficlet - Nick/Janette
White Collar ficlet - Peter and Neal babysitting baby Neal
White Collar snippet - Peter takes Neal jogging

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