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Fandom things

... so I went and signed up for avengersfest, since Agent Carter is an option. I'm not entirely sure what the state of the fest is right now, because ... there was a notice two days ago that the mod was going to be closing signups? And then signups don't seem to have been closed? So maybe you can still sign up but I'm not sure. (I mean, this isn't meant to be mod-pokery, it's just that I hadn't mentioned this because I didn't think you could still sign up, but it's possible that you might be able to.)

I've mostly managed to talk myself out of signing up for [community profile] genex, a gen relationship exchange. (Signups close July 23.) On the one hand - gen relationship exchange! That is totally my thing! But the dates are really NOT the best considering my current travel plans; it's bad enough I'm going to need to turn in my Avengers Fest assignment by Sept. 10, but Genex fics are due on Sept. 3, which would give me just a couple of weeks to write both of them when I get back in August. Genex also requires at least 3 different fandoms requested and 4 offered, and while I can do it, I'm not sure how enthusiastically I can do it.

(Plus there's my rather conflicted relationship with gen, of late. I feel like it's probably ridiculous to spend too much time fretting over whether writing gen is ethical, or I should say whether writing the kind of smarmy friendship stuff I like to write is ethical ... but I do worry about it, and while I am absolutely not going to beat myself up for writing a little idfic from time to time, I probably don't need to sign up for a ficathon that's going to encourage me to write even more of it.)

Today's my last day at home before I'm gone for a week and a half, then back for a couple of days, then gone again for almost three weeks. I feel as if I should be using my last day at home more usefully, but aside from proofing Kismet book files (AMAZON, PLZ STOP MAKING ME RE-UPLOAD THESE STUPID ENORMOUS FILES XD) I don't really have anything left to do urgently, and I kinda just want to chill online and maybe write another h/c bingo square.

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SSR Confidential matching - behind the scenes

I was going to leave tomorrow but it's now pushed back to Tuesday, which is AWESOME because instead of spending today hastily packing and doing all the errands I haven't done yet, I can do my errands in a leisurely way, chill, hang out online, and write fanfic.

I was also remembering that I'd meant to post about my SSR Confidential matching process, after the reveals were out so I didn't risk giving away anyone's assignment. It's been a REALLY long time since I ran an exchange (actually I can't remember off the top of my head if I've modded an exchange like this before -- ficathons and prompt communities, yes; straight-across exchanges, possibly not). So I was pretty much operating from scratch on how to do this.

I tried running AO3's automatic matching algorithm, but most of the results were terrible -- I mean, they technically matched, but most of them matched only on one character, and all the ones I spot-checked were not going to work well (people being matched to writers who hated their favorite character/OTP, and that kind of thing). So I decided to hand-match all of them. I'm not entirely sure if anyone else does it the way I did it, but it worked really well for me.

I downloaded all the requests, put them in a text file, and printed them out. I did it twice, on different-colored paper, so I had each person's full sign-up on two different colors of paper (for requests and offers). Then I cut them apart and ended up with a bunch of slips of paper that looked like this:


(These are already partially paired off, at left. I just paper-clipped the assignments together.)

As I went through the requests, I realized that broadly, they all fell into one of three general categories, which I thought of as the Jack group, the Angie group, and the Howard/Jarvis/female-character group. That is, nearly everyone who wanted Jack ALSO wanted Peggy, Daniel, and ships involving those characters, so they were all pretty good matches with each other. Most of the people requesting Dottie, Whitney, the Jarvises and Howard wanted at least three of those four. The Angie people basically just wanted Angie or Angie/Peggy. If I broke up the players into those three divisions, they were almost all compatible within each subgroup.

So I divided the requests and offers into those three groups, and first of all went through doing the best possible matches. There were a handful of people in each group who were SUPER compatible -- they wanted almost all the same things, or they had the same rarepairs, or someone was offering to write exactly what another person wanted to receive. So I did those first, to make sure as many people as possible would get the best of all possible matches.

Then I separated out the people who only had non-fic requests or non-fic offers, because doing the remaining people was going to be like a jigsaw puzzle anyway, and I didn't want to have different media types to further confuse things. So I matched those ones next.

Then I went through and matched the remaining people. Some of them got good matches anyway; others ended up matching on only one or two characters. In the end, I had a number of different stacks that were labeled like this:


I did actually end up having to switch some people around when I went and entered all of the new assignments into the AO3 panel, because in one case (ironically involving me) I had accidentally done a direct assignments swap (I was writing for them, and they were also writing for me) and I didn't want that. I think I also had someone who was assigned to write for someone whose request TECHNICALLY didn't match -- from the way their requests/offers were written, I think it would have worked fine (it was basically a case of, they requested X and Y, and offered X/Y, and I assigned them to someone who requested Y), but AO3 wouldn't take the match. So I did some shuffling. Since I was writing in the exchange myself, I was also able to use myself as a wildcard; I was willing to write basically anything, and also to accept a less-than-optimal writer match. In the end I did end up giving my writer a difficult assignment, since we only matched on one character and none of our ships, but they did a great job with it. :D

Basically it worked great and I'll probably be doing the same thing next year. I also had several people mention how much they loved their assignments, which, yay! \o/ I tried very hard to make sure everyone had an assignment they would enjoy.

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Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

Agent Carter fic: Trip Wire

Trip Wire (11908 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson
Characters: Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa
Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Suspense, Bombs, Friendship
Summary: "Former reconnaissance scout. This won't be my first time defusing a bomb." Daniel knows bombs, but it's a little different when it's Peggy's life at stake, and he's having to talk Jack through defusing the bomb over the radio. For my h/c bingo wildcard square, "explosions."

I've been poking at this general idea for awhile (Daniel having to defuse a bomb by giving someone instructions over the radio) and then suddenly it all fell together. Posted over at AO3 since it's too long for a single LJ post, but you can certainly comment here if you like.

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Agent Carter vid: Night Changes

This one has been in the works since last year. Right after the end of last season, I heard this song on the radio and thought, "Wow. That HAS to be a Peggy vid." The problem was that I couldn't figure out what to do with the third stanza. The Captain America movie and the first season of Agent Carter fit the first and second stanzas, but then there was all this extra song on the end. And then we got another season and everything clicked.

Title: Night Changes
Artist: One Direction
Fandom: Agent Carter
Footage: Seasons 1&2, plus movies
Summary: We're only getting older, baby. Peggy moving on with her life after Steve: finding the place where she belongs, and the people that she belongs with.

Download: 142 Mb MP4 | 116 Mb DivX
(Smaller download options at the Vimeo link)
On Tumblr: here at sholiofic

Embed and lyrics under the cutCollapse )

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Agent Carter commentfics: updated!

Last night I FINALLY finished writing all the Agent Carter prompts people gave me on this post back in May!

Well, technically I didn't write all of the prompts I got on Tumblr, but a) I got a bunch of late tumblr prompts -- basically every time I'd post a new commentfic, people would send me more -- and b) I don't think it's unfair of me to not write a prompt that just doesn't do anything for me personally. I did write all of the LJ/DW ones, though, and all but about 4 or 5 of the Tumblr ones.

These have all been added to the Agent Carter shortfic compilation on AO3. (Except for a couple of the longer ones, which were posted earlier as standalone stories on AO3 -- anything in the list below that has an "also on AO3" link was long enough to be an independent story and is not included in the shortfic collection.)

The masterlist

Peggy with young Tony and a Jarvis or two
Peggy&Howard&Jarvis in an awkward situation (also on Tumblr)
Michael Carter was turned into a werewolf (also on Tumblr)
Ana Jarvis takes fighting lessons from Peggy (also on LJ: comment part 1 / comment part 2)
Angie shows up at the L.A manor and meets all of Peggy's weirdo friends there (also on AO3)
Daniel finds that watching Peggy get hurt never gets easier
Follow-up to Pistol Packin' Mama with the OT3 (also on AO3)
Jack helping Peggy and Daniel with house hunting (accidentally posted to my non-fanfic blog; reblogged to sholiofic here)
Howard missing Steve (also on Tumblr)
Angie and Peggy's girl's night out (also on Tumblr)
Michael Carter meets Peggy's friends and new boyfriend
Halloween in the Carter-Sousa household
Jarvis and Daniel h/c (also on tumblr)
Suburbanite Peggy doing background checks on the neighbors
Jack, Peggy and Daniel go fishing
Peggy brings a knife to a gun fight
OT3 - Peggy and Jack take care of Daniel (also on tumblr)

Not for a specific prompt but included here for completeness:
Sad ficlet about the 1940s characters' deaths (not included in the SSR Files compilation on AO3 because I didn't want to hit people with sudden deathfic)
Paranormal high school AU snippets (also not in the AO3 compilation since it's a collaborative Tumblr thing)
Peggy, Jarvis, and avocados
Peggy and Daniel's first date with dead bodies (Jack POV)

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Last chance to back the Hunter's Moon Kickstarter!

We're into the final 24 hours now! The Kickstarter ends Wednesday, July 6 at 3 p.m. Alaska time.

We are FUNDED, which I'm still over the moon about. It looks like it's unlikely that we'll make the first stretch goal (which is all right; I set it fairly high) but this is still a great opportunity to easily order the book and get it with extras such as the digital download and add-ons.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Avengers-Sousa Thompson

MCU AU Fest fic #2: Tin Soldiers

And here is the other fic I wrote, my actual assignment. A.K.A. why I was asking questions about Almost Human a month or two ago.

Tin Soldiers (37327 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
Characters: Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli, Jason Wilkes
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Future, Alternate Universe - Almost Human Fusion, Alternate Universe - Robots & Androids, Case Fic, Slow Burn, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Angst with a Happy Ending
Summary: Detective Daniel Sousa is used to working with lifelike, human-looking androids. But he wasn't prepared for his new android partner turning out to be not a polite, compliant robot, but an angry, sarcastic, bitter person. (Technically this is a fusion with the show Almost Human, but no knowledge of it is required; this is really more like generic near-future police-state dystopia with robots.)

As the note indicates, this ended up being less of a fusion with the specific canon, and more of a generic near-future robot/android AU, because I'm simply not familiar enough with the specific details of the show, so I merely used it as a jumping-off point. And it's LONG. Definitely the longest fic I've written in this fandom so far! If you want to find out what happens when I set out to write tropey slash ... enjoy. :D

Honestly, this is one of the things I've written lately that I'm happiest with. I really had fun building a slow-burn romance and working out all the details of robot psychology and physiology. I don't really think you need knowledge of either canon (definitely not Almost Human, and not so much Agent Carter) to read this.

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Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

MCU AU Fest fic #1: The Los Angeles Job

So, as it turned out, I wrote two fics for MCU AU Fest. Two long fics. I didn't really expect to write 60K for the fest, but ... um.

The Los Angeles Job (23314 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
Characters: Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Leverage Fusion, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Spies & Secret Agents
Summary: Rogue 1940s do-gooders Peggy and Daniel have been thorns in SSR agent Jack Thompson's side for his entire career, even as he's drawn deeper into political corruption himself. When Jack's (least) favorite crimefighting duo takes on the Council of Nine and he's given orders to kill them, he's going to have to make the ultimate choice: do as he's told, or throw his lot in with theirs?

I picked this one up as an early pinch hit. Or, to be accurate, I absolutely jumped on it, because I saw the "Leverage AU" part, and the recipient's request for the fic to be set in the 1940s, and my imagination exploded with thoughts of Peggy, unable to talk the SSR or other postwar agencies into hiring her, going her own way as a freelance crimefighter.

One thing that gave me some trouble in the planning stages was figuring out which parts of the timeline to cover. I ended up doing an alternate version of season two, with Peggy investigating the Council on her own, and the various ways that events might work out differently if the SSR was entirely in the Council's pocket at this point.

I had a lot of chat conversations with sheron trying to work out the characters' AU personalities and motivations, which was HUGELY helpful, as well as many useful suggestions for keeping the building relationship on track; thank you!

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Star Wars-Han

Legends of Tomorrow fanfic

I took a brief dip into Legends of Tomorrow fic. What can I say, I had an idea I wanted to write, and an h/c bingo square that worked so well for this episode. I made an attempt to explain the plot of the episode in the notes to the fic, for however much help that'll be.

Boys Town (3124 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mick Rory & Leonard Snart
Characters: Mick Rory, Sara Lance, Baby Snart - Character, Kendra Saunders
Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Character Study, Friendship, Kid Fic, Babies
Summary: Missing scene for 1x12, because leaving a baby with a couple of juvenile delinquents is a great idea. For my h/c bingo square "alien abduction".

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Agent Carter fic: Some Enchanted Evening

And ... the last of the SSR Confidential fics! Now I'm all ready for MCU AU Fest reveals ...

Title: Some Enchanted Evening
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy/Daniel
Word Count: 1100
Summary: Howard throws himself a birthday party. The SSR protection detail is just par for the course.

Some Enchanted EveningCollapse )

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Avengers-Sousa Thompson

Agent Carter fic: Quid Pro Quo

One more to go after this ...

(This one was terribly fun to write. I guess we all know how much I hate writing gratuitous h/c.)

Title: Quid Pro Quo
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy/Daniel in the background
Word Count: 2900
Summary: Five times Jack and Daniel ended up in the hospital, through the years.

Quid Pro QuoCollapse )

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Agent Carter fic: Teamwork

STILL NOT DONE reposting the SSR Confidential fics, aargh. Two more to go after this one!

Title: Teamwork
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: gen (with a little Jarvis/Ana in the background)
Word Count: 3900
Summary: Another day, another narrow escape for Peggy and Jarvis. This one is perhaps narrower than most.

TeamworkCollapse )

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Winter Sunlight

A healthy dose of skepticism over breakfast

Interesting-looking link I ran across on Tumblr:

and then

2. Tomatoes For Prostate Cancer Prevention
The ancient Greeks believed that eating a tomato a day would lessen the chances of men developing prostate cancer.

Since tomatoes come from the Americas, I ... no. Unless 1700 is "ancient Greece" now. Somehow this makes me a smidge skeptical about the whole list.

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Highlander-Amanda Rebecca squee!


The Kickstarter is funded, with a week to go yet! Yesterday's update (with pictures of cover progress) and today's update. Thank you to everyone here who's backed me and signal-boosted the project; I'm so thrilled. :D (And also relieved, because I had been nervously fretting at the beginning that I set the goal too high, so actually managing to HIT the goal is the biggest relief you can imagine!)

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Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

Fandom things

MCU AU Fest is open! And the fic that was written for me is wonderful. <3

Traveling Companions (3500 wds, gen or pre-ship, Peggy & Jack & Daniel, modern-day/mundane AU)

Absolutely delightful modern-day AU in which Peggy is a pseudonymous mystery writer who gets into an argument about one of her books with a stranger (Jack) on a train. This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when I left modern-day/mundane AU prompts: the characters are distinctly themselves, but filtered through a different set of experiences, and all kinds of new possibilities are opened up. I love Peggy's relationships in this fic with both Daniel and Jack, similar to canon, and yet different. I think I'm going to be rereading this one a lot.

In other news, [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is still going on (we are now in week 19!) and this week's challenge is Documents and Letters. Come on, you know the Empire's incident reports must have been amazing. (What's the form for "Jedi Master killed, body appears to have vanished"? Whatever it is, it probably has to be filed in triplicate on 12 different planets ...)

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Avengers-Jack Peggy

Agent Carter fic: Boxing Lessons

Another one from SSR Confidential (#5 of 8).

Title: Boxing Lessons
Fandom: Agent Carter
Word Count: 2600
Pairing: gen (though it could also be seen as flirty, light Jack/Peggy)
Summary: Jack and Peggy each have things to learn from the other, and they're slowly realizing it. Set after the season two finale.

Boxing LessonsCollapse )

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I have a Kickstarter!

I was not expecting to be able to launch so soon! The info on the Kickstarter website said there can be delays of up to three business days for review, so I was expecting to launch on Friday or Monday. But it was approved right away, and so, my very first Kickstarter is now live. It's for a print version of my Kismet: Hunter's Moon webcomic. All the info you need to know is right there at the Kickstarter link.

Please don't feel like you need to back it just because you know me; I do not mind in the slightest if you don't! However, if you would like a graphic novel (a ludicrously thick graphic novel; it's going to be 360 pages) of my long-running space opera webcomic, there you go! I'm only running the Kickstarter for two weeks, so it will close on July 6 at about 3 p.m. Alaska time. This is not your only chance to get a print copy; the book will eventually be available for sale. It is, however, the only chance to get some of the special bundles and deals. Also, Patreon backers get a free upgrade of one donation level to any of the print-book levels.

And if you want to try before you buy, you can read all of Hunter's Moon online for free.

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I'm going to England :D

And I'm finally buying tickets because I SUCK at planning. (Although it's not actually any more expensive than it was when I first looked into it three months ago. Thank you travel gods.)

So basically, I am flying into the UK on approximately the 3rd, and leaving sometime during the week of the 15th. The weekends are already spoken for, the first because of [personal profile] frith_in_thorns's wedding which is my whole reason for flying over there in the first place (WEDDING! \o/), and the second because of Nineworlds. Around those commitments, though, I'm hoping to sightsee throughout as much of the England/Scotland/Wales part of the world as possible, and meet up with anyone who lives there. I was there for a couple of weeks in 2000, when I was a wee young thing on a honeymoon backpacking trip around the UK and western Europe, so I've already done most of the big tourist things (saw Stonehenge, British Royal Museum, Salisbury Cathedral, etc) and really had the most fun just traipsing around stone circles too obscure to have names or randomly wandering the Welsh coast, so I'd like to do more of that kind of thing. And I really didn't see Scotland AT ALL the first time, so I want to get up there for a day or two at the very least.

I haven't quiiiiite bought the tickets because I don't want to commit myself and end up barely missing something awesome that's on, like, the 18th of August or something, but right now I'm probably looking at flying out on the 17th or so.

So, UK flistees, who would like to say hi? :D

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Avengers-Sousa Thompson

Agent Carter fic: Sweater Weather

Carrying on with the reposting of SSR Confidential fics ... this was actually one of my favorites of the various ones that I wrote. But, then, I am ridiculously fond of this pairing for no particular reason.

Title: Sweater Weather
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Thompson/Sousa
Rating: PG13-ish
Word Count: 4500
Summary: There are rules to this thing between them. Jack never stays the night, and the relationship never brushes against their workday lives. Until Jack breaks a rule Daniel didn't even know was a rule; what he doesn't know is why.
Notes: Set during the season one-season two gap, in a hypothetical AU in which Peggy, not Daniel, took the L.A. job.

Sweater WeatherCollapse )

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The new round of H/C bingo is open

You can get a card here if you want one! I always look forward to this. Last year I was sort of between fandoms and didn't get a card for the first time since it's been going on, and I really missed it. (Of course, the year before THAT I managed to black out my card. I doubt if I'll manage it this year, but you never know.)

Card and card-related rambling under the cutCollapse )

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